Saturday, 1 October 2011

Happy October!

my money plant is flowering

october has arrived and it's a lovely time of year here in queensland, australia.  beautiful, warm days that aren't too hot or too humid.....yet!  my money plants (crassula ovata) have been flowering since june when i took these photos. i have them sitting at the front entrance to the house as it's supposed to bring good luck according to feng shui.  i love their plump leaves with the red edges!

my money plant is flowering

my chilli plant is flowering and sprouting chillies again too...YAY!

red hot chillies

aaron has been on school holidays over the past couple of weeks and we've been quite busy shopping, spending time at michelle's, watching movies at home, and generally kicking back.  he starts back at school on monday and i'm going to miss him.  one of the movies we went to see at the cinema was - 'RED DOG'.  an australian film based on a true story about a red kelpie dog who goes in search of his master and the people whose hearts he touches throughout.  it's set back in the 70's so it brought back a lot of memories for me.

aussie lingo, aussie humour, aussie mate-ship, 70's music.....LOVED IT and yes, i cried!  
it's definitely one i would watch again.

click on image to see more about the movie and a trailer

have you watched any good movies of late?

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Your money plant looks nice and healthy, here we call that sedum. Your peppers look almost too pretty to eat! :)

  2. Your money plant does look beautiful. Its tradition to give one as a gift to anyone who moves into a new home. And the peppers look great. Yum! The last movie I watched was Eat Love Pray -- it was okay, not as good as I thought it would be. The book was much better. And yes, I am a little late in seeing the movie. :/ Have a great weekend. Our weekend is about over. Back to school tomorrow. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Serena, I love your money looks so healthy and lush. I've begun planting a lot of succulents but many of them are too delicate to plant outdoors in my "zone" which is 8 and bordering on 9. The only house plants I buy any more are succulents as they only need watering once a month and it makes it so much easier to travel and still keep them alive!

    The movie sounds great...not sure if I'd find it here but maybe I could get it on Netflix...I really like Aussie films.

    The last movie I saw was a Venezualan one called Hermano or "Brothers" and was filmed in the barrio's of Carracas. I didn't stay for the whole thing...a good movie but too difficult for me to watch. We saw it at the University theatre and they always bring in "interesting" films.

  4. That's great news about the money plant; I hope it continues to bloom for a while yet for you.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the movie; sounds like one I'd like. I watched a couple of movies lately (at home though)... Reviews are going up on my blog soon. :)

  5. oh very lovely looking plant with its red edged leaves :D sounds like a good movie and hope aaron has an all right time going back to school always hated going back after holidays lol ;p

  6. I envy your healthy looking plants! Wow!
    I'll have to check to see if Netflix has Red Dog. :)
    You know I watch odd movies, Serena. Here's some of my favorites from Netflix Instant Movies the past several months that I don't think I mentioned on my blog: Seraphine, Cleaner, Twisted, The Stone Angel, Wilby Wonderful, Skins, Peacock, Osso Bucco, Lake City, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Strangers In Good Company, All The Little Animals, and Lovely, Still. I am always interested in movies based on true stories--a few of these are. Which reminds me of another one--As Far As My Feet Will Take Me, I think is the name of it. I do have odd tastes in movies, though, as Dagan and Leah always remind me--LOL!
    May your money plants always bring you good luck and Aaron have an excellent time at school. ;)

  7. I will have to see if I can find that movie here...looks so cute!!! Love your new blog header!!!

  8. Love that plant! I wonder if they have it here. Must check to see. :)

  9. Hi Serena, your plants look so healthy. I tend to neglect mine so I really need to go and tend to them each night I think. One question, how do you stop grubs etc eating your chillis? as soon as my start to fruit I go out in the morning and they have eaten the whole chilli seeds and all!
    Happy October


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