Monday 13 April 2009

mantra monday and photo-a-week


i believe that, by living a loving, caring, compassionate and joyful life, we are automatically making a positive difference in this world. hence, my affirmation card for today which reminds me that even the simple things like a smile, a kind word, or a nod 'hello' can make the world of difference to someone's day. of course, doing more than that is even better but never underestimate the positive power that even the smallest gestures of kindness can have.

acrylics on 3½"x5" CANSON acrylic paper


a few days ago, i noticed this little critter on the potted fern under the pergola. i love how it followed my every move. this one is worth enlarging to see the detail of his body.

praying mantis

remember this unknown tree from a couple of weeks ago?

i still keep forgetting to ask my dad the name of the tree because i'm sure he would know being that he has been a keen gardener for the majority of his life. so, as the name remains unknown, i decided to get some close up photos of the flowers. if anyone reading this knows the name of the tree, i'd very much appreciate it if you leave a comment. crepe myrtle and coral tree were a couple of suggestions already made but, unfortunately, the flowers aren't a match so it's still a mystery.

all images - © Serena Lewis
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love, light and peace


  1. Your mantra for the week is very uplifting. . . I may take it on for myself.

    Unfortunately, I don't know what type of tree that is but those wonderful blooms remind me of paper lanterns. Very delicate and pretty color.

  2. Beautiful affirmation card! I love the flower....and the message is one of my favorites. Just giving someone a smile can make a difference.

    I haven't seen a praying mantis in years. You captured a great shot with this one.

  3. Serena, your mantra and card are fabulous!! I hope you'll enter my giveaway today!

  4. I'm tring to be more positive. It's a struggle!

  5. it's beautiful, whatever it is.

    and, I think you are right about making a difference in the world...even if sometimes it is only in our own little corner....

  6. I thought maybe a flame tree or Poinciana but the shapes don't look the same to me :/ be interested in knowing :)

  7. The "fern critter" is absolutely amazing and I love how the light shines throught he fronds.

    Your mantra card for this week is just lovely. The mantra is something we all need to keep reminding ourselves of. It's so easy to look at what we need to do or haven't yet done, rather than all the wonderful things we do every single day. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Dawn - Now that you mention it, they do look like little, puffed up lanterns. :)

    Janet - I was really pleased with the shot of the praying mantis. He let me get very close to him too. :)

    Thanks, Tabitha. I'll go check out your giveaway after posting this comment. :)

    Chocoholic, it certainly can be hard to stay positive at times but even those little things can help make a difference. :)

    Very true, Vee ~ :)

    Jennifer - I must remember to ask my Dad as I'm sure he will know. I'll post when I do find out. :)

    Thanks, Kate ~ :)

  9. Such beautiful photos this week. I so wish I could see a praying mantis. We have those trees all over here but I have no idea what they are.

  10. Love your mantra card as always, wonderful message for us all to remember! Great shot of the mantas and what a beautiful bush!

  11. That photo of the mantis is amazing- great shot!

    I love the blossoms on that tree and would like to know what it is, too. So pretty!

  12. Serena,

    I love your mantra card. Love the affirmation. Your photos are great too. Love the praying mantis and the tree.


  13. Serena, the praying mantis shot is fantastic. The tree looks similar to one we had at the apartment complex we lived in when we first came here but I don't know the name.

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  15. I so totally agree with your mantra card and the concept behind it!! Leave a positive footprint in the world, right? Love the photos, too. :)

  16. That's such a beautiful tree, but I haven't a clue about its name. I have one with similar seed pods, but the leaves are quite different.
    Love the mantis! I always like to see them reappear in my yard.

  17. Oh my, he's *looking* at me! Stunning photo Serena.

  18. LOVE the mantra and card! These are so beautiful and the message...perfect! You are right, totally in line with my post that!

  19. Your mantra cards never cease to delight me :) I love how you present them as well. The rose quartz compliments it well :)

    I looked and looked for the name of that tree. Its blooms look very familiar.


  20. Love the mantra card. I can't believe how beautiful your work often, Once in awhile I stop in and look through your it. I aspire to that some day.

    don't know the tree's name.

  21. ooooohhhhhh my favorite mantra card so far... see my mantra monday post for this week to see why... fabulous work my magic mantra friend!!! thank YOU!!!

    peace and love