Sunday, 12 June 2016

Carpal tunnel surgery, a sketch, & a turmeric latte recipe

On Wednesday, June 8th, 
I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand. 
I had the same surgery on my right hand back in February 
and it took three months to heal which is the norm 
according to the surgeon. 

 It is definitely a lot easier this time around 
being that it's not my dominant hand so 
I don't feel as debilitated as I did back in February. 
For whatever reason, I'm having less pain this time too 
so that is another bonus.

I'm linking up with Sunday Sketches this week. 
You can check out the other participants HERE

They paint your hand and forearm with a pink cleaning fluid 
just before the procedure is done. 
A bright, hot pink colour that isn't easy to wipe off.

I've been taking it fairly easy this week with strict instructions 
not to use my left hand at all for two weeks. 


We had a pretty morning sky yesterday.

A few days ago, I made turmeric lattes for me and Bradley. 
SO yummy! 
Turmeric is very good for you too. 
It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body 
so great for people with arthritis and other aches and pains. 

The recipe I used is below. 
Ingredients below are for one standard cup. 
Adjust accordingly for more cups.

1 cup (250ml) Almond Milk - Sweetened 
1 teaspoon Turmeric (fresh or ground) 
½ teaspoon Cinnamon 
1 teaspoon Coconut oil 

I warmed the Almond Milk on the stove top, 
then added the dry ingredients 
and let it get hot but not boiling. 
I whisked the whole time to get a nice froth. 
Then I added the coconut oil  
just before pouring into the cup. 
I sprinkled with a little nutmeg for garnish.

You can use any plant-based milk. 
If you use unsweetened milk, 
you may want to add a teaspoon 
of coconut sugar or raw sugar.
I used ground turmeric but,
if you use the fresh one,
it's up to you if you strain it or not.
A lot of people like to chew on the fresh one.


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sketch supplies and a botched sketch revisited...

I thought I'd share some of my sketch supplies this week

I LOVE my travel palettes!
The hardest part is deciding which one to take
when I do go on a sketch outing.
The large palette is one I don't use much at all, even at home,
because it is so big and takes up a lot of room on my art table.

I've labelled the palettes for your convenience. 

I use a mix of brands in the tube watercolours - 
Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, and Art Spectrum. 
I simply fill the empty pans and leave them uncovered
 to dry out overnight. 

I always re-wet with a water spray bottle 
before actually painting with them.

Another watercolour medium I like to play with on occasion 
are my Mungyo Watercolour crayons.
These were my go-to medium before I got my hands on my travel palettes.

I tend to use them in a similar way to how I work with a travel palette. 
I leave the crayons in the case, as is, and 
just pick up the colour I want with a wet brush. 
There are actually two sets pictured, 
one has had a lot more use. 

And these are my trusty biros/ballpoints 
in a variety of colour ranges which make another
great tool for sketching.
You can get a fairly good range of values with ballpoint pens.

I love my fountain pens and brush pens too.

On top of the art supplies pictured above,
I also have a range of Derwent watercolour pencils, 
Derwent Inktense water-soluble pencils,
Derwent and Prismacolour colouring pencils, 
Faber-Castell PITT pens, 
Prismacolor, Copic and Letraset PRO markers,
and lots more...

Don't get me started on my sketchbook stash.

As artists, do we ever stop adding to our art supplies?

Do you have a favourite,
can't be without,
art medium or art tool?

I think, for me, it would have to be
a sketchbook, a ballpoint pen and/or a fountain pen. 


In January, I completed a month of portraits in my sketchbook. 
I confess that I had started one portrait but never finished it. 
You see, I had only outlined the initial sketch 
in ballpoint pen, and then went to add emphasis and detail 
with my Platinum Carbon pen when it decided to cough up ink. 
Disheartened, I moved on to a new sketch.

Since then, every time I flipped through my sketchbook, 
the bare skeleton of the sketch with ink splotches 
glared back at me.
Unfortunately, I neglected to take a photo
of the bare bones sketch
but, on Friday, I decided to go back and finish it.

I'm glad that I did because, 
 despite the messy ink splotches, 
I kinda like how she turned out.
Still minimal but much better than the bare bones look.
Her hair could be better but
I was trying to disguise a couple of ink splotches.
This was sketched in my Hahnemuhle D & S A5 sketchbook.


Over the past week,
I have become hooked on the Netflix series, Orphan Black.
 I'm now onto Season 2 already.
I thought a sketch of Sarah was fitting.
I went a little long with her nose,
which is a common mistake I tend to make with faces.

Sketched first with a BIC fine ballpoint pen
followed with my Platinum Carbon pen
in Holcroft A6 travel journal

I'm linking up with Sunday Sketches again this week.
You can check out the other participants HERE.

Happy Sunday to all!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sunday Sketches - Buddha and cockatiel

Hi everyone, 

I haven't had a lot of time for sketching this past fortnight. 

My eyes have been feeling very strained of late.
When I wake up in the mornings, 
they feel so sore and very dry. 
It actually hurts to open them.
I use eye moisture drops 
but they only give temporary relief. 
It could be the change in the weather as 
we're getting some cooler mornings. 

I do love the cooler months of the year. 
I'm definitely a winter gal at heart. 

My sketch this week is of 
the Buddha that sits on my bedside table 

I have sketched this Buddha in the past too. 
This time, I used a BIC Cristal ballpoint pen 
and my LAMY Joy fountain pen
for a little emphasis here and there.
See the date written in the lower left side?
I was going to stop the sketch there
and have it just fade into nothing at the base
but my pen had other ideas. 

I'm linking up with Sunday Sketches this week. 
You can check out the other participants HERE.

I almost forgot to show you the finished calendar month 
filled with daily sketches. 
I'm very pleased with it.

I finished the month off with a sketch of my cockatiel, Phoenix. 

He's such a clever boy! 
I taught him part of our choir song last year 
which he picked up very quickly. 
He gets all happy and excited when he sees me.
He loves to chirp in a very high, ear-piercing tone, 
particularly in the mornings around 7 o'clock.
This can drive my sons crazy but I love him to bits!

Earlier in the week, 
Bradley (son) and I went to see Eddie, the Eagle at the cinema. 
We loved it! 
See preview below -
Direct link HERE.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. 

Stay tuned for some pics of my travel palettes in my next post...
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