Sunday, 27 December 2009

Soup for dinner....YUM!!!

We have pretty much recovered from the hustle and bustle of Aaron's birthday celebrations and Christmas. Yesterday, Aaron and I braved the Boxing Day sales to take back a movie DVD - Ice Age 3 - which was missing a disc. Yes, it was one of Aaron's Christmas gifts though I do LOVE the Ice Age movies myself. So, we arrived at the shopping plaza before the stores opened and I was quite surprised that there really wasn't a lot of people lining up for the infamous Boxing Day Sales. Of course, it was raining very heavily at the time and it continued throughout the day so that may well have had an impact. Anywhoo, Aaron and I arrived at the mall for 7:45am - we exchanged the DVD, had McDonald's hotcakes for breakfast, and were back home by 9am. This gal does not muck around!

Today has been pretty much about kicking back and relaxing. I got back to doing some arranging in the garage as it got put on hold for a couple of weeks when the workmen came to repair the walls etc. from the termite damage. I also rearranged my new studio area a little more so that I could fit an extra table in there. I LOVE IT!!

I decided to make some creamy cabbage, corn, and vegetarian bacon soup for tonight's dinner. It's soooooooo DELICIOUS! This soup is now a family favourite and it's a recipe I found here at Vee's cooking blog. I pretty much stick to Vee's instructions though I do use vegetarian bacon in place of real bacon and I use cornflour at the end of the cooking time instead of regular flour at the beginning of the cooking time. As Reece and Aaron are not veggie lovers, I've yet to convert them but the way I see's their loss ~ :(

pigma micron pen and coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook
Click on image to enlarge

It's my understanding that Americans don't celebrate Boxing Day so, for those who don't know about Boxing Day origins, check out this link.

Love, light and peace


  1. I am so glad you had a nice Christmas, and successful boxing day shop experience! I am loving the rain...but not too sure about that vegetarian bacon!!

  2. Oh yum, yum, yum. "can I have some"?

    Your a clever lady going before everyone else gets there.

    Have a great day!


  3. This Canadian girl gets Boxing Day as we celebrate it too. Days gone by, nothing was open on Boxing Day, but my how things change! I didn't brave any malls or stores yesterday -- we just stayed put, though my boys were thinking they'd go out to check electronics sales. The thing is, most of those sales will continue throughout the week, so if they're meant to have what they're looking for, it will be there!! :)

    Glad you and Aaron were in and out -- the rain must have kept many away which was good for you. Sounds like you had a wonderful morning and then were able to enjoy the rest of the day and watch the dvd!!

    This soup sounds (and looks from your sketch!) amazing. I'm copying to try. My guys won't eat the veg either but I love your thoughts - it is their loss!! :)

  4. Serena,, I also got Daya the 2 disk set for Ice Age! Well, maybe it was more for me than her.....

    Soup! I love soup. All year round. Except cold soup. Yuck. Soup must be hot.


  5. You're right, we don't have Boxing Day here, but our neighbors to the north do, so I learned about it from them!

    The soup sounds great!

  6. The soup sounds delicious! I copied the recipe and will give it a try. After all the rich holiday foods I want something healthier!!

    We do not have Boxing Day but we do have the after Christmas sales. I didn't venture out! It's too crazy for me.

  7. boxing day here can be insane, so much easier staying home unless you want to fight your way out of a store :/

    good idea getting to the mall early, can never be too careful avoiding the crowds on days like that

  8. My SIL is from Canada and many times is back there for Boxing Day. We don't celebrate it here in the U.S. It was funny when you said you "kicked back" on that day...the thought came to be that you might be "kickboxing"!!! LOL! Just a silly thought!!! :)

  9. I just rented Ice Age 3! I obviously enjoy them, too. I have no excuse of having children to rent them for and Karma could care less--ROFL!

    We should call ours Return Day. I guess it was slow here, too--but then we are barely dug out from the blizzard. They have lots of after Christmas sales--but they have sales all the time now it seems. Kind of loses its appeal, I suppose. Me--I avoid those big shopping days. Always have. Sounds like you guys were in and out quickly and had a nice little breakfast, too! Is it harder for Aaron to have his birthday so close to Christmas?

    It was interesting to learn about Boxing Day. I was thinking of people punching each other with gloves--and here it was kind of the servant's Christmas really. I love that it is a Goodwill Day! Nice!

    I'll be curious to see what word or words you pick for 2010! :):)

  10. Nope, no boxing day here. Just lots of sales and hordes of people shopping for bargains.


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