Sunday, 22 January 2012

Week 3 in 52 weeks of ME project - self portrait

This past week has been quite busy with setting Aaron up for his first day of High School tomorrow.  
Uniforms, shoes, books, haircut, food etc.
He's all set now!
It's exciting to see him reach another milestone in his life.
He's very nervous, poor thing, but I'm sure he'll be okay.

We've been putting up with constant modem drop-outs when online over the past year or so.  Over that time, it meant many conversations with our internet service provider technicians.  Our phone line was tested and retested.  Then, as the problem worsened recently, we worked through a process of elimination with various PC equipment.  Finally the modem was pinpointed as being the culprit. So I bought a new one today and we're in heaven again. NO drop-outs...YAY!

I almost forget the weekly self-portrait again this week so I had a quick photo session in my room this afternoon.
Week 3 - 52 Weeks of Me 2012 project

With Aaron back at school this week, I may be able to settle back into a daily routine which I hope will involve lots of time for art.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...
ours is just about over being late Sunday night.

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. kids here go back on the 1 or 2 of feb -seems like the hols went by so fast this year!

    it will be nice for you to get back to a routine and do all those things you like to do!

  2. and this is me krissie from my art blog! cheers and have a great week over there! glad you got your modem probs sorted out!

  3. I think your self portrait is wonderful.
    So glad the modem problem is solved. I really miss my computer when it is not working.
    I hope you get time to create lots of art. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. Have a great week.

  4. Your self-potraits are wonderful.... i like the idea of embracing yourself... it shows through your photos. Happy first day of HS to your son!

  5. Glad you got a new modem and the internet issues seem to be sorted. :)

    Hope Aaron's time in highschool gets off to a good start!

  6. So strange that this is the beginning of the school year for Aaron. Zack won't start 9th grade until September. Our second semester of school started now so Yusef, who is in 11th, will have some class changes for the rest of the year. Hope you find time this week for art. wishing you all the best, Tammy

  7. Modem problems can be such a pain. We went through much the same thing about a year ago. I'm glad you're back to normal with it.

    You always do such interesting self-portraits. You look very dreamy in this one.

  8. My internet connection decided to play funny with me the other night when I had a major work project to complete! Typical!!

    Here's to you making lots of great art and surfing the net whenever you please!

  9. What a beautiful photograph're sitting in the glow of a lovely light! And it's hard to believe that Aaron is already in high! Glad you've sorted out your internet's just so frustrating when the connection doesn't work.

  10. wow, your last one, your baby is in high school. I don't know about you but I loved it when my fourth one entered high school and I was done with elementary grade stuff.

    Nice photo.

  11. that is a great picture of you!

    good luck to Aaron, things will be fine!

  12. You sure don't look old enough to have kids in high school! What a great self portrait.

  13. Hi Serena,
    How are you doing my friend?
    Are you feeling better?
    Love your new photo. Your hair seems to be getting shorter and shorter! Did you cut it again?
    You look fabulous!

  14. lovely pic...first day of high school is so brillant !!!

  15. You look so pretty there, Serena, with the light flooding your face! Hoping you can do loads of art now too...and that you are feeling better health-wise.

  16. I'm glad you figured out the computer problems. Whoohoo!
    Aaron will be off to high school--tada! And you will have your days to maybe play with some art or whatever you want. Even nap if you need it. ;)
    What a beautiful picture of you!!
    I hope you are feeling okay.
    *love and hugs*

  17. LOVELY to see you, Serena--lovely portrait of you. :o) Best wishes to your Aaron in high school this year. Great news your pc issues are sorted... It's funny how dependent, and sometimes addicted, we become on being connected. ;o) Look forward to seeing more art & creations from you soon. Happy Days ((HUGS))

  18. What a beautiful photo of you Serena!! i love the softness of it & the bold colours around you.
    And Aaron's first day of high school... he's gonna feel so much more grown up after the day is done, and you're gonna feel so proud. :-)
    hugs to you,

  19. Gorgeous portrait Serena - very restful.

    Wishing you less stress & more art once school in finally in session!

  20. Another wonderful self portrait photo--I still don't have the nerve to try that project. Hope Aaron had a great first day!

  21. Glad you got your new modem and your self portraits are very nice. You look great.

  22. I hope your modem problem settles down; it could be something to do with increased solar flares at the moment.
    In the north we have a bettter chance of seeing the has been reported we should expect electrical problems. Just thought it might explain your problem.
    Take care!

  23. You're still emanating youthful and inspired glow! I hope Aaron will enjoy his high school.

  24. love the self-portrait, Serena! High School is indeed a milestone.

  25. Lovely portrait Serena. Ugh on the computer equipment. We are so tied to it now.

  26. Great post, Mum!

    I'm so happy we have no more drop-outs anymore now that you got the new modem! I love the self-portrait pic, it really does look quite nice! I can't believe Aaron is in High School this year! As long as he's happy, that's great!

    Love Brad!

  27. Thats good you got it figured out. I always get so annoyed when the internet doesn't work as it should. We have a router that we constantly have to "restart". It only does it like once a week though so its liveable. :) Great Sp


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