Saturday, 20 August 2011

a bed of nails and a fun creative drawing exercise

it looks like the weather is settling in for a week of rain or so the weather reports say.  it has been a mostly cold, grey day with the sun trying to peek out here and there.

it seems like a day of movies for me as, mid morning, reece put on 'braveheart' and i couldn't resist being drawn into three hours of drama, violence and heart-wrenching emotion that had me sobbing away at several stages throughout.

earlier in the morning i had finished the third harry potter book - prisoner of azkaban - so we watched the corresponding movie after lunch and, yes, i cried in that one too.

after dinner tonight, we plan to watch 'city slickers 2' as we watched the first city slickers movie last night.  hilarious stuff!

i've been dealing with painful hands and feet for some time now so i bought myself a pair of MASEUR sandals which i thought might help.  in my 30's, i lived in maseur sandals and wore out quite a few pairs. it would only ever take a day for me to wear in a new pair.
maseur sandals
pencil-free sketch using ink pens and watercolour
in large moleskine sketchbook 

i'm now learning that my feet aren't quite the same as they used to be because, it's been over a week, and i'm still trying to wear them in.  sometimes, they feel okay and i think my feet are finally used to those spikes while, other times, it truly does feel like i'm walking on a bed of nails.  they aren't cheap so i will persevere a little longer before giving up on them.
maseur sandals



okay, so here's a fun and very simple drawing exercise that anyone could do.

get a piece of blank paper and pencil at the ready,
close your eyes....and, yes, keep them closed while you relax
and allow the pencil the freedom to go wherever it likes on the paper.

now, open your eyes, and gaze at the page.
just relax and try not to put too much thought into it.
do you see something among all the scribbles catching your eye?

take a darker pencil or pen and redefine it. add some new lines if needed,
then erase the scribble lines you don't want and....

VOILA!  you have created a fun drawing without even trying.

i did this one some time ago and left some of my scribble lines in place
05.03.11 closed eyes exercise

and this one was after i'd done some redefining and erased the excess scribbles
 25.02.11 closed eyes exercise
both drawings were done in an A4 sketchbook

why not give it a go yourself?

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. You are SO GOOD at drawing from what you see! I love those sandals and I hope your feet will let you wear them again. I've never tried. I'm going to try your eyes-closed drawing technique I think that would be fun!! Your so funny about your movies and to think neither one of these are chick flicks....sometimes those are the ones that bring on my tears! All the best for a good weekend girl :D

  2. Only someone with an artist's eye could see something in a bunch of scribbling. Although I must admit, when I see floor tiles with marbling, I am always looking to see if I can find faces or profiles in them -- sort of like staring at clouds and seeing shapes.

    Those shoes look painful. My husband bought a bathmat like that one time and I could not get used to it. Needless to say, it didn't last long.

    Sounds like you are enjoying books and movies. I'm still crocheting over here. Hope your day was good. :) Tammy

  3. Hi Serena,

    Hope your feet get used to the sandals again. Your sketch of the sandal is great!
    Love the drawing exercise and your drawings. :)
    Have a lovely day.

  4. What a great idea. I've got to give that a try. Looks like fun too. I love the sketch of the shoe. As I've gotten on in age, my feet have changed. I can't walk barefoot because it hurts, certain shoes really hurt and darn if my feet arent always swollen. I don't like the word "aging" it make me feel ill. :) Take care and I'm glad you are doing good.

  5. My daughter had a pair of sport sandals kind of like you're describing. I remember trying them on and thinking it was a very painful experience :) Hang in there with them! Love your drawings! It's been very hot and humid here so lots of time is being spent inside with AC. We watched Hall Pass on Friday night...very funny!!

  6. i could never walk in those sandals, i know people that love them, but i find them so uncomfortable :/

    that creative exercise is a good idea, lets your mind just flow onto the paper :)

  7. I love drawing with pen pencil at's so much more interesting for me to know that each and every line I put down is there for good, no changing it! I love that!

    great sketch pages..thanks for sharing...I really have to pull out my sketch's been too long....I'm always crocheting and sewing lately! lol

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  8. Hope you are wearing in the sandals by now. I have a pair of slippers like that and wear them particularly when my feet are tired and sore. Gets the blood going again but not sure if I could wear them all the time.
    your "blind" sketches are fantastic.I love where you took them.I can see the bird as a beautiful painting.

  9. Wow..... doubt I would have anything remotely resembling your great stuff...but.... I'll give it a go.... erm....maybe in October. When golf season is over. Can't waste an hour of good daylight right now.... winter is tooooooo long over here as you must.make.the.most.of.summer. off to do 9 holes this afternoon. My ankle is remarkably better the past two days...who knows what was happening in there.... one just never does know... one just marches on when one's feet feel okay. this getting older is for the birds eh? ... not for the faint of heart for certain.....

  10. your sketches are fantastic! I love your mermaid!

  11. these sketches are special. i especially like the bird in the ribbons. your process for drawing them also intrigues me and i may partake if i can muster up my courage. my sketch pad is somewhere...
    the ripple blanket is also very cool. you are creative ability. nice to meecha. just cruisin' around this morn...


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