Saturday, 20 November 2010

Sew, sew, sew......

only five weeks now until the expected arrival of my first grandchild!  

michelle, alex and i have been busy preparing the nursery for our precious, little angel - mikayla rose.  i haven't even started her cot quilt yet...YIKES!  i guess if i managed to sew a wedding dress in two weeks, i should be okay with a simple and small quilt, right? i sure hope so anyways and i do seem to work better under pressure of time restriction even though i hate it.

technology nowadays is amazing.  check out some 3D images of little mikayla on michelle's blog here.

these are the colours michelle has chosen for the nursery with a splash of turquoise/aqua also and these very fabrics will be transformed into a cot quilt, pillows, cot valance, change mats etc.

yesterday, michelle came over and we spent the day sewing and made two small, rectangular pillows with frills. i LOVE the citrus appeal and they will accent the magenta beautifully.

i made this little pin cushion way back when the kids were's something like 20 years old!!
it's the only pincushion i have and i use it faithfully every time i sew. maybe some day i'll get around to making some fancy pincushions but this one has sentimental value and it serves its purpose very well so it's a keeper.  i made it from left-over fabric that i used to sew a little skirt and top for michelle when she was little.

since the wedding preparation and subsequent wedding, and now preparing for a new baby in the family, i haven't had a lot of time to blog so i want to thank YOU.....all my faithful and beautiful readers for hanging in there and supporting me with your wonderful comments.  you truly mean a lot to me!  i have been trying to get around and visit blogs where i can as i do love to see what you've been up to.

i'm feeling very nervous today because reece has another MMA (mixed martial arts/cage fighting) fight tonight so please think positive vibes that he will be okay.  reece fights in the light weight divisions and his opponent tonight started out in the heavyweight division and is much older than reece so it's a little scary.  win or lose, reece will always be a champion in my eyes but it's injury that i worry about.  below is a photo of him with his girlfriend, sarina, at michelle's wedding last month.  

on that note, i'll finish up this post and wish you all a wonderful weekend!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Serena, I can see you have been very busy this last few months..I love the choice of fabrics...what a lucky lil lil pumpkin turned 6 months the other, my I miss her so...take care..

  2. Hi Serena! I guess I didn't realize Reese has a Serina too! How cool!!! I hope he has no injuries in his martial arts event...that would be so scary for me also!!!

    The fabrics for the babys room are so cannot help being a happy girl!

    Your "old" pincushion is so sweet...I doubt I would ever stop using it either!!!

    You guys have a wonderful weekend also!!!!!

  3. Enjoy finishing the nursery, the colours are fabulous

  4. Hi Serena, Mikayla Rose is such a beautiful name and the colors for the nursery are beautiful. I am sure you will come up with a lovely quilt set in no time. :) Sending lots of good vibes your way for Reece tonite. Best wishes for the rest of your weekend. :) Tammy

  5. Mikayla is such a lovely name - one of my faves actually! I'm impressed with your colour choices for the quilt, this is going to be a winner already. I'm sure you will easily mangage it in time. Funny too that I was looking for a pincushion yesterday! I knocked over a little plastic container of pins this week and wondered why I hadn't got one after so many years of sewing! (Oh, and I love your illustrated header!)

  6. Oh what a cute couple they are. I will wish him luck and all the safety vibes I can muster for him in the future for him. I can't wait to see all the nursery stuff! Cute little pin cushion.

  7. Hi Serena. What a beautiful name you g/b will be have. I love that citrus look on the pillow. Those are two of my favorite colors together. Good luck and have fun with your sewing. Happy Thanksgiving Serena, just in case you aren't blogging till after the turkey day. Enjoy and take care and wow, I never did like that type of boxing, it scares me. I wish all the luck and send good vibes to Reece.

  8. That is going to be the sweetest nursery, I just know it. The fabrics are gorgeous, Serena. Good luck getting it all done on time -- but also, remember, Mikayla is going to be around for a while, so you could always wrap her up in an extra little baby blanket while you finish up the quilt, and then she can sleep under it for many months to come. (But maybe I'm too practical?)

    Sending peaceful, safe vibes to you and especially to Reece.

    I do hope you're in a lot less pain lately. Maybe holding your new granddaughter in a couple of weeks will wipe the pain away completely. :)

  9. Oooohhh... what baby wouldn't love those colors. It is so HAPPY. I pray all continues to go well for Michelle and the baby and Reece too.

  10. Hi Serena,
    Oh such a pretty name for a pretty baby girl!
    Love all the chosen colours for the nursery~so bright and cheery!
    Ah, you can do anything you set your mind too.
    I hope that handsome young son-Reece went well last night in his fight!

  11. Wow, those 3D images are amazing! Mikayla is so sweet and how wonderful that she's already so "real" and present in your family. I love that!

    I also love the choices for colours and fabrics...bright and happy...just perfect for a sunny baby girl. I hope all went well for Reece tonight/last night (the time difference is so confusing). His girlfriend Sarina is so beautiful.

    I do hope you're feeling better these days Serena.

  12. What gorgeous colour fabrics. The little baby is going to have such a cheerful looking room. All the best to Reece.
    Pop into my blog and see what you won.

  13. Such lovely bright colors for baby Mikayla! So exciting preparing for her arrival. :):)

    I pray that Reece does well and is okay. Such a pretty girlfriend, too.

    I'm just glad to see you online whenever you have some time to blog, Lady! :)

  14. I've never seen a 3d image yet...pretty cool. She's very cute already. Very fun colors for the baby's room. Busy days ahead.:)

  15. I loved the colors for the baby room, so happy!
    Your daughter is very lucky to have a mom who can help that much! My mom was like that, too. She could do anything with her sewing machine.
    I don't posses that kind of talent, maybe I should learn before my grand kids come!
    Have a great day dear!

  16. Hi Serena,

    I have missed you! So happy to hear that Michelle is just 5 weeks away from delivery of her precious angel! I just saw the 3D photos and they are AMAZING! Love her chubby cheeks too! :)
    Love the colors both of you picked for the nursery. So bright and cheerful. :)
    Wishing Reece a safe fight.
    When you get a chance please email me. I need to ask you somethings.

  17. That's going to be one lucky little baby girl with all of those bright and beautiful fabrics to look at!

    I hope Reece did well in his fight. Last night my husband (50) casually told me that he is thinking about taking up some sort of extreme road bike sport after his Iron Man next year. I tried to act cool but I think I fell off my chair :)

  18. I love your colours for the nursery!! Lucky baby to have such a talented grandma!!

  19. Hi Serena ~~ Love, love, love those colors. What a delightful nursery it will be.

    I love your little pin cushion...I love making things like that out of scraps of material.

    Your photography is really nice too.

  20. Congrats! being a new grandmother is wonderful. I was on cloud nine for the first 9 yrs and still am! lol
    It is like reliving the birth of your own child again with less worry..!
    Love the colors you chose. I am sure they will love them too!
    Cant wait to see this baby.. :-)
    Darlene ♥

  21. What a nice photo of Reece and hope he does well.

    I love those colors you are using to sew the nursery items. Can't believe the little princess will be here so soon.

    You will LOVE being a gramma.


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