Thursday 31 January 2013

Crazy week of weather!

Since I last posted, 
Queensland had to deal with some 
very nasty weather when
Cyclone Oswald threatened our North Queensland towns. 
It became an unstable storm cell, 
listed as Category 1 on a cyclone scale,
and slowly moved down the Queensland coastline 
 with gale-force winds and rain. 
Some areas suffered severe flooding 
similar to the floods of January 2011.

If that wasn't enough, 
SIX tornadoes developed and wreaked havoc 
further north of Brisbane.
One morning, we awoke to find that even 
BRISBANE was on tornado alert! 
I've never known that to happen before. 

Bundaberg and other towns are still inundated with flood waters 
and thousands of people have been displaced. 
Many had to be rescued from rooftops.
It's heart-wrenching! 

Queensland now faces a major clean-up.
We have been told to conserve water 
as one of the water treatment plants had to shut down 
due to the volume of mud and silt that was 
washed into the Brisbane River. 
Needless to say, 
people went into a panic and bought up ALL of
the bottled water from supermarket shelves.
160,000 homes lost power and, 
as of last night, some were still waiting for 
power to be restored. 
Friends of family have been without power 
since Saturday, poor things.

I am very grateful to live where we do 
as it seems we are in a fairly safe and sound area 
when it comes to flooding and power. 
That said, there were road blocks due to flooding 
not far at all from where we live.

Due to all the cyclonic weather 
sea foam developed at some of our beaches.
This video was taken at Alexandra Headland 
and shows bystanders, including two policemen, 
getting the surprise of their lives while 
watching a bus drive through the sea foam. 
A near miss for sure!

If you can't view it here,
try THIS direct link to YouTube.

Definitely nothing as interesting
going on in our own backyard. 
I put my potted plants outside 
to drink up some rainwater.
They LOVE rainwater! 
As parts of our gutters overflowed, 
I decided to catch me some rainwater 
for later use in the garden.
We ran out of containers to fill waaaaaaaay before it stopped raining 
but at least we saved a fair amount. 
Even the grass is now greening up
from the horrid, scorched brown colour it was before.

To end this post with a feel good mood.
I chose this video which shows how 
a random act of kindness 
can flow on and on.....ENJOY!

If you can't view it here,
try THIS direct link to YouTube.
Aaron started back at school yesterday after 
the annual school break. 
My baby is in Year 9 now!
It's time to get back to a regular routine so 
you should be seeing more posts from me.

Have a lovely week!

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. Dear Serena,
    This is devastating news about the horrid weather there! So sad. I pray things will only be better from here on.

    Aaron in grade 9???? My, how time really does fly!!!

    1. Yes, it was a horrendous week, Julie, and we're very glad to see the end of it. My heart goes out to towns further north as they sustained some severe damage and it will take up to two years for them to get back on track...some lost their homes and must start again. :( baby is sure growing up...a little too fast for my liking but at least now, I get to watch my beautiful granddaughters grow up.

  2. What awful weather! So sorry to hear that. I'm glad you all are okay, though. Prayers to all the people dealing with the horrible weather.

    Congrats on ninth grade, Aaron! :)


    1. sorry had to add the comment here the regular posting comments box wasnt working for me! (?)

      I've been thinking of you and wondering if the latest floods havent come to your area . . . this is just devastating and these weather patterns are just crazy!

      v v hot here now and going to be all weekend! dry at least!

    2. Rita, yes it was terrible weather. Thanks for the well wishes. xx

    3. Krissie, that's okay...blogger must have had a temporary glitch. It happens. The weather patterns have been absolutely crazy! Tornado warning in Brissie!! SO weird! I hope you're not suffering too much with the heat there. Stay cool ~ xx

  3. So glad to hear you are safe & sound! :) Sending prayers for those who were caught in the storm's path.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Your prayers are very much appreciated as the aftermath will take some time to recover from...maybe up to two years for some.

  4. The weather has been crazy hasn't it... and the photos coming out of Bundaberg are just devastating... makes us grateful for the easily fixable damage we had... and the start of the school year is a nice change isn't it... some peace and quiet is a lovely thing after a few months of constant company... so glad you are safe and no damage...xx

    1. It sure has, Trace. My heart goes out to the people of Bundaberg...they copped it bad in the 2011 floods and now this. It does make us grateful for the minor issues we had to deal with by comparison. xx

  5. glad to read that everyone there is all right. the weather there is insane! the photos are devastating to see

    1. It has been insane weather. It will be a long road to recovery for those most severely affected. So sad. xx

  6. Oh, my....such terrible, terrible weather! I saw some extra on the news what's happening there, and it's just devastating, heartbreaking... I'm glad you are safe and well, Serena! Be taking good care... ((HUGS))

  7. Sounds like some crazy weather! I'm glad you're okay. We actually saw some video of the sea foam on our local news.

    1. Yes, we're fine thanks, Janet. xx The scariest part was when the car drove out of the sea foam and nearly hit people. A dangerous thing to do. :(

  8. Dear Serena, I sure hope the weather has calmed down and that February will be a better month for everyone. Wow! My jaw dropped when I saw that car emerge from the foam. No wonder the cops didn't see it -- everyone was watching the bus. How did the people in the car even see where they were going? Just crazy! I've never seen sea foam like that before. As for the second video, I LOVE IT! Had seen it a while back and wanted to post about it but couldn't find my way back to the blog where I saw it. Thanks for sharing. It really is inspiring. Hope all is well! Take care and best wishes, Tammy

    1. Thanks, Tammy. Normally we get some nasty storms in February too but I hope they stay away. The video shocked me too...the people watching thought it was just a wave until they noticed the car's headlights. It was a very dangerous thing to do and they could have hit someone. I loved the second video too and just HAD to share it. Have a wonderful week ~ xx

  9. Thanks, Tracy. Glad you liked the video. I just had to share too when I saw it on Facebook. Have a lovely week ~ xx