Thursday 28 July 2016

Home Decor - Abstract painting

It was a cold, bleak morning in Brissie yesterday.  Brrrrrrr! 
I love winter so I'm not complaining.
As short as they are, our winters are often up and down 
when it comes to temperatures. 
Never constant like the winter I remember in Wyoming.
Our winter mornings and evenings are cold (for us
but our winter days can actually get quite warm, even hot.  
Last week, we had a few summer-like days 
in what is usually our coldest part of the year. 
It seems that our winters like to toy with us. 

Moving on... 

As you may have seen in a recent post
I changed the colour scheme in my bedroom 
from blues/greens/whites to blacks/greys/whites. 
As the ensuite is connected to my bedroom 
I changed it over to match the new colours. 

I needed a painting for above the toilet so 
a quick abstract was in order to tie bedroom and ensuite together. 
I realise abstract art isn't everyone's cup of tea but I quite like it. 
This is probably more decorative than true abstract anyways.

I painted over an older painting with black acrylic paint,
then the fun began. 

The initial stage 

The end result 

I had to force myself to stop because it was quite addictive.
I will share a secret on how to get those crazy, squiggly lines.  


HEADS UP - Artists acrylic paints won't cut it
because they contain more acrylic resins than regular household paint.

I bought a couple of affordable sample pots in grey and white 

To get the desired effect, 
I simply dipped a wooden skewer into the colour pot, 
then working quickly, 
before the paint dropped from the skewer, 
I just flicked it back and forth over the canvas. 
I made some circular movements too 
just going with the flow.
The elasticity of the latex paint holds the paint together 
like a very thick syrup. 
You can get some nice, swirly effects with it. 
I did three layers all up - dark to light 
using grey, light grey, and white. 
I allowed each layer to dry thoroughly 
before going onto the next.

the finished piece hanging in the ensuite 

now everything matches the new decor colours



  1. looks great and your blog almost matches the rooms too :)

    1. Thanks, Jen. Yes, I seem to be really into blacks, greys, and whites of late. :)

      I just came back here from leaving a comment on your blog to find you had just left a comment on my blog. We must have been commenting on each other's blogs at the same time. hehe

    2. lol yeah we must have been, just missed each other lol

  2. Great post, Mum! It has been pretty cold here, I like Winter too, so that doesn't worry me. I remember the Wyoming winter well. Our winters are strange by comparison, definitely not as constant. I really like your abstract painting, it does go with your colours nicely. It would have been fun to do.

    Brad xoxo

    1. Thanks, Bradley. It was fun to do and quick. :)

      Mum xo

  3. House paint! Cool! I love the new painting.
    Glad you are finally feeling better, my friend. :)
    Have a fabulous weekend.

    1. Thanks, Rita. Glad you like it.

      I hope you have a lovely weekend too. xo

  4. Lovely painting! I cannot help but be reminded of Jackson Pollock. . . and the one time i got to visit New York and see his larger drip paintings in person. Of course, I knew them well from magazines and books. . . but the first time I stood in front of one, actually saw it in person. . . I cannot explain the difference. It was then and there I realized you really need to see all forms of art in person to appreciate their visual depth. Even paintings are flattened by the best visual/printed image. Pollocks painting came to life for me that day. . . it was larger than life. . . and the experience left me awestruck. What I love about your painting is it has wonderful motion and life to it, which is not an easy thing to accomplish, but you've cracked it. . . albeit in simpler color choices. :) lol

    1. Thank you, Nicolas...I'll take that as a huge compliment. :) Yes, I agree, art always does look better in person.

  5. How cool is that! Absolutely stunning effect. Love love love it.

    1. Thanks, Shashi! It was a fun piece to do. :)

  6. This is amazingly beautiful, Serena! Who would have guessed??? Thanks for telling your secrets! I can see how it would become addictive! Very cool!!!