Wednesday, 28 April 2010

PHOTO MONDAY - textures i like

this week Vee chose the theme - textures that i like.

 there are so many interesting textures that i like but i will share just a few here

 i often can't resist the urge to go up to a tree and feel the texture of its bark
i LOVE trees and i love the aura of strength and majesty that they emit.
 as i've been sick the past few days, i've been pretty much house-bound so the
 tree images below were taken at different stages last year

the rich, rough textural appeal is hard to ignore

i love, love, LOVE the textural look of paper-bark trees (below) with their many peeling layers

and then there's the almost smooth, dimply tree surfaces
i LOVE them all! 
i find trees to be visually and texturally beautiful and inspiring

another texture i love to get my hands on is PAINT!
wet, cool, creamy, luscious paint!

and i love snuggling into soft, fluffy cushions

as well as snuggling into this little bundle of fur
~ my dog CODY ~

what textures do you feel drawn to?

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Oh stole all my fav textures!!! LOLOL!!! I really do love trees, and of course, my Doozey, and snuggle buggle blankets, and I love food textures...especially foods like round bite sized things like beets, small meatballs, large grapes, etc.

  2. Ohhh I love fave is something soft and fluffy. I also like feathers and my doggies soft fur.

  3. P.S. I have been sick with a cold also the past week...slowly getting well. I was sorry to hear about you being ill. Hope you are back to 100% soon, if not already!!!

  4. I use to play in paint all the time when I was younger because I loved how smooth it felt on my fingers, hmm might be why most of my clothes were covered in paint lol
    I always touch a tree I like the texture of, people look at me oddly for it but I don't care :)

  5. Such interesting textures on those trees!!!! And ooooohhh to snuggle up with the blue pillows or the puppy :D D: Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Oh! Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well! Take care of yourself, lady!

    I love love trees, too. In fact, nature in general is a cornucopia of textures!! Maybe I think more about it because I inside almost 24/7. I get the feeling of the wind on my skin and the scents--but not the textures. I need to by some more houseplants this summer--hehe!

    It is funny how we don't think as much about our sense of touch and smell as we do sight, hearing, and taste. But as soon as you mentioned Cody--I could imagine Karma's warm soft rumbly purring body. :) And you made me think more about texture today. :):)

  7. I have trouble not groping the art at galleries because of my love for textures and experiencing art in a whole way.

  8. ALL of the above!! I just went out in the pouring rain to take a shot of my Mayday.... and the lichen on the north side of it... must upload it to have a look at it on the big screen.....

    I sure wish I could "wish" you all better...

    BIG hugs.....



  9. Serena, what a beautiful eye you have for trees! I'm sure it's because you love them (and most of them really wouldn't mind a hug, I think). I do hope you aren't stuck in the house for much longer, hon. That is distressing. Sending you a big hug and healing energy. :)

  10. Hi Serena,
    Great photo's of the trees. You've really captured the texture of all the trunks here.
    Ah, yes, nothing like cuddling up to something warm and fluffy!
    Happy creating,

  11. Hi Mum,

    This is a great post! I love the pics of the trees and I must admit that if I find a tree interesting, I'd love to touch it too to see what it feels like! I loved the feel of finger painting when I was a kid! The photo of Cody is cute, I love to cuddle up to him too!

    Love Brad!

  12. Oh Serena, I love the exact textures that you like! But I must add: touching my daughter's hair and my Grandmother's hair when she was alive, the texture of fresh snow, wool, satin and the texture of nice clean pages of an art book! :)

  13. Cool details. :) Feel better soon. *luv*

  14. So good to see all the lovely eye candy after all my travel and computer woes I am having a wonderful time catching up with everyone.

  15. Gorgeous pics of wonderful textures. I love bark too especially those with green moss on!

  16. I let this week get completely away from me and didn't get a photo posted. But I love your textures, they're all among my favorites, too! Now I'm going to go see what this weeks theme will be and try to get something done!

  17. I LOVE trees too!!! The texture of the bark on those pictured is awesome. In summer I like cool tile floors on bare feet. I love good Egyptian cotton sheets,natural textures like running water,smooth stones,running my fingers through leaves on the many textures, One thing I don't like is mud squishing through my toes.

  18. my dog's fur, she's so soft...

    and I love paper...the more the tooth, the better!

    smooth skin is great too! oohh, la, la!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  19. Textures I found myself drawn too is mostly wood of trees, wooden fences, wooden victorina houses, the softness of flowers, the smooth touch of cat's fur, the wetness of water, and then crunching on ice chips.

  20. ever tried to paint on that paper bark? i did when I was little :)

  21. Paint! Yes!!! i really love the photo of the blue pillows, that's very well done. And Cody is too cute!!



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