Monday 24 October 2016

INKtober: More daily sketches from week 3

Oooooops, running a little excuses 
apart from the fact that I completely forgot to do my blog post yesterday.  

So a recap on the past week of INKtober sketches. 
I post these daily on my Instagram feed is you are interested in seeing them earlier. 

I recently purchased Season 11 of Supernatural so, before I watch it, 
I am doing a recap of all the previous seasons again as a refresher. 
You may guess that I'm a huge fan! 
So I thought it fitting to sketch some of the cast for INKtober.

Jared Palecki who plays Sam Winchester. 
Sketched entirely with ballpoint pen. 

Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester
Sketched entirely with ballpoint pen

Jim Beaver who plays Bobby Singer
I didn't quite get his squint right but we live, we learn, right?
Done entirely with ballpoint pen

Felicia Day who plays Charlie Bradbury 
Charlie was one of my favourite characters on the show
I loved her quirkiness!
I was disappointed that I lost the likeness with this one 
but when sketching directly with pen, 
you have to learn to live with it. 

Then I decided to sketch a little robin with coloured ballpoint pens 
and a 005 ZIG Millennium ink pen (it's extra fine). 

A quick ink sketch of a fake succulent plant I have. 
Trying to loosen things up a bit here. 
Sketched with Platinum Carbon and Lamy Joy fountain pens. 
I LOVE my fountain pens!

Another loose sketch of my left hand this time. 
This was sketched with a Platinum Carbon pen 
followed up with Sumi black ink applied with a brush.

Speaking of my left hand, 
I will be making a doctor's appointment today 
as it's been over three weeks and I'm still dealing 
with a lot of pain issues. 
It's strange because I can use it normally 
apart from certain positions.

Linking up with Sunday Sketches (a little late). 
To see the work of other participants for this week, click HERE.


  1. Hi Serena! I am impressed with your ballpoint sketches. Especially love the little robin. Hope you get good news about your hand, sorry to hear it's not recovered yet, but those types of injuries always take longer than you think to heal.

  2. Love the bird and the people. People are so hard to do but you make it look easy. Sure hope your hand gets better soon.

  3. Absolutely beautiful pen illustrations ~ my favorite is the little bird ~ all done so well ~ thanks ^_^

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  4. I love the sketches. You know how I also love Supernatural!
    So glad you are going to see the doctor and have them check out your hand!! Be waiting to hear.
    Love and hugs!! :)

  5. They are very good I know how hard it is to draw and paint people.

  6. not glad your hand still hurts, but happy you are going to get it looked at and hopefully you get some answers

    love your Robin :D I have yet to see one here and usually they are around.

  7. Beautiful work Serena! Hope your hand improves though.

  8. I don´t understand how you can do teh faces so perfect. I´m sure if I could se a photo the sketch would be perfect.

    Love your Robin in progress :)

  9. Your inktobers are wonderful. I saw your Supernatural ones on instagram. FABulous! hee Your robin is also beautiful. Well done, Serena. :)

  10. all wonderfully done! hope you get some good answers at your doctor's visit..