Monday 20 April 2009

anyone for devonshire tea?


when we dropped aaron over to michelle's place on thursday, she had made us a lovely devonshire tea for morning tea.

today, i did the same for afternoon tea.

traditionally, devonshire tea (aka. cream tea) is made up of tea and scones (known as biscuits in the states) served with jam and cream.

it was DELICIOUS!!!

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this past week, i have found myself in a joyful, happy mood for no particular reason and i have felt truly blessed. hence my affirmation for this week - I AM JOYFUL. a reminder to seek love and joy in each moment. some of you may be feeling a deja vu moment as you may remember this sun from when i participated in the soul coaching book club last november. i used that one as my inspiration for this card.

acrylics on 3½"x5" CANSON acrylic paper
© serena lewis
click on any image to enlarge

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on another note, i would like to thank you all for the wonderful and welcoming support you showed michelle this past week. i'm sure your encouragement was just the thing she needed to boost her confidence. thanks so much ~

love, light and peace


  1. AS always, another great card! and those scones, oh my, they look delicious. We have a new coffee house in town called the Celtic Cup and they serve all kinds of scones. Last week I tried the White Choco. chip Raspberry. It melted in my mouth!
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Oh my gosh! How decadently delicious! :)

    I love your mantra cards. ALL of them! I kind of miss soul coaching... :)

  3. Your tea looks delicious! I can almost taste that lovely cream on the scones.

  4. What a great idea, the Devonshire tea. I love the photos and the teacap is beautiful!

    I really like Michelle's art, I can see she has a lot of your talent.

    Love the mantra card, beautiful!

  5. Serena, that looks SO yummy!!
    I truly love your mantra card!
    It's beautiful like it's creator :)

  6. Yum!!! Tea and scones with cream is my fav. I am joyful today! Birds chirping, warm sun shining, and kids in school...the simple things are good!

  7. huh? somebody calls those biscuits? not me, no way... biscuits are firm, dry and, well,..kind of like seagoing hardtack.

    These are definitely scones... yummy fresh scones.... smothered in preserves and cream...ohhhhhhhhh tasty.... to anybody who knows the difference between a chunk of hardtack and a lovely yummy scone.... thanks for making my mouth water....

  8. looks really good :D

    scones and biscuits are different tho. slightly different way to make them and depending on where you are slight difference in texture. you can get scones in canada at a lot of places, not sure about the states but I could get them in Oregon when I was there. can get them here almost everywhere, but home made is the best :)

    I want to make scones now lol
    i love that mug :D

  9. Thanks for your wonderful comments, everyone.

    Vee and Jennifer - Maybe it's area-related but, when we lived in Wyoming, I made scones for my then-hubby and his family and they all said that they were 'biscuits'. Their idea of a scone is some sort of deep-fried batter served with syrup and icecream. What we call biscuits, they call cookies in the States. In Wyoming, they serve what we call scones as a savoury with gravy....kinda what we do with our dumplings but their 'biscuits' look exactly like our scones. It felt strange to me seeing scones served like that.

    Fresh, home-baked scones are the best!

  10. I have to go now I'm salivating all over my keyboard.

  11. Oh my! That is a delishious looking photo! Yummmmm......

    Love your mantra for today! How we feel about something is a reflection of the way we think. So if we think "joyful" we will feel joy. And who doesn't want more joy in their life!?!

  12. Scones or biscuits they look yummy! Beautiful Mantra card as always!!

  13. Ah, scones! I love them in all their incarnations. That photo makes them look too pretty to eat though.

  14. Mmmm DELICIOUS photos. Makes me hungry.

  15. OMG-those biscuits look delicious!!!

    and what a gorgeous card!!!

  16. beautiful mantra/affirmation card serena!!! thank you sooooo very much for sharing it with me and my mantra mondays!!! hee hee!!! i always love love love seeing what you create and the intentions you put out into the world!!!

    peace and love

  17. Serena, that cream tea looks so heavenly! This is my all time favourite dessert. In fact, I have this on my birthday instead of a cake some years. I'm salivating just looking at it and now I won't be able to get it out of my mind until I have one!

    Loving your Mantra monday sunny and bright.

  18. Let me start off by saying your scones look super yummy! Thanks for making me hungry. LOL
    Your Mantra card is lovely as always. That sun is so beautiful and bright. You know by now that I love Bright Colors! Maybe that is why I am Joyful most of my days. :)

  19. My blogging has been so boring lately...thanks for these links! It may be just what I need to "spring-clean" my blog!

    Excellent post!

  20. ha ha it's so funny that we were both having an 'english' tea with scones and cream...was yours yummy too? i can't express to you what a joy it was meeting stapeliad yeasterday...

  21. Had fun catching up with you Serena. Your daughter is so talented. Love her raggedies.

  22. Thanks, guys!

    Linda - I so agree....when we think joy, we feel joy!

    Jenn - You are very welcome! I do enjoy creating a mantra card each's also a great way to keep up a habit of creativity.

    Kate - I would prefer scones with jam and cream over a birthday cake too ~ :)

    Soulbrush - I thought it funny too. I love fresh homemade scones best and yes, they were delicious!

    Shashi - I am amazed at Michelle's talent and I feel so proud of her achievements. Thank you ~ :)

  23. Love tthe tea party! Looks so-o-o-o yummy!
    Love your Monday mantra cards! Thank you for sharing!

  24. Devonshire tea sounds (and looks!) delightful. Wow, your daughter's dolls are lovely! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for adding your prayers into the pool for JoAnnA's husband, Ron. I cannot imagine what they must be going through emotionally over this.

  25. I love your affirmation cards Serena & your scones look yummy!! Hope you're having a great week:)

  26. Devonshire tea is a big favourite here in Melbourne, Australia.

  27. Joy! Joy! Joy! Love the card! And the goodies look scrumptious--only I'd be having them with coffee--hehe! You have been doing such an amazing job on your deck of affirmation cards. You could have them printed up and sell them after you finish your deck, lady! :):)