Sunday, 3 July 2016

A sketch and some home decorating

It's been three and a half weeks since my carpal tunnel surgery 
and I'm pleased with where the healing progress is at 
despite some recent days of bad pain.  
At first, I thought it was getting infected 
but I think it's more because I'd worked my hand too hard. 
At this stage of recovery, 
I still can't twist lids off, apply pressure...either pushing or pulling, 
nor can I lift anything heavier than 2 kilograms.  
If I do push it too hard,
I suffer for it later.
I found that out the hard way.
According to the specialist, 
it will be at least another 4 to 8 weeks 
before my hand will be fully healed. 


I missed a couple of weeks of doing Sunday Sketches 
so I managed a quick sketch today.   

Pen and watercolours in Holcroft A6 Travel journal

You can check out the other Sunday Sketches participants HERE


After having a green and turquoise colour scheme in my bedroom 
for over seven years now, I decided it was time for a change.
Of course, finances being as they are
meant a shoestring budget.
So, this Buddha got a new look
with a simple coat of paint.

from this...

to this

I opted for mostly white in my bedroom with grey and black accents 
with some greenery.
The grey cushions and throw were from Kmart.
The floral painting is one I did ages ago
and swapped over from my lounge room.
The black shelf pull-outs also came from my lounge room
which now has even more blue and green accents. 

I love it! 

Cody approves 

Speaking of Cody, 
Rita, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing his DogTV. 
This pic makes me think of Karma. hehe

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend! 
Time to rest my hand...


  1. Your bedroom looks amazing and I'm so pleased Cody loves it too. Hope your hand gets better soon.


    1. hand is doing much better now. :)

  2. aww Cody looks so comfy :)

    and love your room, looks very sophisticated

    take it easy with your hand, hoping it heals faster than 8 weeks

    1. Thanks, I'm still loving the new colours. :)

  3. love your DogTV :)
    our dog does the same thing at the back window.

    visiting from Sunday Sketches.

    1. They're so cute when they are glued to the window. hehe

  4. I'm not sure if a previous comment posted as my laptop played up just as I hit the button. It's not here so I'll assume it didn't go. I love your tranquil bedroom and the revamped Buddha.
    That painting over the bed looks just like the sort of thing that I would do. You've now inspired me to fill the space over my bed. I've been thinking about what would be best for a long time.
    Cody looks adorable and yes there's a definite nod to Karma in the photo.
    Rest that hand and get it back to 100% soon.
    Have a great creative week.

    1. Thanks, Neesie. The painting above the bed was super easy to do. I did it freehand starting at one corner with some black paint and working my way across the canvas, just winging the design as I went. :)

  5. beautiful sketch! Glad you are healing, and a nice change to the Buddha!

  6. Beautiful colors in the sketch. I can picture the smooth polished look of the pot with just the slight amount of color you added to it. Love the dog TV.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. You are so a smooth, gloss ceramic pot. :)

  7. Glad to hear you are healing properly from your recent surgery. I'm also glad that you've been able to continue with your creative endeavors too, based on your pretty art journaling and new bedroom decor. Happy Sunday Sketches!

  8. Love your sketch - succulants are m favorite. And..your bedroom looks really good - great choices for the redo. Here's to your wrist!! Make it heal quickly.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I love succulents and cacti! :)

  9. Glad you are feeling better,

  10. I remember the black and white floral painting! Your room looks great and very serene.
    Great sketch!
    I had to laugh!! Yes, that immediately reminded me of Miss Karma and her CatTV. Cody has his DogTV, too--LOL!
    Please be careful with that hand! Don't overdo it. I know how easy that is to do (just generally for me) and then I pay for it that night or the next day.
    Love the bedroom. Have a wonderful week, my friend. Love and hugs!! :):)

    1. I thought you would get a kick out of the pic of Cody. hehe

      Thanks for your kind and caring words, dear friend. I'm doing well with my hand and almost recovered from that horrible flu.

      Love and hugs xo

  11. We don't really realize how much we use our wrists or knees or such until something goes wrong and we are limited in movement. So important to keep all our joints healthy. I've had friends who've done foot surgery for bunions and they said they would never do it again as the recovery was quite painful and long. Take it easy on your wrists so that you will be good as new in the next month. Your room went from colorful to calm. Either way, it's lovely. Cody is such a love and has a perfect spot for watching the wildlife. :)

    1. That's for sure, Tammy. I have a small bunion on my right foot but, thankfully, it hasn't caused any issues for me in quite a while. I've heard the same about foot surgery. I imagine it would be very similar to the hand surgery recovery, except maybe worse because our feet have to bear our weight. I'm six weeks in on my hand surgery now and I would not be able to put any weight on it without it being painful.

      My room definitely has a more relaxing, calm feel to it now. I love it! :)

  12. Hi Serena, gorgeous art...beautifully done! and I love your elegant and gorgeous! Your painted buddha looks fabulous! SWeet little pup!
    Visiting from Sunday Sketches
    Victoria #11

    PS: hope you get better soon

  13. Hi Serena!!! I'm out scouting about on the blogs, finally! Your new bedroom look is cool. I loved your green and blue though! Both quite lovely! Glad your surgery has gone well, and you are healing up! Hope all of your family is well. We celebrated Independence Day here yesterday. We went to my sons place on the waterway across from where they set off the fireworks! Boats were all out in the water playing patriotic music. It was beautiful. Love to you all...Julie

    1. I loved the blue and green too but, after seven years, I really needed a change and I have a newfound love for simple black, grey, and white themes with succulents as accents, of course. :)

      It sounds like you had a lovely Independence Day with family!

      Love and hugs xo

  14. What a yummy room. It is beautiful and so calming. am thrilled for you that the surgery went well and you are slowly improving. It is hard not to do too much. I just think it is in our genes. Just keep trying. Take care. genie

  15. The decor is lovely... So tranquil! And I love the sketch! I need to do more of that! Meanwhile I'm wishing you a speedy recovery. It must be really hard to have something go wrong with your hands as an Artist!

  16. Beautiful sketch Serena. Take care of your hand and don't over do it.


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