Wednesday 24 August 2011

teddy bear love and a self portrait

i'm not a teddy bear person nor have i ever been big on soft toys, for that matter. as a child, i loved dolls and polished stones!  however, about eight years ago, i spotted these soft, raggedy type teddy bears and i just HAD to have one to call my own.  she was small and i named her 'emily'.  i later bought the larger version and named her 'madison'.  'paige' who belonged to michelle and was the same size as emily ended up living with me years later.

a few times over the years i have come close to sending them off to st. vinnies to be recycled on to a new owner but, when push came to shove, i just couldn't do it. there is just something about these soft, cuddly bears that touch my heart-strings so i think it's safe to say they'll continue to have a home here for a few years yet. lol  

the rainy weather this week has been perfect for staying indoors and catching up on some reading, watching DVDs with brad, and getting a little more sketching done (see above). while watching the 'smallville' series on DVD with brad, my hands are always working the crochet hook magic too.  my ripple blanket throw has come a long way so i'll take a pic soon.

my son, beau, bought me a huge, fleecy blanket the other day.  it's deep purple and SO soft and warm.  here it is with yours truly snuggled up in it.  as you can see, cody loves it too!  i've missed a few weeks of self portraits but i'm plodding ahead with them regardless.  it will be interesting to see just how many i actually manage to get done out of the 52 weeks.

throughout winter, the lawn has been graced with patches of clover.  viewed as a weed but pretty nonetheless and the bees surely love it when spring makes an appearance.  hard to believe winter is nearly over.

today, michelle, mikayla and i are going on our weekly shopping trip.  we leave early enough to have brekkie out and then, we browse a variety of stores before we hit the supermarket.  i look forward to our shopping trips....our girl's day out.  LOVE IT!   btw, mikayla is over eight months old now and is crawling and pulling herself up to standing against furniture and taking those tentative baby steps while holding on.  too CUTE!!!

i love this little munchkin SO much!!!
photo by michelle ©

have a great day!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. i can't get ober how much mikayla looks like michelle :)

    I have a bunch of stuffed animals but don't think I have any teddy bears,..must find some :) you could always pass them on to mikayla later on?

  2. She's a cutie!! How do you get those real-life drawings so accurate!! You are so good with dimensions and texture! Cute pic of you peeking out from all that fleece :D

  3. okay - first of all, Mikayla is the cutest baby EVER!!!
    And I don't know how long it's been up, but I am LOVING your new blog header...your whole blog is so fun and pretty and full of inspiration.
    Love the teddy bear and the story with it - my daughter has one for about 13 years now, and he is still the favourite around here!
    I gotta say, since I started blogging and visiting here, your art has evolved so much lady! Amazing how your talent grows and your art just keeps getting better and better!
    *summer is almost over here... :(

  4. Mikayla might just have a deep love for teddy bears, you never know. ;) She is such a doll! Be walking before you know it and then watch out, Grandma! LOL!

    Really soft looking cuddle blanket. You and Cody both looked very contented. ;)

    Hope you have some nice rainy down time to read and watch the tube. *hugs*

  5. All cute. Especially you, all snuggled up. Your winter is coming to an end.

  6. Mikayla is so gorgeous! Just so fresh skinned, and her features are outstanding! WOW!

    Your shopping trips sound great!!!

    Hi little Cody!!! You doll you!

    Neat drawing of your bear. They look like neat little raggety bears! I have a few stuffed animals that I adore as well.

    Take care!

  7. Oh my goodness...the baby is simply scrumptious!!! How she is growing! Love the sketches as always. Good luck with the photos. I remember years ago taking on the Flickr 365 days of self-portraits challenge. It was challenging indeed. I don't think I ever finished the whole year but certainly my intentions were there.

  8. I need grandkids but unfortunately my oldest is only 15 and not big on the idea.-)

  9. Hi Serena,

    I love Teddy Bears too! I used to have a collection of them and when I moved I donated almost all to charity. I kept a few that have sentimental value to me. :)
    I love the throw your son got for you. I can see little Cody wanted to be really close to you to feel it too. :)
    Wow little Mikayla is so big and such a cutie! Love her outfits and tennis shoes. :)
    God bless her.
    Say HI to Michelle for me.

  10. Hi Serena, I used to collect teddy bears, but then many years ago I decided I was getting too old for them so gave a bunch away. I did keep the special ones and some that I just really liked so there are about 10 or so hanging around still. Your bear drawing is so beautiful! And that blanket does look cozy. Cody and Mikayla are the cutest cutie pies. Send some clover my way -- maybe it will grow whether nothing else does. :) Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  11. Mikayla is so beautiful!!! And you look just too cute in that snuggly blanket!!
    And the teddy bear sketch? OMG! You are so amazing!!

  12. Isn't Mikayla the cutest, cuddliest little being? So inquisitive and happy.
    I love your teddy bear Serena. I am always amazed at your life-likeness when you do the pen drawings.
    I also love the photo of the clover flowers. Amazing the beauty you can find in the most unsuspecting places.
    Yeah for winter being over. I can't wait for the warm sun now.

  13. Serena you seen SO much happier - good on you! Everything in this post is Cuddly - loving the purple blanky.

    Hope all is progressing well with the RA.

    Keep up that creative energy,



  14. Mikayla is a beautiful girl!!!
    So very precious.I send love and hugs. Great Teddy bear sketch. Some Teddies don't want to let us go either....They love us too.