Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Australia Day Barbecue

Australia Day falls on January 26th and is a public holiday where most Australians come together to celebrate and reflect on being Australian. We all gathered at Michelle and Alex's place for a barbie. It was a VERY hot and muggy day but we didn't let that spoil the day for us....we all had a GREAT time!

Mum and I

Michelle and Aaron

Mum and Beau

Mum and Michelle

Brad and Mum

Mum suffered some heat fatigue later in the day, poor thing, so she rested indoors under the fan for a little while and recovered quite well.


Sarina and Reece

Our gracious hosts - Michelle and Alex

Alex cooking at the barbie

We did have some drama with Reece in the morning when he hurt his back by simply bending over to pick something up off the floor.....he had only bent about 10 degrees when the pain hit him and he fell to the floor in agony. Sarina managed to help him onto his bed and he was unable to move for about 15 minutes. During that time, the pain eased to a tolerable amount and he coped okay for the rest of the day. He is still in pain and I think he may have pinched a nerve or suffered muscle spasm so, if it's not any better tomorrow, it will be a trip to see the doctor for him.

Love, light and peace


  1. Hi Serena, I forgot what hot and muggy feels like! Your Australia Day would be like our fourth of July, what fun. I can't wait to cook outside again. I used to get back spasm's so I know how how awful that can get, hope all is better. Happy Australia Day!

  2. You guys all looked so happy and what a fun day! I like that...Australian Day...good idea! Sorry about Reeces problem...hope it is gone for good by now!!!

  3. What a great tribute to your heritage. Looks like great fun with your family. We do traditional Bar-B-Q's at our house during the summer months. Grilled foods are alway taste better.
    I feel the pain for Reece. I've done that very same thing and have to be careful with every little task I do. Sorry this happened.
    My thoughts are with you and yours...Shelly

  4. What a wonderful day and great pics Serena! Sorry about Reece's troubles, those pinched nerves are horrible! Hope he feels better today.

  5. That looks so wonderful! Happy Australia Day! Hope Reece's backs better!

  6. Happy Australia Day!! Looks like you had a wonderful time...glad your mother is okay and did the wise thing sitting indoors out of the heat and sun, and hope Reece's back is okay. I had a spasm a few weeks ago and know how painful that is.

  7. Serena, what a lovely family you have..looks like a fun day for all...thanks for sharing your special day...hope Reece is feeling better...

  8. A Happy Australia Day to you! Glad to know that you all had a lovely day but sorry to hear that Reece hurt his back. Hope it is nothing serious.

  9. What a fun day (except for the heat fatigue and the back problem!) I love a good barbecue. You have such a wonderful family and I love all the hats!!

    Happy Australia Day!!

  10. send some of that sun this way please? :) great pics and hope Reece's back feels better

  11. A belated Happy Australia Day! Your celebration looks like a lot of fun was had by all. I hope Reece is feeling better, I do sympathize with back problems!

  12. I just love seeing photos of your family when you all get together. Looks like you all had a fantastic day.

  13. I get such a good feeling when I see your family pics with everybody, and always miss my folks who are passed on, when I see yours.

    Oh sorry to hear about Reese, I have done that before and it's horrid. The trick for fast recovery is a prescription of muscle relaxers. I have tried to go it on my own for three weeks barely able to get out of bed and finally gave in and got muscle relaxants (I hate pills)...and within a few days it was fine.

  14. looks like an Australia day very similar to ours!! fantastic that both your parents are there too xo

  15. What a gorgeous, smiling family you have! :D Thanks for sharing your Australia Day with us.

  16. Looks like it must be similar to our 4th of July celebrations. :) do they have fireworks by any chance?

    How's Reece's back? Did he have to go in to the doctor or did it get better?

    What a great family! Your folks look so nice and your mother is just lovely! Glad she survived the heat and humidity. What a great day! :)

  17. Looks like you all had a delightful day! Love the family photo's!

  18. I can't wrap my head around January being hot and muggy. Just...can't. It's FREEZING cold here.

    But I'm glad you havd fun, and I hope Reese is ok. You have such a beautiful family.

  19. Looks like your summer is going well! I especially love the pic of you and your mum.

    "Mum." Giggle, giggle. Sorry, I can't help it. I mean that in the nicest of ways.

    What do Americans say that sounds funny to you?


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