Sunday, 12 June 2016

Carpal tunnel surgery, a sketch, & a turmeric latte recipe

On Wednesday, June 8th, 
I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand. 
I had the same surgery on my right hand back in February 
and it took three months to heal which is the norm 
according to the surgeon. 

 It is definitely a lot easier this time around 
being that it's not my dominant hand so 
I don't feel as debilitated as I did back in February. 
For whatever reason, I'm having less pain this time too 
so that is another bonus.

I'm linking up with Sunday Sketches this week. 
You can check out the other participants HERE

They paint your hand and forearm with a pink cleaning fluid 
just before the procedure is done. 
A bright, hot pink colour that isn't easy to wipe off.

I've been taking it fairly easy this week with strict instructions 
not to use my left hand at all for two weeks. 


We had a pretty morning sky yesterday.

A few days ago, I made turmeric lattes for me and Bradley. 
SO yummy! 
Turmeric is very good for you too. 
It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body 
so great for people with arthritis and other aches and pains. 

The recipe I used is below. 
Ingredients below are for one standard cup. 
Adjust accordingly for more cups.

1 cup (250ml) Almond Milk - Sweetened 
1 teaspoon Turmeric (fresh or ground) 
½ teaspoon Cinnamon 
1 teaspoon Coconut oil 

I warmed the Almond Milk on the stove top, 
then added the dry ingredients 
and let it get hot but not boiling. 
I whisked the whole time to get a nice froth. 
Then I added the coconut oil  
just before pouring into the cup. 
I sprinkled with a little nutmeg for garnish.

You can use any plant-based milk. 
If you use unsweetened milk, 
you may want to add a teaspoon 
of coconut sugar or raw sugar.
I used ground turmeric but,
if you use the fresh one,
it's up to you if you strain it or not.
A lot of people like to chew on the fresh one.



  1. Beautiful sketch!
    I heard that carpal tunnel surgery is not for everyone. Take care and get well soon!
    I started to use turmeric last year. It's very good for migraines and general pain, too. thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Simona. I suffer the occasional migraine too so all the better that I've started adding more turmeric in my diet. :)

  2. Beautiful hand sketch! Glad you got the surgery done, here's to a swift recovery. Thanks for that interesting recipe.

    1. Thanks, Christine. Recovery is going much better this time around. :)

  3. The Pink Hand seems like something out of a story that one would read and then say, "Well that's an active imagination!" Truth is so much stranger though. . .

    Sending you lots of light and energy for a speedy recovery and for beautiful summer days ahead!

    The Tumeric Latte is something I really must try. I DO love Tumeric but never would have thought of this sort of beverage!

    Thank you for sharing Serena!

    1. It sure is, Nicolas! hehe Thank you for the well wishes.

      If you like turmeric, you will love this latte, I'm sure. :)

  4. Wow, your pink hand looks really impressing. I wish you a speedy recovery and I like it so much how you have drawn the hand into your sketchbook!

  5. Well congratulations on getting the other done and dusted. So glad it's not your dominant, that would have been truly tough. You look great in pink though. Good luck my friend, here's hoping for very little pain and super human healing.

    1. That may be the reason I added a pink accent to my blog colours though much more muted. hehe Thanks, Jenn. Last time was definitely a more difficult recovery. xx

  6. I've never seen a hand so pink!! :) Wishing you a quick recovery. Thanks for the sounds delish!

    1. My hand looks quite freakish in hot pink. hehe I hope you will give the recipe a try, Sue. :)

  7. surgery prob doesnt feel as bad because you knew what to expect, hope it heals well :)

    great sketch of your hand :)

    1. I wasn't as nervous about the surgery this time around, that's for sure. The pain level is definitely less this time. I can move my fingers about without any pain whereas, last time, it was very painful for at least the first week after surgery and I lived on painkillers for two weeks. This time, I'm proud to say I haven't needed any painkillers. :)

    2. thats good you haven't needed pain killers and that you have more movement this time :) good sign

  8. I hope the healing of your hand continues to go well. I really like the sketch of your hand in your art journal. Happy Sunday Sketches!

  9. It sounds painful, but you still made a wonderful sketch. It must have been difficult waiting for three months for your dominant hand to heal. Thanks for sharing the turmeric recipe. I've heard really good things about it. I will give it a try.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. It was indeed a long recovery that had me feeling quite depressed at times. You're welcome for the recipe. I hope you like it as much as we do. :)

  10. Should be a much easier recovery with it being your non-dominant hand. You are already able to sketch! Whoohoo!
    Turmeric, eh? I'll have to look into that. Started another letter. :):)

    1. Definitely! :) I have a letter under way to you also. Yes, the turmeric latte is quite an enjoyable drink too. xo

  11. Hi Serena! Hope you are feeling all better real soon. Fantastic sketch. Beautiful recipe.
    Hope you recover quickly and can enjoy all things again!
    Take care
    Happy SS

  12. What a beautiful sketch and the recipe looks delicious. I hope you heal quickly and with as little pain as possible.

  13. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Your sketch is beautiful and that recipe looks so good and very healthy!

  14. Surgery is not fun, regardless. Sending you well wishes and so glad you can still do art and doodle. :)

  15. Your sketches are always so good. I remember your dad has passed away so i imagine today is a sad reminder but of course he is always around (I believe). Thanks for that recipe. I might try some.

    1. Thank you, Sandy. Yes, it's been over a year now since Dad passed away last April and I miss him every day. I believe he is around us too. :) xx

  16. Your art supplies are wonderful.. One can never have too much of art supplies

  17. Oops I posted before I finished writing. Hope your hand feels better soon. Do you know if you have cold and cough, hot milk with turmeric and black pepper is supposed to help you get rid of cough and cold. It does sooth your throat.


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