Thursday 26 April 2018

Scribble Picnic - Quilt

Hi everyone,

Another busy week has passed which included getting an MRI of my brain among other tests after I had pressure inside my head and numbness on my face for over a week — all on the left side. Headaches and a sudden spike in blood pressure too. Results were all clear, thank goodness! The pressure and numbness have now eased. I'm a walking enigma or should I say — limping enigma? haha 

So, getting on with business, the prompt for this weeks Scribble Picnic is QUILT/S.

Many many moons ago, when I worked mainly with acrylic paints on MDF, I painted Baby Birth Plaques. Each plaque was unique in design featuring the birth details of baby.  I would often add a baby sleeping under a quilt so I went with that idea for the prompt.

First the pen sketch

Then a layer of watercolour

And finished up with some pen-work

As an afterthought, I thought you might like to see the one and only quilt I have ever designed and made by sewing machine. It was for my first Grandchild's cot — a girl.

To see what other picnic-goers have been up to this week, click HERE.
The prompt for next week will be PICKET FENCE.
See you there.


  1. Your piece is simply heartwarming Serena, wonderful job!

  2. This is such a lovely way to depict a quilt - and every little baby should have one!
    Grandma's are good at these, as well as crocheting afghan throws - meanwhile this grandma/great-grandma just knits, haha! My husband's maternal grandma made each of the grandchildren a beautiful crocheted afghan throw.

    Sorry you are having to be zapped, pushed and pulled through the modern medical machinery - but how amazing they are and, thankfully, it's good news this time. Hopefully soon they will determine the cause of your pain - I know how debilitating it can be Serena.

    Sending good wishes and warm hugs, Mary

  3. So very sweet!! Glad to see you are sketching and painting!
    Letter on the way today. :)

  4. The quilt looks so cozy!
    Love that you did the Baby Birth Plaques. Received something similar with our first two children, but "they" stopped making them when our third came along.

  5. You are indeed quite an artist Serena and amazing that you can push through the pain you suffer to create such beautiful and loving work. I have a closet full of Grandma made afghans and a quilt or two from when mine were babies, years and years ago (My kids would not like that description of time past). Simply beautiful ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  6. Thank you for showing your progress on that! I love it! It's so pretty. Oh, I'm so glad your MRI came back okay!!

  7. glad the MRI was clear even though it still means no ones knows anything more of what might be wrong :/

    nice colourful work for the quilt prompt :)

  8. Oh i am glad the MRI was clear. Always a worry with unexplained symptoms.
    Love the baby sketch it is beautiful. You did a great job of the quilt. Looks so cheerful

  9. Yes, I loved seeing the one and only quilt you made. I tis adorable. I am sure she loved/loves it still! What a treasure and very pretty indeed.

    As i noted on your IG, a precious piece here you have illustrated. So beautifully done, Serena. I particularly enjoyed seeing the various stages. Your really did a great job with those final touches too..lie the lightness on the eyelids. It's so sweet and perfect and classical somehow.

    Sorry, but I don't know what MDF is? Maybe I am having a brain lapse?

    "Limping enigma" is perhaps better than having to face something found that is horrible. But I am so sorry you have these various issues to contend with anyway. It must be so unsettling, let alone knock you down for 6 every now and then too.