Wednesday 21 April 2010

PHOTO MONDAY - something odd, strange or funny

i thought i was going to have to miss out on this theme, until yesterday, when the perfect subject came into my line of vision.  it fit the bill PERFECTLY!

remember you can click on any image to enlarge it 

my daughter, Michelle, calls it 'The Brain' because it reminds her of brains
....though it looks a little intestinal to me. lol

it's definitely odd or strange-looking, don't you think?
is it a door-stop perhaps?

or some sort of giant paperweight?

nope, it's a hand-made bowl that my eldest son, Bradley, made for me when he was 13!
a wonderful achievement considering Bradley is legally blind.
Bradley moulded this clay bowl by hand in his manual arts class at, Narbethong, a school for the blind.
he can't remember if it was air-dried but i'm thinking it was.
he painted and varnished it himself too.
the loosely painted design reminds me of army camouflage.

this bowl is solid and quite heavy and, for the past thirteen years, i've been using it as my odds and ends bowl on my art table.

i tend to hold onto things that my kids made for me when they were at school.
Bradley has also made wooden items which i use for holding art stuff.
i will share them with you in a later post.


this morning, when i went to wake Aaron up for school,
this was what i found

is this cute, or what?!!!

Cody didn't budge as i ran for my camera


as for the home-front, i'm still working on Pay It Forward gifts so no photos of artwork just yet.  the hardest part when painting a gift for someone is deciding exactly what to paint for them.  this can take the longest time because i procrastinate so much.  i ask general questions of the recipient which helps a little but then....
i worry if the recipient will like what i paint them? 
will it be the right colour? 
the right subject matter?

i'm one crazy artist, that's for sure. lol

anywhoo, i'm just glad to be working on the gifts when i can because life has been pretty busy lately.

WARNING - RANT AHEAD - it's been raining, on and off, the past couple of days and i'm hoping it doesn't get heavier or stay around for too long because i certainly don't want to go through all the backyard swamp drama again.  to add insult to injury, our landlord sent out a lease renewal and had the cheek to actually put the rent UP!!!  we were not happy, considering we are still being treated for termite infestation and, after that, there will need to be substantial internal damage repairs done....a major inconvenience for us!  on top of that, the backyard needs to be graded on a slight slope and a larger drainage system installed.....another BIG job and inconvenience!   i rang the property manager yesterday and told her our grievances which she will pass onto the landlord. after all, we have an excellent tenancy history, i keep the house in great condition and, only this past fortnight, i paid $200 out of my own pocket to upgrade and improve the front garden bed.  you would think if a landlord has good tenants, he would show them some appreciation and understanding, wouldn't you?  legislation states that tenants should be able to live in  reasonable peace, comfort and privacy. if he isn't willing to keep the rent at the current price we pay, as compensation for the inconveniences we will have to cope with, we will definitely move.  as it is, i'm  not even sure that we want to stay considering all the invasive problems with termites we've had since september last year, not to mention all the upcoming repairs and work that will need to be done. apart from all the dramas, i am trying to focus on the positives so i don't stress out too much.

i hope you are all enjoying your week without any drama

love, light and peace


  1. Thanks for your kind comments. Yes I think I am ready to get out and start getting some photos to post. Plus I just had my computer video card upgraded and am anxious to see how it will affect the photo quality.

  2. Absolutely love, love, love Bradley's bowl! Never would have guessed that was what it was from the bottom! :)

    And I loved, loved. loved the picture of Aaron and Cody sleeping together in the morning! Soooo cute!!

    The bad news--the landlord raising the rent. With all you've had to endure and will have to endure in the future...I can see why you'd want to move. Seems like that stuff always happens after you've just done something like fix up the garden for a couple hundred dollars. Let us know what you decide. I don't imagine you have a lot of time TO decide, either, if you have another lease to sign. :( With big decisions like that I always ask for guidance and try to c;ear out my emotions and get really connected/meditate--but trust those gut feelings, too. Good luck!

  3. Oh, Serena! Sending you a big hug. That would piss me off so badly, and you are definitely entitled to a rant. That swamp you showed earlier this year is *not healthy*! That landlord is crazy to want to charge more for the privilege of living in such conditions. I'm so sorry, hon. :(

    Okay, off the yucky topic and on to the cute and sweet and joyful stuff. That bowl is amazing, really original, and you can tell he enjoyed making it. I'd keep it forever if I were you. :) And the puppy and son photo is so cute I just had to drag F. in here to show it to him. Mighty sweet!

  4. Bradleys bowl is wonderful...I'm sure it is one of your most treasured peices!!! I actually like it very much and would pay big bucks to buy it. I like how it is chunky and heavy and the painting on it is very unusual and artistically done! I adore big bowls and heavy clay jugs, etc.

    Hey...I sure hope for the best outcome as far as your rent and problems with the property goes. It is a big mess for you, on either hand. I will be sending positive thoughts and prayihg everything works out perfectly!!!

  5. The landlord situation is certainly disappointing. What's wrong with people?!! Doesn't he know that property values have gone down globally and the home you rented isn't worth now what it was when you moved in! It's like he's passing on the cost of repairs and renovations to you! Aside from that, I love the pictures of Aaron and the dog. And, I think it's wonderful that you use in your daily life the gifts from your children. To see and use it every day is the best gift to your son.

  6. Those are the cutest pictures I've seen in a long time!

    All the worrying you do over whether someone will like your gift just shows that you care!

    I also can't imagine the landlord has the nerve to raise the rent! It can't be easy to rent that place considering the termites and tadpoles! He/she should feel lucky to have the place rented at all. Is housing in a shortage there?

  7. That does sound like lots of drama with the house. I love that photo of Cody and Aaron, so cute. Enjoyed catching up here.

  8. definitely could be brains...or internal organs.... hahhaha... but, it is a treasure for you.

    We have what Greg calls a "monstrosity" that his brother made waaay back when he was a kid. I'm not quite sure how we got it except that it was being tossed out by his mother and I salvaged it. It looks like modern art to me..I must picci it some day too... it weights a ton as well....

    landlords..pagh! I'm sure if I lived in such irritating conditions..I would have been long gone already...I have no patience with sort of thing....and it's obvious he doesn't give a I wouldn't expect any changes on that front.... I'd be looking for somewhere more harmonious to live a relaxing life....

  9. what a cool looking bowl :D
    I'd be looking for a new place to live with all of that work coming up and a rent increase :/

  10. Wow, so much to comment on, Serena! But I adore that bowl and I would treasure it too. I kept several of my kids school projects.
    And the photos of Aaron and the dog are toooo cute! Both of them look quite content.
    Can't blame you about the rent increase. Especially if you're having to pay for termite damage and the rest yourself! That's too unreasonable! Hope this gets resolved.

  11. Hi Serena,
    Oh dear, I'm glad you have your hands and mind busy doing all "pay it forward" project-with all the other problems going on you need some chill out time!

    Cody and Aaron look very cute and cozy in bed together.

    Ah, I've kept all my guys stuff way back from Kinder. Bradley sounds like a very arty fartsy person as well.
    Good luck with the landlord!
    Happy creating,

  12. I'd say you deserve to rant! It all sounds like a lot to deal with in a rental property.

    I absolutely love the bowl, and the photo of Aaron and Cody. I have kept many things my kids made for me all those years ago. They're my treasures.

  13. Hi Serena,

    Had a little break so I decided to check your blog. :)
    Love the bowl that Bradley made for you. It does remind me of internal organs too but what a lovely treasure it is for you.It was made with love and that is all that counts. :)
    What is wrong with your landlord? You have been more than patient with him/her solving all the problems you have had with the termites, garden etc. It is time for him/her to get his act together and NOT raise your rent. Maybe it is time for you to find a better place. :(

  14. what a fantastic bowl! I love things like that.. made by my children

    hope you sort out the landlord issue.. what a pain if you have to move.. you are brilliant in knowing you must stay positive

    [thanks tons for continuing to comment on my blog.. i have been a rubbish commentor the past weeks, but this menopause is sending me loopy xo]

  15. That bowl is beautiful and I you are right in keeping it and passing it on down the line in the years to come.
    That photo of Aron and Cody is a darling one.

  16. Beautiful bowl! Kudos to Bradley.

  17. I kept my kid' art too - it is more special to me than any designer piece. I wish *I* could sleep like that!! I am sorry for the upheaval your house issues have caused and I hope that they are resolved soon and without drama!

  18. Oh yes I see! Landlord from hell... know it well! Moving is good. Stressfull if left to the last minute though. I am sort of organized. Thrown heaps of crap out. Feels like a great new fresh start. Good luck with your decisions xxx

  19. Thanks for all the wonderful support re. our rental dramas. Bradley is also quite happy with all the positive comments about the bowl he made too ~ :)

  20. Serena... Aaron and Cody together...precious!!