Saturday 12 February 2011

Gems from my week....

Thanks for all the heartfelt comments on Queensland's latest wild weather crisis.  Cyclone Yasi completely levelled areas that took the brunt of it's force and caused a lot of damage in other areas.  It was heart wrenching to see on the news. I felt a depression wash over me knowing the suffering my fellow Queenslanders were facing yet again.  This is part of the reason I haven't been blogging much....I just had no inclination. I'd sit at the computer to post but found myself browsing other blogs instead.  I felt the same with my urge to draw or paint at all. I'd try but wouldn't get very far.  The unbearable humidity didn't help with my asthma either. I think I've picked myself up a bit now and hoping to get back to regular posting. The daily meditations and time with Mikayla have helped greatly.

Your comments of concern, prayer and support were truly appreciated.  Thank you all!

The other morning, I was totally mesmerised by this 'gem' which sparkled up at me from the lawn. It grabbed my attention because it was huge in comparison to the other dewdrops which you can see spattered around.  Naturally, I ran for the camera.  

We'd had an unbearably hot and humid week and there was a lot of moisture in the air so whether this water drop came from a heavy dew or light, early morning rain, I don't know. The sky was clear, the roads were dry, yet the lawn glistened with gems. 

My infatuation with water drops continued a few days later when we did get some rain and the leaves on my Buddha's Belly plant looked so pretty covered in raindrops. Another photo shoot beckoned.... 
Be sure to click on the images for a closer view.

I love it when I see new growth too

Speaking of gems and growth, Mikayla is now 9 weeks old and growing!

I was trying not to laugh at Michelle in the pic below. Michelle would laugh every time my camera's Face Detection feature kicked in and then I would burst out laughing too. In case you don't know, Face Detection finds the face in the image, puts a square border around it and then, suddenly, the squared face enlarges and takes up a large part of the viewing screen. It makes me think of those giant bobble heads on the small bodies. But anyways, isn't Mikayla gorgeous in her little purple outfit? I knitted her bootees.

I LOVE being a Grandma!

Week 6 self-portrait

Here I'm playing with another gem in my life, Cody.  What struck me as odd, apart from the fact that I have no face in the image, is that I had taken a few pictures in the exact same spot for myself AND the camera yet this is the only image that showed an orb on my head.  Camera confusion?.....or something else?  Hmmmmmm...

UPDATE - Some have mentioned being unable to see the orb on my odd.  It is clearer in the enlarged view so click on the photo below and check where the red arrow is pointing.  I call it an orb because that's what I've seen others call these circles that appear in their photos.  Can you see it?

 The weekend is here....clear and bright.....full of possibilities!
I'm hoping to get some artwork about you?
~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. That water drop is beautiful. Perhaps journaling about the experience of the cyclone and all the devastation will help. Beautiful grandddaughter. Thanks for stopping and sharing some of your ife again.


  2. Bad weather certainly seemed to be directed at your part of the world for quite awhile. I hope things can get back to normal for everyone.

    Fantastic shots of the water drops. And they're so huge!

    You are such a proud grandma and that's just as it should be. Mikayla is so precious and so cute. It must be difficult not to want to hold her 24/7!!

  3. Wow... that is a huge diamond! now if only we could find a real one that size!

    I haven't had much to say lately either and like you...just browsing and then seeing anguish and heartbreak...and all of a sudden... not much motivation or creativeness or much of anything really. My "go to" thing is baking.... but, then... eating it ....and then...having to do more jumping jacks and more treadmilling....yikes!

    Sending a hug....


  4. Oh Serena my heart goes out to all the Queenslanders that have suffered through all the things that have happened there. :(

    Love all your photos of the dew drops on the leaves. That BIG DEW DROP is really something.

    Mikayla is getting so big. God bless her.

    Love and hugs

  5. What a thirst quenching gem that is!

    You are so precious there with your grandchild!
    Keep smiling, face finder or not....there is always much to be thankful for.

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina

  6. I absolutely love your water droplets photos! And you and the grandbaby-girl--Awwww! Mikayla is growing by leaps and bounds! I didn't see an orb, tho, on the photo of you and Cody?

    I hope the people are recovering. And that you are feeling much better, Lady! :):)

  7. Serena, Queensland has been so much in my thoughts recently. My heart goes out to those who have gone through this last month or so of devastation. I tried to email you last week but couldn't get on the internet for several days here in Mexico. I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better now...hugs from me.

  8. You sure have lots of sparkling gems around there!!! Mikayla being #1, eh??? You look like an extremely happy grandma! We are taking the grandkids to Disney World tomorrow (about a 3 hour drive one way). Beautiful weather, no one is sick, and DIL has two whole days off in a row!!! Wish us luck!!! Hehehe...

  9. You are a natural nurturer. She looks so happy to be in her grandma's arms. ;-)

  10. Hi Serena. Glad the terrible storm is over. Your GB is getting so big and beautiful. Great photos of the plants with the water drops. You can even see hairlike growth on the plants. Cody is love and that on your hair I think is just camera stuff. Hmmmmm, makes you wonder though.:) Have a great Valentine's Day and wonderful weekend.

  11. So glad you wrote and reported on what's going on with you and in your life. Just a little concerned so glad you checked in. Mikayla is so adorable. Loved that dew drop - that is beautiful! I hope Queensland is recovering and gets a break from all these storms.

  12. I love the picture of your granddaughter! You look as proud as a grandmother can be! I also appreciate the raindrop images. They are like little jewels! Sending you lots of love! :)

  13. Queensland has been coping a battering lately. I really hope this bad weather cycle takes a turn and gives us a break. It is so up setting.

    Mikayla does have a way of brightening a day. Glad she is taking away your blues, it is hard for me to get upset with her in my life now <3

    Love the pics of the dew drops. Can't see the orb you mentioned though. Strange...

  14. Hi Serena, I am fascinated with the dew and rain drops on plants and that dewdrop was huge.
    Mikayla is growing so fast, she is a lovely little bundle of joy, and you look like a very proud Grandma.
    I love it when I find an orb in my photos; someone watching over you perhaps??