Sunday, 31 August 2014

Drawing buttons

Another busy week has passed by,
with lots of visits to my Dad who is still in hospital.

Aaron (#4 son) started a new school and loves it! 
One less thing to worry about. 

During the course of the week,
I managed to find five minutes here and there, to draw some buttons.
This was homework for Andrea Joseph's klass in Sketchbook Skool.
I drew one button at a time, using various blue ballpoint pens, with no final composition in mind.
I also used a touch of coloured pencil after the main drawing was complete.

I loved Andrea's klass! 
I had drawn with ballpoint pens before 
but it was nice to focus on them once again 
using Andrea's approach. 

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  1. Your button drawings look so nice. Lovely details. I also love drawing with ballpoint pen.

  2. Oh, I love Andrea's work. How exciting to take a class with her. Your buttons are marvelous!! I haven't drawn with a ball point since high school doodling--LOL!
    So glad Aaron started n his new school and I hope he loves it there. Glad your dad is being tended to and under good care. I hope you fnd a place for him to go that's close for all of you to visit him. :) Have a super week. *hugs*

  3. This is really cool! I love the buttons and the composition of the piece!

  4. Zack started 11th grade yesterday. He was actually kinda happy to get back to a regular routine. Glad to see you are finding time to draw. Sending healing wishes for your dad. Hugs, Tammy P.S. the lizard was still roaming around in here as of this morning. We left the balcony door open this morning hoping he would find his way out. Only time will tell. I saw a lizard out on the balcony this evening while I was watering plants. Was it him and he actually did find freedom? Or do we have more potential houseguests? Yikes! I hope it's the first and not the latter. :)

  5. Serena, love your buttons. They're so cute! My heart goes out to you in regards to your dad. Praying here. xx

  6. I love the idea of drawing with ballpoint pen... your buttons are lovely x

  7. Beautiful! Your shading is excellent!

  8. Hi Serena,
    Hope you are doing well.
    So sorry to hear about your dad but even if it is painful you made the right decision.
    Wow, your sketches of the buttons look so real! I can almost touch them! :)
    How is Michelle and her family doing?
    Hugs to you and her!