Monday, 19 September 2016

Sketching Now: Buildings Class homework

Hi everyone, 

Thanks so much for all the lovely and caring comments 
left on last Sunday's blog post. 
My back pain is finally starting to ease a little, thank goodness!

No creative lettering to show you this week as
I have been busy with a different online class over the past week, 
namely Liz Steel's Sketching Now Buildings course. 
I took this course to learn simple techniques that will help me 
on location when sketching buildings etc.

You can watch a video covering the course details HERE.

Below is some of my homework from the course so far.
These were all done from photo reference.
Each week, there are two homework lessons,
one that is indoors,
and one that is outdoors.
I've yet to catch up on the outdoors one.

As wonky as the results can be, 
I have so much fun with contour sketching. 
It's where you take a single line for a walk  
without lifting the pen from the paper.
It helps you to get a feel for the structure/object.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

More lettering fun!

Just a quick post today as I'm feeling very tired. 
I've been in a fair bit of pain with my back this past week...
The walk around the lake last weekend aggravated it. 

I have managed to do a little more for my class homework. 
This homework was all about lettering inside a shape. 

Can you see the heart shape below? 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sketching and lettering fun!

I finally finished the double page spread in my Moleskine A4 watercolour journal.  The full spread is 58.4cm/23" across both pages.  I have been working on it here and there between the Sketchbook Skool Creative Lettering class videos and the subsequent homework.  I'm still behind on homework but I love that the classes are available indefinitely so there is plenty of time to catch up.  The lettering class is amazing and I'm already implementing some of the ideas into my journal.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Sketching, painting, and creative play

I'm still working on finishing the double-page spread from our trip to Wellington Point last weekend. I decided to do a pen sketch from one of the fig tree photos I took that day. I gave it a stylised look which I really like it and it gives the double spread some interest.  I was inspired by Jeremy Collins, a climber and artist/illustrator.  I have his book titled Drawn and I also bought his documentary movie which featured him sketching. The book is amazing and so inspiring filled with his sketches and hand lettering among many photos too. You can see a great review of the book which includes lots of pictures HERE.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Sketching and a day trip

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted.  I've been busy with more house decorating after deciding to carry the black, grey, and white accents from my bedroom throughout the rest of the house.  This meant a couple more, very quick abstract paintings and some coats of paint on some ornaments.  I've also been taking Andrea Joseph's Sketchbook Skool class - Creative Hand Lettering. I'm enjoying the class so much and I've already learned some new techniques which I'm very happy about.  I did this class mainly because I want to add a bit more pizzazz to the pages in my illustrated journals.  Some illustrated pages can seem plain and boring but creative lettering will take them to a more interesting level. I look forward to experimenting more.

In a recent blog post, Liz Steel talks about being satisfied with simple sketches which is something I need to do.  Below is a quick pen sketch I did on our trip to Wellington Point yesterday.  I tried to keep it very loose and simple which is very hard to do considering I'm pedantic about details.


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