Tuesday, 14 September 2010

My son's a celebrity!

The promoters for the next Fight World Cup bout in November requested that a photo of Reece be used for their official poster (shown below)!  YAY!

Reece is stoked!

The picture was originally taken just seconds after Reece won his last fight. It's hard for me to believe that the muscled fighter looking ready to kill on that poster is actually my son.   I'm very proud of him but I'm even more proud of the fact that Reece felt bad for his opponent who was feeling pretty deflated after his loss to Reece.  They both spoke after the match and Reece encouraged him to keep at it and even invited him over for a training session at the fight club Reece attends.  So, while Reece looks like a lean, mean fighting machine on the poster, he also has a big heart to match.

He was announced the winner!

Mehul on the left is Reece's friend and big-time supporter.  He trains with Reece too and Mehul himself has an Australian title fight coming up in October.  Leo, on the right, is Reece's trainer.

Reece with his trophy

I'm one proud Mumma!

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. OMG!!!! That is amazing. My hubby always wanted to be an ultimate fighter. You should be very very proud!

  2. Congratulations momma and to Reece, Yay for you!!! Congratulations to your handsome son. He looks great! What a proud mom you are. You'll be on cloud #9 for some time. Thanks for sharing your happiness. Have a great Tuesday.

  3. That is way cool! and I love the photo of him with his trophy, really nice shot. He looks relaxed and proud.
    Congrats to Reece and a pat you moms back for such a great family!

  4. What a great photo Serena. I can see why you and Reece are wrapped with it.

  5. what a hotty. Excellent pic. congrats mum on bringing up a sensitive boy too.

  6. Wow, this is very cool, and yes, you should be very proud!!

  7. WOW!!!! (I don't think I would want to pick a fight with him...LOL!)
    That is really cool he is on the poster; I like the last photo best---there is a warmth to it that probably reflects his personality!


  8. Reece is primal and scary looking on that poster! I can see why they wanted him on it. Nice to hear he also has a big heart to match. ;)

    Congrats to Reece and his proud Mama! :):)

  9. Congratulations on both the trophy and the poster!

  10. Hi Mum,

    Great post! I'm so happy for Reece that he got his picture on the poster! All the pics of him look so good! I'm one proud brother! Congrats Reece!

    Love Brad!

  11. Serena:
    This is such an awesome event. I'm so happy for you and your family. My family will also be impressed when they see these photos and read your news. Go Reece

  12. Hi Serena,
    OMG, he's ripped!
    I can see why you're stoked and proud of Reece.
    How great to be the advertiser for the big fight!

  13. Reece is awesome! Congrats to him on his win and the poster. That photo is fierce. You deserve to be proud.

  14. How fantastic! I am happy for you and Reece...I would be proud of him too.

  15. Yikes!! he's ripped......

    ... the old softie! hahahha.....

  16. Hi Serena, thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. Congrats to Reece on the fight and the poster. :) My boys will be 15 and 12 next month -- I can't even imagine how they will be in years from now. Termites! Yikes! We have a problem with ants and can't get rid of them completely. Unfortunately, the way they build in this country, there is dirt between the walls and floors, and once there is a crack, the ants take up residency and it is hard to figure out where they are coming from or how to get rid of them. :/ Wishing you a most wonderful day. I look forward to seeing more of your art. I love visiting Carmelina for inspiration. Best wishes, Tammy

  17. Congratulations to Reece! What a scary picture!

  18. Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments! You guys are so supportive and sweet!

  19. That is soooooo cool! Reece looks GREAT! ;)