Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Scribble Picnic - Hot Chocolate

The Scribble Picnic prompt for this week is HOT CHOCOLATE.

I usually make quite a few hot chocolate drinks during our winter months. There's just something about that mug of hot sweetness that make me feel spoiled, cosy, and warm. I never have marshmallows in mine though. I hate the thought of hot, gooey marshmallow. Ewwww!  Definitely not for me. I've never had toasted marshmallows around a campfire either for the same reason.

Marshmallows have always been a favourite but I like them nice and firm....not hot and gooey. I used to make them and roll them in toasted coconut.  They even have vegan marshmallows now so I don't miss out but — back to hot chocolate. I make mine with Cadburys Drinking Chocolate powder, a dash of vanilla essence, and soy milk mixed together in a saucepan. When hot enough, I froth it up with the electric hand mixer. After pouring it into our mugs, I drizzle chocolate syrup over the froth. OH, so yummy!

My sketch today is done with ink, watercolour, and Prismacolor pencils using a copyright-free image which I altered somewhat...

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The drink was actually NOT the first HOT CHOCOLATE that came to mind but I didn't get time to sketch them. Who remembers the Hot Chocolate group in the late 70's and 80's?   Songs like You Sexy Thing, Every 1's a Winner, So You Win Again, Emma and....It Started with a Kiss....

Thought I'd end off this post with one of their video clips. Enjoy!

Next week's prompt is TABLE CLOTH...see you at the picnic!


  1. Delish- I wish we could share a mug of hot chocolate together this morning - we're awaiting the promised snowfall so are in limbo. Cloudy and cold but not a snowflake seen yet!
    Great illustration Serena, love the little doily under the cup. I'm with you regarding marshmallows - but a topping of a little home-whipped organic heavy cream is good to spoon before sipping!

    Thanks for entering my little guessing game BTW - it will be fun, and I'll be searching for a memento for the winner!
    Happy day - Mary

  2. Ha! Serena, I posted a video of Hot Chocolate's You Sexy Thang, lol! Great minds think alike hee hee! Your drawing is so beautiful. Cozy! :) We have what seems like a 10 gallon tin of Nestle Quik hot chocolate powder. But once in a while I get a little nutty and I crush up some dark and milk chocolate bars and make a very rich cup of hot chocolate. Winter and hot chocolate go together don't they? :) I'm with you on the marshmallows! I like them almost stale and a bit crunchy :)

  3. That cup of hot chocolate looks great!
    I only put marshmallows on my pencil sketch so it wouldn't look like coffee!
    What, you've never even tried a perfectly roasted marshmallow!? :-) You really ought to try one, but only if it's that "just right" stage of crisp (not a hint of burnt) golden brown. And preferably eaten with a piece of milk chocolate and graham cracker! :-)

  4. Your illustrations are always so rich in color and realistic in form. Feel like I could just reach in an pick up that mug of chocolate.

  5. Your piece is so beautiful Serena! I prefer my hot chocolate plain, saving on the calories.

  6. oh this looks amazing! Yummo!! You paint so beautifully,, such an inspiration!

  7. Love it...drinking my hot choc right now. Love the drawing....

  8. I saw this on Instagram but so glad I came here too as that description of how you make your hot cocoa sounds so wonderful! I do love marshmallows though. My favorite way to have marshmallows though is marshmallow syrup on vanilla ice cream... so pretty all white on white!

  9. I have heard You Sexy Thing but didn't know the name of the group. Had never heard this song.

    Hot chocolate sounds really good in the winter time. Perfect for here right now, but not for you guys, I don't think. Great drawing. I never thought of whipping it up and drizzling chocolate over it. That sounds so yummy! :)

  10. Your cup of hot chocolate looks so warm and inviting. And I bet it's delicious with the vanilla and drizzle chocolate. Yum!

  11. Gosh, I totally remember that band! Had forgotten all about them, even their name, until looking at the video. How funny.

    As i said on your IG< you hot choc sounds divine, marshmallows or not. Actually, I am like you there--prefer my marshmallows firmer and no in my drink.

    you have such alovely style, Serena. Keep it up. So glad you are joining (already doing) this daily sketch plan. thank you so much. It will be great thinking of you over the way over there playing along.

    Hope you back is doing well this week?!

  12. I like mine with cinnamon on top sometimes.

  13. Ohhh, between Micheal's donut and your hot choclolate, I can imagine myself a delicious breakfast. Your artwork is so right on, Serena ... your talent abounds. As for Marshmellows, I love them hot and creamy on the inside. I will roast them or put them in my hot chocolate, either way they are delicious to me. But, that said, I don't do it often these days ... calories, yes but also trying to not eat sugar as it seems to be the root of all evil in my life. Love it all Serena ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  14. need marshmallows in my hot chocolate lol love smores too :) but dont make them here since getting grahm crackers is almost impossible

    great sketch, love the mug colour :)

  15. I love it. I just want to pick that cup up and have me some hot chocolate it looks so real.