Thursday 8 February 2018

Scribble Picnic - Let's Dance

Hi everyone,

This week's Scribble Picnic prompt was LET'S DANCE!

I had a few ideas come to mind but the one that stuck in my head was 'flamingos dancing' and that's what I went with. This one was fun and also a little tedious as I tried to figure out how I was going to manage those wings. I could see the end result in my head but transferring it to paper was not as easy.

This week, I used my Strathmore Grey-toned sketchbook.

First a rough pen sketch with a hint of colour with Prismacolor pencils. You can see where I kinda wrecked her shoe but, when working in pen, you just have to go with it and learn to love the mistakes. They add character, right?

Another layer of colour with watercolours

Another layer with more details in black ink and white highlights to finish off.  Now, this dazzling couple are ready to hit the dance floor. Don't you just love his socks? haha And I think I managed a pretty good 'save' with her shoe too, don't you think?

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Next week's prompt is MUSHY! I have one idea straight off the bat but not sure if I'll go with it yet. How about you?


  1. Oh this is so adorable...Soon we will be seeing them on "Dancing with the Stars". You have great imagination on this one...Good end results too. Thanks for showing us the process.

  2. Thanks for showing your process, your flamingos are an adorable pair, very cute!

  3. Oh so well done Serena. Your flamingo couple are wonderful. I love everything about them too... gorgeous red dancing shoes :D)

  4. This is so fun and SO beautifully done. Thank you for showing the process - I'm in awe that you start out with pen. I don't have the confidence for that. And the black and white highlights just brought it to life. Wonderfully done!

  5. Yes, I love his socks! They are absolutely charming! :)

  6. Wow what an awesome stroke and adorable painting!
    very beautiful imagery indeed my friend!

  7. OMG, you are such a stitch. This is so much fun and what a great idea ... A literal Flamingo dance :) And, the first thing that struck me was his socks ... and appaently they struck you too. You did a marvelous job here, Serena ... can't wait to see what "Mushy" brings to your mind :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  8. You're so good Serena, you definitely "saved" the shoe, but did it need saving? Happy accidents :)) I love how colourful this is! :)

  9. looks great and good job with the wing placement :)

  10. Oh yes, you totally saved the shoe - one would never know, judging from the end product. Well done. The whole piece is brilliant and even more lovely seeing larger here. I LOVE it. And yes, Serena, the socks AND shoes are amazing! the whole thing is terribly imaginative, graceful even, and well composed. I love it. What a hoot. Thank you so much!!

  11. This is really awesome Serena - sorry I'm late with a comment, that darned kidney stone messed up all my plans!