Thursday, 18 August 2011

books i've read recently

i've had my nose into the first two harry potter books over the past couple of weeks and then we watched the movie for each.  i'm now onto the third book in the series - harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.

speaking of books, here are some others i've read over the past couple of months
recent reads
the poisonwood bible is the story of a bapist missionary who takes his family to the belgian congo in 1959, post-colonial africa. it is told through the eyes of his wife and four daughters and spans three decades.
i go against the general consensus here but i have to say the poisonwood bible has to be the most boring book i've ever read. try as i might, i just could not connect with the characters and i had to force myself to finish it.  definitely not my cup of tea.

the thirteenth tale is a story of the strange and secretive march family who lived in angelfield house.  the mystery surrounding the family starts to unravel when famous writer, vida winters, asks young biographer, margaret lea, to write her memoir. 
the thirteenth tale was a little slow but mysterious enough to keep me intrigued.
however, not one i would rave about.


just finished
the book thief is set in nazi germany and encompasses the life of a young girl, leisel meminger, who is left with a foster family when her mother can no longer care for her. the story is narrated through the eyes of DEATH who takes an interest in young leisel when he comes to claim her younger brother.  leisel forms a very strong bond with her foster father who is a very kind and caring man.  the reader sees what life is like for this young german girl who forms strong emotional attachments to the books she steals and to the people in her life. 
i did enjoy this book although it was a little slow and confusing in areas. it was sad but it also showed humanity, love and compassion. despite the horrors and the ending, i would read it again.


recent reads
contest, reilly's first book, is about a father and daughter who find themselves locked in the new york state library where the father must fight aliens, from different planets, to the death.  there are some hair-raising moments and non-stop action.  i LOVED it!

i liked 'ice station' and 'temple' though not as much as the first book.  reilly's books are more targeted towards teenage boys so they are full of over-the-top action and combat.  you certainly learn a lot about military weaponry too.   the books do have good plots with lots of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.  definitely not for everyone but i do intend to read more of his books when i'm in the mood for this type of action.


as for what else i've been doing with my time......

lots of crochet and i even managed to do some sketching 

so stay tuned....

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. That is certainly a wide-ranging list of books. I usually do my reading during the summer -- sitting outside with a beer or glass of wine while in the States; but since I didn't go this year, I didn't get any reading done. I'm crocheting most of the time. And have been back to school for a week now. I have to be in the mood for reading and just haven't gotten there yet. :/ Hope your day was great. Tammy

  2. Thanks so much for the book review. "Contest", looks like one I might like. I love Sci-Fi. Since I've been on Kindle, I've been reading a lot more than usual. I think it's the larger font that has done the trick.

  3. Hi Serena,

    Happy to know you have been busy reading, crocheting and sketching! Thanks for the feedback on the books you have read. Two of them really sound interesting and I might look for them...The Book Thief and Contest.
    I will be waiting to see your new sketches.
    Lots of hugs

  4. Thanks for sharing your books! I come and go with reading. Last night though I realized how much I hate the programs on TV and found myself thinking that I'd be better off heading to my bed a little earlier with a good book than sitting there watching another crime show. I loved The Book Thief and I remember devouring every Harry Potter book. You might like the Twilight series. I got hooked on those even though they're geared for teenagers.

  5. I'm always intrigued by what others are reading and what they say about the books they've just read. I just finished UNBROKEN by Linda Hillenbrand (spelling?) it was absolutely fantastic and based on a true story. If you like non-fiction and WW2 stuff you'd like this. All the best,

  6. Thanks for the reviews! I want to broaden my reading horizons and this type of notes from someone I know and like are really useful.

  7. I knew just reading the premise of Poisonwood Bible I would not, could not read it. I do have the 13th tale. I bought it at the store for 7 bucks. I want to read it soon. I just finished Alice in Wonderland (I'm trying to read more novels that are classic ugh) and it was strange and took forever. I'll take the movie anyday instead. You've been getting some reading done!

  8. Hi serena - glad to read your recommendations - the only one i've read is poisonwood bible but I loved it.

    going to catch up here, it's been so long.

  9. Hi Serena. Great reads. It's always fun to see what someone is reading. I'm reading The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura which is just that, all about tea and how it came to be and what the best teas are, lalalala.:)) and Old Friend From Far Away by Natalie Goldberg and I'm just getting started on that. Both are on my Kindle. I've read the Harry Potter books and watched all the movies. I really enjoyed them. Enjoy your books and drink some tea.:))

  10. The book reviews were so good to hear about!!! I have been slack in the ready department here, but am starting to do more with my new has made it a little easier for me.

    Can't wait to see what you have been crocheting and sketching!!!

  11. i really like the poisonwood bible, thought it was pretty good :)

    I keep meaning to read the book thief, always seem to forget about it tho

    haven't read anything by reilly, might see if the library has any to check out :) always looking for new things to read

  12. thanks for the reviews on the books Serena. You have been reading a lot; a pastime that I rarely seem to have time for lately but is sorely missed.


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