Friday, 16 May 2014

Flowers in black and white

I was so inspired by Alisa Burke's recent post about her statement wall 
that I decided to go with a black and white accent in my lounge room.

It ties in perfectly with the black photo frames I bought a few weeks ago.
The piece above was painted, freehand, with black acrylic paint, a liner brush,
and a large round brush for blocking in areas.
It took me 2½ hours to complete.

I had some fabric which I'd bought to make a privacy curtain 
for the slim, tall window beside our front door so I laid it over a chair
to inspire me while I painted.  Of course, daffodils had to be included
being that they've been my favourite flower since childhood.
My sketchbooks came in handy for that because I used a couple of  daffodil sketches
as a guide too. 

And the end result looks quite lovely on the lounge room wall

I sewed the privacy curtain for the long, fixed window beside the front door.
Aaron (#4 son) kept rubbing in that, when we first moved into this house,  
I'd said I would make a curtain for said window. 
It's only taken me SEVEN years! lol 
Well, I have a busy life, ya know.....
For the curtain rod, I simply painted a piece of dowelling rod black
then attached a couple of black, plastic finials at each end.
I LOVE the privacy curtain!
No more do I have to worry about being in my PJs while watching TV
and have someone knocking at the door and peering through the window
into our lounge room.

I felt quite accomplished after all that. 


  1. That's a very striking picture.

    1. Thanks, Merle. I was quite pleased with how it turned out. :)

  2. the painting looks great! really works hung up in that space. our front window by the door is frosted, so you can see shapes but nothing specific so we put a blind there more to keep in heat then stop people from looking in. our bathroom window, on the second floor, about a foot tall and 3-4 feet long is frosted and when we first moved in, MIL said we need a curtain for it. why?? if anyone wants to climb up to the window to maybe see something, good luck to them :p and besides I would just push the person from the window :p jk

    1. Thanks, Jen. Most windows strips by front doors are frosted but the builders just put plain, clear glass in the houses in our street; they were all built around the same time. It's never made sense to me especially being that they can look right into our lounge room. Our bathroom windows are frosted; I put up full gathered lace curtains in those. I agree, a second floor frosted window wouldn't be too concerning...with a light on at night, coloured shapes can be made out through ours so I felt better with them covered. :)

    2. that doesnt make sense to put a clear window in at all, no privacy :/

    3. Yep, makes no sense at all. :/

  3. Just beautiful Serena. Awesome!

  4. This is a beautiful painting! The perfectness of it with your curtain is just wonderful and zen-like!

  5. Beautiful painting as always Serena. I love your house. Have a great Friday!!

  6. What an amazing painting! Bravo!


  7. Wow! You've really been busy! I love your flower painting and it does look really good up there. The privacy curtain must be such a relief! I have been here nine years and just got a shoe bench that I wanted by the door, so don't feel badly. You beat me by two years on that one--LOL! ;)

    1. Thanks, Rita! Glad to see I'm not the only one who does things like that. lol

  8. Oh my gosh....I love it. Beautiful job.