Monday, 29 August 2011

ripple blanket & a self portrait

after a rainy week, off and on, we've been graced with some beautifully warm days. winter is nearly over and we will welcome spring on september 1st.

that said, i will miss winter because i hate the unbearable heat and humidity that comes with our summer months.  no air-con makes it so much worse and i feel like i'm melting away.

i've nearly finished the ripple blanket throw i started last month
ripple blanket throw - WIP

i'll be all set for next winter ripple blanket throw - WIP

all wrapped up in crochet goodness,
though i think i look a little bit witch-like with my unkempt hair.
week 34 - 52 weeks of me project
week 34 - 52 weeks of me project

have a great week!

ADDITION - if any of you are interested in trying this cool ripple design, click here for an easy to follow tutorial by lucy at Attic 24.

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. What a great size, perfect for the chilly evenings.

  2. LOL! The only way you look like a witch is if you were Glenda the Good Witch! :):)

    Love the colors you put together. And I still love that rose painting over your bed. ;)

    I hope you are feeling well and that it will be a cooler summer.

  3. That is gorgeous!! I love the colors. You make stuff like this and I'm jealous I don't crochet or knit (whatever this is, I don't do it obviously) lol

  4. And what a witch! My fave colour combo right there in that beautiful blanket - it's like calligraphy in crochet!

    I'm with you on the humidity. In fact I was asked time and time again why I moved to FNQ with RA by all the nurses that took my blood monthly. Apparently a lot of FNQ RA sufferers move to the Atherton tablelands, as the heat & humidity play havoc with RA (their theory being that your body's cells don't ever have the chance to become un-inflamed at night like they do in a cooler climate.)Who knows?

    Think cool thoughts this coming summer!

  5. I love your crocheted blanket. I would love to do one, but don't know the stitches.. is it easy?

  6. Hi Serena. How funny that you are going into Spring and we into Fall soon. I so look forward to Fall. I love it!! Sorry I haven't been around but you know I'm back and forth out of town. It's been hectic. I love your ripple blanket. You are very talented. That's a lot of work. Great job and no you don't look like a witch. You look beautiful in your picture as always. Take care, I've got to go make some other stops before I sign off. Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I do appreciate it.

  7. Serena! That blanket is so pretty! I made several of them years ago and would love to try it again this winter. Would you ever share the pattern you used? I think the one I made was smaller and I'd love a nice big one like you're modeling there :)
    Thanks for your visit and always kind words♥

  8. Oh you did a beautiful job on that blanket. I love the colors.

  9. You have done a wonderful job on your blanket Serena, I love the colours and that ripple design is great. Your room looks so ready for spring too, very pretty.

  10. love, LOVE your blanket...and I think YOU are beautiful...great self portrait!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and happy to meet you here!

  11. the blanket looks great, really like the colours :)

  12. The blanket is beautiful!

    Greetings, Beertje Zonn

  13. Hey Serena, hope you are doing well. We just got in this morning from Paris -- I haven't gotten much sleep in the past 36 hours so am feeling a bit wonky. :/ A mountain of clothes to wash. We are off tomorrow, thank goodness, but it is back to school on Monday.

    Your ripple is beautiful ... and so are you, unkempt hair or not.

    The weather in Paris was very nice the first few days but then started to warm up. Many of the cafes and restaurants didn't have a/c so it was a bit sticky. Still, the heat wasn't as bad as what we've got here in Kuwait. And we walked and walked and walked which is always a good thing. :)

    Take care! Best wishes, Tammy

  14. Grea post, Mum!

    You have worked quite a while on that great blanket, it really does look nice, especially with the ripple effect, it even looks nice on your bed and you look good wrapped up in it! You'll definitely be prepared for next Winter with that!

    I agree about Summer, I hate it and prefer our Winter months, no matter how cold it gets! At least you can warm up! I'm already dreading Summer.

    Love Brad!

  15. It is lovely! & so reminds me of similar one my mama knit - she did lovely lacy stitches - used a lightweight sport yarn - so soft & silky!


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