Sunday, 30 October 2016

INKtober: the last sketches I managed

I tried and failed but I enjoyed taking part. I had an emotional week which got in the way unfortunately.  So these are the last two I managed to get done for the INKtober challenge. Both are on a somber note but the reasons for sketching them are very close to my heart.

I sketched this greyhound in support for a protest rally held in Sydney last Sunday. The rally was to voice opposition against the overturning of the greyhound racing ban in NSW. Thousands of these beautiful greyhounds are killed every year because  they don't make the cut in training or they don't do well on the track. 

On top of that there is the horrific live-baiting scandal that was uncovered last year, where several greyhound trainers were found to be using possums (a protected species), kittens, piglets, and rabbits as live bait in training. This despicable treatment of innocent animals was exposed via hidden video taken by animal activists. Live baiting is illegal so you'd think it would be enough to warrant an immediate shutdown but, yet again, it's a battle because the almighty dollar always seems to take priority. 

Greyhound racing is a cruel industry that should be stopped and we will not give up the fight! 

And the last one I managed to do. 
Day 24 - A chicken who doesn't have a great life either in yet another cruel industry. 

"Humanity is accruing an enormous debt of karma by its treatment of animals."~ Eckhart Tolle

Linking up with Sunday Sketches this week. 
You can see the work of other participants HERE.


  1. Beautiful sketches Serena. Awful to learn of the cruelty to the greyhounds,

  2. Lovely sketches, but such sad inspirations. We (humans, I mean) can be so horrible to other species and to each other.

  3. Beautilful animals, beautiful sketches!

  4. Your sketches are a wonderful way to bring attention to the inhumane treatment of animals. My heart breaks when I read of the abuse of animals, and primarily because of people's greed. It seems that people are becoming a little more aware of animal treatment in factory farms here in the US. More people need to realize that animals feel pain as we do. I volunteer at an animal shelter. Many of the dogs there possess more awareness than the owners that turned them in.

  5. lovely sketches :)

    and greyhound racing pisses me off, actually so does horse racing. the way the animals are treated for the all mighty dollar is disgusting. Money talks unfortunately when it comes to things like this :(

  6. Great sketches, Serena. Sorry to hear they are going to do greyhound racing again. That is so disheartening!! People can be so cruel to animals--well, and plants for that matter as they destroy forests and jungles and spray chemicals all over the place. Hang in there, my friend. :)

  7. I absolutely love your greyhound! We have a brindle greyhound that we got as a puppy, whose parents were rescued racers. She's never been shown or raced since we got her 13 years ago. She is very smart, and likes to lay her head on my lap when I sit on the couch with her. Blessings!

  8. You are an expert in catching their personalities. Love you work. :)

  9. I think you did well to get as many sketches as you did done, given everything you've had to deal with lately.

    Why do humans have to be so cruel? It sickens and saddens me how humans treat other animals, and humans are often not any kinder to other humans either. There's no need for it, and I wish it would stop.

  10. Humans should get a 'taste of their own behavior' ~ sad state of affairs ~ but gorgeous animal sketches ~ Beautiful!

    Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^

  11. Great job on your participation and perseverance to finish InkTober! And your sketches are simply great, so realistic. I am sorry to read though about the hardship of those poor dogs. I hope that animal rights will observed in a hurry.

  12. What beautiful sketches! I think you did great with the challenge. I'm sad to hear about the animal cruelty, it is such a shame...

  13. beautiful sketches but stories related to them are so sad
    thank you for sharing them

  14. Hi Seerena,

    Amazing sketches as always!
    It is so sad what they do to those dogs and other animals. :(

    Hugs and thanks for sharing

  15. Awesome sketches Serena. You get better and better you are amazing


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