Monday, 18 May 2009

emotional guidance


our emotional guidance system can be a very useful tool if we choose to actually pay heed to it. you know what i'm talking about. for example - you make the choice to ignore your gut instinct and still go out with that certain guy only to regret it later because he ended up breaking your heart. you look back afterwards and realise that all the signs were there. you also realise that your emotional guidance system had been actively warning you about those signs right from the get-go......why didn't you listen?!

this same scenario can play over many different situations in our lives. the trick is to pay heed to what our gut instincts are telling us. trust that our emotional guidance system will lead the way. it is never wrong. when we are on the right path, we know and feel that inner sense of peace and joy within.

my affirmaton card for this week reflects this message. when faced with making decisions, your emotional guidance system can help....just calm your mind and reflect on the situation at hand...then note which choice feels right to you on an inner level. learn to follow your instincts.
acrylics on 5"x3½" CANSON acrylic paper
© serena lewis
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i snapped this photo after dropping aaron at school on friday. ibis make for quite a sight as they are large birds and group together in numbers. my point and shoot camera doesn't have a big zoom on it so this was the best i could do without scaring them away.

ibis near the local creek bed

i thought this pic was really cute so just had to post it too


love, light and peace


  1. I truly love your mantra cards Serena and the photo of the sleepyheads just made me smile. :)

  2. Awe your two sleepy heads are so cute. Love your affirmation card. So true what you say, we all have our inbuilt anntena or emotional guidance system which should help us avoid many disasterous situations provided we listen to it.

  3. After, lo, too many years, I at least acknowledge that guidance system! For whatever reason, I still doubt it sometimes (because it seems so unfounded sometimes!)...but not listening is always to my detriment! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I needed to hear this today...a message from the universe, perhaps? Love the she is looking at the path that her heart asks her to follow. Wonderful!

  5. seeing those ibis like that is really cool :D I don't know who looks more tired ;)

    I need to listen to my guidance system more often, but my life is boring when I do :p

  6. How many times have I told myself I should have listened to my first instinct? Many times and some of us never learn(;. Cute photo of sleepyheads.

  7. I always look forward to seeing your Mantra cards. The messages are so informative. Love the two photos. What a treat to see all those Ibis in one place. The Sleepyheads look so cute together. :)

  8. Sometimes we may listen to our emotional guidance system wrongly due to our own will which outweigh it. It is not easily to segregate these two. Perhaprs you may enlighten me in this area. Thank you in advance,

  9. Hey more Ibis! I spent a half hour googling to figure out the name of these long beaked birds I photographed in Florida and was the subject of my latest painting. We don't have any of the variations here in Canada.

  10. Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your mantra card this week. The painting is beautiful and the message is so clear to me at the moment.

    Aaron and Cody are so cute. Aaron looks a little tipsy though, LOL

    Luv Shell xx

  11. Thank you all for your nice comments.

    James - You make a very good point and it's so important not to confuse our emotional guidance system with that of our ego minds. I plan to do another post to address this over the coming days. Thanks so much for your input.

    Chocoholic - When it rains, it pours, huh? LOL

    Shell - Yep, Aaron did look a little out of it, didn't he? lol

  12. Ohhh...those two sleepyheads are so darn adorable!!! Cutest pic in the universe right now, Serena!!! :)

  13. Unfortunately, sometimes 'hormones' get in the way of our good instincts! LOL but thankfully as you get older they are less in charge!
    Cute pics & love your mantra card too Serena:)

  14. Your sleepyheads are adorable!

    I might have asked you before, if so, please forgive me, but are you going to be making an affirmation card deck? Each card is a gem and I think it would sell :)

  15. Aw... love the sleepy heads photo!

    Your mantra is good one. Too often I stuff my feelings down inside and then pay for it later.

    We get ibis in our yard. I always see them in large groups and never alone. They must be very social bords.

  16. I can think back over so many times when I should have listened to my inner voice! It sure would have saved me a lot of trouble.

    As always your mantra card is fantastic and you know I love that purple candle!!

  17. Love your mantra cards--and I also think you should sell them! Gorgeous candle, too. The sleepyheads--so cute!! And the Ibis--at first I thought they were Candian geese--just because that is what I see around here right now in the spring--hehe! Totally agree with you on following your gut feelings. I find that when my gut feelings disagree with my head--I should follow my gut instincts. Over the years I have learned that--but I still forget sometimes--ROFL!! :):)

  18. Your mantra is right on this week. So many times I should have listened and didn't. Love your photos. Our Ibis are so tame. They fly in and go down all the yards looking for grubs. I can go out and be within 20 feet of them. They don't care.

  19. Another wonderful mantra card and cute photos of the "sleepyheads" cute.

  20. I just love your mantra cards. Great photos! all of them. I don't think I have ever seen live ibis - they must be such a majestic sight.

  21. I'm so behind in comments, but you know I'm watching albeit from a distance. ;o))) Love the sleepy heads, to cute.. Ro

  22. Definitely a sweet photo of your son and doggie, Serena.

    Yes, I think as a whole, women are far better at the gut thing then men. There are even those gifted with the spiritual gift of discernment but mine seems to only not steer me wrong when objective, and wholly outside my experience, say, whether to trust a stranger or not. However, my g"gut instinct, " if you will has definitely steered my wrong on many occasion, even when I was convinced it was the right course. Thus, I try to pray about it and then gets lots of good wisdom from a lot of people I trust! :)

    1. Thanks, Michael. :)

      I agree that women seem to be able to tune into their gut instincts better than most men, not sure why. For the most part, I have found that my instincts usually lead me right, however on occasion, they haven't, and I then wonder if I have just read them wrong initially. Great points, Michael....I do believe in the power of prayer and also the idea of getting advice from trusted people who you know will be honest with their opinion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)


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