Sunday, 30 August 2015

African Sunset COMPLETED

....and it only took a year! 
I did have a good excuse though 
with my Dad's illness taking a priority. 

Progress images are below,
Colours may vary due to the time of day and lighting.

In the beginning,
there was a mess

More progress
Yes, that is part of my car you see.
 I was painting the beginning stages in my garage. 
Back when I did actually have an area set up for my arts and crafts.
Big changes meant no more art space for me 
so now I set up the dining area in the house when I need to paint.

Time to get serious

A giraffe makes an appearance.
I sketched the tree and all the animals free-hand
and made up the layout as I went along.
I think that sketching free-hand in pen has helped me a great deal

Then an elephant and her baby complete the scene
with some reflections too.

Aaron was very happy to be able to finally hang it on his bedroom wall

I am so happy it's finally done too
Currently, I'm re-vamping an old painting for Mackenzie's nursery. 
Time is running out as she is due to make her big entrance next month.
I'm also crocheting like mad to get her bed blanket finished in time. 
That one may have to be a little late.

I'm off to add some more touches to the painting now.

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Happy 80th, Mum!

My beautiful Mum turned 80 on August 18th!

What she didn't know was 
that a surprise party was planned in her honour
at my brother's place.

The decorating theme was red roses which Mum loves.
The cake/s looked beautiful!

I freehanded the chalk-board myself. 

Photo display showing Mum throughout the years...

The birthday girl herself!

She's still got the moves on the dance floor too!

Brad, Mum, and me

My brother, Billy, photo-bombing us. hehe

Billy and I

It was such a special day
with family and friends.
Mum had a blast! 
She couldn't believe we pulled it off 
without her finding out. hehe
 Believe me, we came close to spilling the beans a few times 
but managed to bite our tongues in time. Phew!

As you know, my Dad passed away in April. 
He and Mum would have been married 60 years on August 20th 
so this August's celebrations were bitter-sweet in parts. 
Tears were shed but we believe Dad was there with us in spirit
so that gives us comfort.
 I still miss him every day.
Mum and I were even crying on the drive 
out to my brother's house 
as memories of Dad flooded our thoughts. 
He and Mum used to live out that way too. 


Dearest Mum,

You and Dad have always been there for me and my kids. 
I have so many wonderful, happy memories 
that I will carry close to my heart forever. 

Thanks for everything!
Love you heaps! xo

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hooking again

I have been busy hooking again....

I crocheted a little white baby jacket for my soon-to-be Granddaughter! 

I made one for Mikayla (now 4) using the same pattern
and Maddy (now 2) also had her time of wearing it.
Michelle asked if I could make a new one 
for baby number three being that the other one 
was so well worn. 

I'm pleased with how it turned out....

This one was bittersweet for me to make.

There was definitely a lot of love crocheted into it 
but I sadly realised it was the last time 
I would be able to crochet with fine 3ply baby wool. 
My arthritic hands and carpal tunnel syndrome
 made it an extremely difficult and painful task 
to the point of tears at times. 

At first I was unsure if I'd be able to do it at all.
I attempted to use telekinesis numerous times 
on my uncooperative fingers...
willing them to move and hold the wool.
It didn't work so I poo-pooed that idea.
I just persevered as best I could 
but it was a very frustrating, slow, and painful process.

I can't tell you enough how relieved I was to finally finish it!

I was feeling quite depressed by my limitations due to arthritis
but I guess I can still knit with the 3 ply baby wool
because the knitting needles hold the work in place,
unlike with crochet.

Sorry, dear readers, for not posting more frequently.

I want to get there!

I WILL get there!

I did manage to finish the painting for Aaron's room this past week.
Stay tuned for a post on that very soon.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Some sketches...

I have been crocheting like mad on the ripple blanket 
for Granddaughter number 3 
but I have also managed a few sketches here and there.

I've not long completed the Sketchbook Skool course called 'Stretching'. 
One of the teachers, Lapin, enjoys sketching in old ledgers. 
Vehicles and people with big heads and small bodies 
are his speciality and our homework 
naturally involved these things.

I was happy with the way it turned out 
considering I used only pen and sketched 
super-fast while looking at my image in the mirror.
It has a quirkiness that I like.
It was loads of fun to do and no, 
it does not reflect a personality trait.

Another sketchbook spread from May 

Another Sketchbook Skool teacher was Jason Das 
who is big into Urban Sketching. 
I found his klass to be very informative.
I sketched him while watching his klass video.

He was part of a bigger spread

And a couple more from May

Brad and I visit the Mater Hospital each week to practise for choir. 
I did a couple of sketches whilst waiting in the hospital grounds. 
Many years ago, I used to do nursing at Aubigny Place which, 
in those days, was the Mater Private Hospital.
A new Mater Private Hospital was opened in 1993
and Aubigny Place is now a Heritage Centre for the Mater Hospital.

An old tree in the Mater Hospital grounds.

Cody signed up for a campaign! 
We are hoping to help bring an end to Puppy Factories/farms.
It is an incredibly cruel and callous industry. 
Visit Know Your Best Friend to add your fur-kid's voice
to this worthy campaign.
That's Cody in the photo below.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

I'm back with some exciting news!

It's been a while 
but I'm hoping to be back on a more regular basis. 
I do miss my blog.

Firstly, I want to say THANKS
 for all the beautiful and supportive comments
on my previous post about my Dad's passing in April.
Your caring words have been a real comfort to me
at a very sad and emotional time.

I miss Dad like crazy but
the reality is that life goes on,
albeit with that missing piece.  
I like to think that I now have a special Angel
watching over me and my family.


I do have some exciting news!

Granddaughter No.3 is on the way!

She due at the end of September 
and I can hardly wait!!
I have started to crochet a blanket throw 
as I did for Mikayla and Madelyn.
These blankets fit a single bed
so time is of the essence with lots to do.

Michelle also wants me to crochet another white jacket for baby
so I'll be a VERY busy bee for the next few months.
 I'll be sure to show some progress pics here.


And even more news....

The Mater 'Sing for Health' Choir 
which Bradley and I belong to
are practising each week for
an upcoming performance in June.

Who knew I would love choir so much?!
It is so much fun
and there is a wonderful sense
of belonging.


I will leave you with a pic
of the adorable Cody
who I swear would be able to sleep
in any position at all.
I love this little guy SO much!

Stay tuned for some sketch posts soon....

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