Sunday, 6 April 2014


Well, I should have known better 
than to set myself a task of daily sketches 
during my birthday month - March. 

Michelle and Beau also had birthdays in March, 
then there was Saint Paddy's day.
A few bad pain days,
A few medical appointments, 
Choir practise,
my youngest granddaughter 
breaking her arm near the wrist 
so more hospital visits. 
I went on my first sketch outing 
with an Urban Sketchers group in Brissie 
(more on that in a later post)
oh, and then there was the trip to see Elton John...

Let's just say it's been a very busy month! 

I did manage some sketches.

This pencil-free sketch was of some birthday candles drawn in my pocket Moleskine sketchbook 
using ballpoint pens and PITT pens for definition.

 Pencil-free sketch using ballpoint pens and PITT pens 
in pocket Moleskine sketchbook.

Pencil-free sketch using PITT pens and watercolours 
in pocket Moleskine sketchbook.

Pencil-free sketch using PITT pens and watercolours 
in pocket Moleskine sketchbook.

Pencil-free sketch using PITT pens 
in pocket Moleskine sketchbook.

I'm linking up to Sunday Sketches this week
To find out more about Sunday Sketches, check out this link

On my birthday, Brad and I went to see 
Elton John's Million Dollar Piano Las Vegas show 
which was being screened at selected cinemas here in Brissie. 
Naturally, we had to add a bit of bling for the occasion. 
We had a blast!

On that note, 
I will say goodnight! xx


  1. Beautiful collection of sketches this week! Happy Birthday!

  2. happy birthday!
    busy month indeed. good intentions are still good, then life has it's ways with us.
    your sketching style is wonderful, the art and words, a wonderful memory book too.

  3. Wonderful art! Happy birthday, it sounds like quite a busy month. I love the art you posted, it's so rich and vibrant!

  4. First of all, Happy Birthday! Secondy, OMG, your sketchbooks should be published as is, so beautiful, telling and inspirational! Love your style and words that go with it.

  5. Hi Serena, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  6. so sorry to hear about the babys broken wrist! happy late Birthday to you and Michelle! You and Brad looked awesome for your concert!!!!!

  7. Busy month indeed!! Happy Belated Birthday ♥♥♥♥♥ Love the sketches...really love the Skirt!!!! Looks like you were all stoked out for the concert :)

  8. Happy Happy Birthday!!! I love these sketches. The coffee one is my favorite :)

  9. ouch to the babies broken wrist :(

    great sketches, love reading the all :D

  10. Love your ink sketches! They always impress me. Sorry about baby in a cast, but I LOVED the pic of you and Brad all blinged up for Elton! Looks like you had a really special birthday. So glad!! :) Love and hugs!!

  11. Have been enjoying looking at your beautiful sketches. A belated birthday wishes. I am having so many issues following blogs at the moment. Trying to get the bloglovin going and finding it equally cumbersome

  12. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a grand ol time. I always love your sketches! Hope you are having a good April! Best wishes, Tammy

  13. loved catching up here - sorry to hear about your granddaughter's broken arm. Love that you got to go to Elton John film...anyway, enjoyed it all.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone! :)


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