Monday 30 July 2018

Starting a new bullet journal

I've always loved starting a brand new journal! Initially, I have a little fear that I might spoil it within the first few pages. I try to start out perfectly neat but I do get less paranoid about that after I make the first few mistakes. In a couple of days — end of July — I will have finished yet another bullet journal and will get to start a new one for August.

I'm so grateful to my friend Rita for telling me about Bullet Journals to begin with. I've been using them since 2015. They are the only journal/planner that I have been able to stick with religiously. With all other types, I'd be lucky to get as far as April before I'd fizzle out. Not sure why that is but I do love that I can use my bullet journal to suit my own preferences. It works perfectly for tasks/events and things that I want to keep track of. The formula is different for everyone.

My bullet journal layouts are very basic and simple. I LOVE vertical columns! I mark in the month vertically too.

I like to keep it at two days to a page — vertically, of course. I record my tasks/events at the top, meals at the bottom, and notes from the day in the middle of the column.

My new bullet is all prepped for August! I keep a small calendar of the previous month as well as the following three months where I can record future events for those months. Kinda like a mini-future log. I do keep a bigger future log at the back of my bullet.

The dailies are two to a page in vertical columns.

For my new Bullet, I was hoping to find page tabs that were all one colour unlike the multi-coloured tabs in the pic above. Unfortunately, I had no luck at Officeworks or elsewhere. So, I was considering cutting off the thin colour strip at the edge of the tabs until I had a brainwave.  I just painted over the coloured edges with a Posca acrylic paint marker. Worked a treat! Now, the tabs match my bullet journal — I love it!

For digital planning, I use the 2Do app for tasks, Google Keep for my lists, and Samsung/Google calendars for events and reminders too. I also use the Five Minute Journal app for daily gratitude.

Do you use a Bullet Journal?  Digital journals/planners? Or both, like me?


  1. You are so organized, thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, awesome! I do love starting a new journal, too! I'm glad I got to see all your pages and how you do your vertical days. I love how everyone can figure out how to make it work for them. I used to have so many to do lists and a couple kinds of calendars--with the bullet I no longer have post it notes all over the place--LOL! I still have other small journals for very specific uses, but the bullet is the one I use every single day without fail and have stuck with it for a few years now. Can't imagine not having one. :) :)

  3. Wow - impressive. I've never done a journal, you've inspired me to consider it! Happy August to you!

  4. I've tried keeping a journal, but just end up bored lol should really keep trying gthough

  5. Serena, good morning from hot and humid North Carolina! I've been busy and missing here - sorry! Hope you are doing well by now.
    Here's a link to my post today - where I mention you on Scribble Picnic. I'm off to visit Michael in Colorado prior to his move (sadly won't see Alexandra as she's already in Kentucky) - This time next Sunday Bob and I will be meeting up with him out west! Should be great fun, I'm excited as Michael and I go way back in the blogging world!
    Mary x