Thursday, 11 November 2010

Coming Up Daisies

I'm beginning to feel like pain is just going to be a part of my daily life so I may as well just grin and bear it. I'm still waiting to hear back on the MRI scan results but I'm sure, if there had been an abnormality to be concerned about, they would have been in touch by I'm thinking, no news is good news.

Do you remember the feet matching contest I ran way back in March?

Nobody won so I did a draw from all the contest participants at this post and the lovely Rita won.

It's been such a crazy year for me with medical issues for myself and two of my sons as well as family events, including my daughter's wedding, and Rita has had the patience of a Saint in waiting for her painted gift.  Thankfully, she won't have to wait too much longer as I'm just waiting for the varnish to cure a little before popping the daisy painting  (pictured below) in the mail. I hope Rita will think it was worth the wait.

Coming Up Daisies  
Acrylics on 12"x16" canvas frame
© Serena Lewis

I've included a couple of the work-in-progress shots below so you can see the process behind the finished painting.  I like how the first stage looks in the photo and I'm thinking it would look nice as watercolour on paper but sadly, a first wash of acrylics on canvas just looks messy when you're up close and personal.

 When I think of daisies, I often think of the old and beautiful 1970's song written and performed by Jud Strunk and I start singing it out loud.  It's a nice story about a couple growing old together and his commitment to give her a daisy a day, even after she passed.  I thought I'd include the YouTube video here for you.

and the lyrics -

A Daisy A Day  
by Jud Strunk

He remembers the first time he met her
He remembers the first thing he said
He remembers the first time he held her
And the night that she came to his bed
He remembers her sweet way of sayin'
"Honey has something gone wrong?"
He remembers the fun and the teasin'
And the reason he wrote her this song.

I'll give you a daisy a day
Dear I'll give you a daisy a day
I'll love you until the rivers run still
And the four winds we know blow away.

They would walk down the street in the evenin'
And for years I would see them go by
And their love that was more than the clothes that they wore
Could be seen in the gleam of their eye
As a kid they would take me for candy
And I'd love to go taggin' along
We'd hold hands as we'd walk to the corner
And the old man would sing her his song.

I'll give you a daisy a day
Dear I'll give you a daisy a day
I'll love you until the rivers run still
And the four winds we know blow away.

Now he walks down the street in the evenin'
And he stops by the old candy store
And I somehow believe he's believin'
He's holdin' her hand like before
For he feels all her love walkin' with him
And he smiles at things she might say
Then the old man walks up to the hilltop
And gives her a daisy a day.

I'll give you a daisy a day
Dear I'll give you a daisy a day
I'll love you until the rivers run still
And the four winds we know blow away.
Have a beautiful day!

~ Love, light and peace ~


Bettyann said...

Serena,I am sorry to hear your pain has not dimminished. Here in Canada we have pain clinics to help with chronic pain issues......What a beautiful painting.. Rita will be so happy...take care...

Janet said...

The daisy painting is gorgeous! I'm sure Rita will think it was worth the wait.

I hope you get some good news about the MRI. Pain is not a good thing to have to deal with each and every day.

I don't remember that song!

Jason, as himself said...

THAT is beautiful!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Serena Sweetie,

Hope you are doing better health wise. Love that painting that you finished. Then the You tube story was so great it brought tears to my eyes. I am such a softie! :)


Jane said...

I love the painting....just gorgeous! Rita is a very lucky recipient. I know what you mean about some of the health issues. Just let that beautiful light of yours shine...I can feel it all the way over here :))

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Gorgeous flowers! They look so alive!

Julie said...

Your painting came out beautifully, Serena! I am sorry you are still having pain. I hope that is gonna end. Period.

The lyrics to this song are really sweet...I am having to wait to listen to it until tomorrow as the grandkids are falling asleep and I am trying to be as quiet as possible. Then my DIL and I are gonna watch the movie called Keeping the Faith with Ben Stiller and Jenna Elfman. Have you seen it??? It is one of the cutest movies EVER!!!

Feel better, and I will see you later!!!

xoxo- Julie

GlorV1 said...

It's rough living with pain, I know because I live with pain daily. I've tried to adjust my life with the pain but now my fingers and hands are starting to hurt quite a bit with the arthritis. I hope all is okay with you. That's a beautiful song and that daisy painting is the most beautiful daisy I have ever seen. I know that "Rita" will fall in love with it the minute she receives it. Great work Serena! Have a great Thursday.

Kelly Berkey said...

beautiful!! hope you are feeling better soon. xo

Rita said...

Oh Serena!!!
You know how truly spirit-lifting this painting is for me. I never thought I could love a daisy painting more than the one I first saw on your blog but, if it is possible, I do love this one even more. You have painted it in pain and I will be gazing at it in pain--but what beauty came from your fingertips and my spirit will lift every time my eyes gather in the sunlit daisies. I wish I could take your pain away. I know too well how having pain as a constant companion can change your life. I pray yours will vanish in time here, my friend.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it and was wiggling around in my seat as I viewed your blog. And I forgot that song! Love it! The video brought a tear to my eye--a good tear. You're the best, Lady! I am honored to have won such a glorious prize! :):):)

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

That is such a beautiful painting Serena! And very generous of you. Lucky Rita!

Healing Woman said...

This is an absolutely beautiful painting. It looks quite large and will be a focal point for any room.

Hope you get results soon so that you can rest your mind at ease.


Eden said...

Serena, this is so good, you are so talented!! Love daisies too!! I like the blue background. Off to listen to the youtube :D Hope you're feeling better!!

Unknown said...

lovely painting and soothing colours, for me!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wow Serena that is a beautiful painting and by what I can read from Rita's response she already loves it and how lucky she is to have it.
That is a beautiful song. I am so sorry you are still in pain. Is it your back. I had a similar sort of pain and thought it would never go away but through lots of back and core strengthening excersises I have improved so much that I am without pain most of the days. So worth seeing a good physical specialist and starting those excersices. Also if the pain is going into the feet try some deep massage to release tight muscles. Sorry for the long post and I hope you don't mind, but just thought that my experience might help you. I have a disc problem and that caused so much of pain that I was not able to walk for several years properly. Thankfully now I am so much better. Have to be careful though that I don't lift heavy things and no vacuum cleaning the house etc. I saw an Osteopath who asked me to do excersices to manage the problem.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Serena,
Oh wow, well worth the wait for this gorgeous painting of the daisies. I'm sure Rita will be thrilled!

Sorry to hear you're not getting better in a hurry-very frustrating for you. Take it easy my friend,

BumbleVee said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are having such problems with pain. I'm sure you must have tried chiropractic? and what about acupuncture? anybody decent in your area? They can be very helpful...and... my all time fav or course... because I am (was) a massage therapist.
Try ice packs and some anti inflammatories..?? some good stretching.. because I bet you stay in one position a lot while painting...and what about arms? lifting them out in front? a lot? ... ... hmmmm.... posture and overworking certain muscles can do a real number on your neck..back and head... I'm sure you have thought of all of it.....but, just tossing in all my suggestions... in case....

whqt a lovely painting Rita! you lucky bum!

Chel Marie's Creations said...

Serena, your daisies are Beautiful! Everything about your art and spirit shines like a beacon of Love. I sure hope your MRI is clear and free of any ailments... and your feeling better.I agree, no news is good news...If it were bad, they'd have been right on it. I'm sending you lots of warm healing hugs!

I just wanted to tell you I publicly thanked you on the Art Heart and Healing workshop week three comment stream and added your website encouraging others to come and see your art. I have been having such a wonderful time with Tam and the workshop, and it's because of you that I'm there...Thank you for telling all of us about her workshop, it has been amazing and so healing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
Love and Hugs from your Friend in Washington!!!

Jennifer Rose said...

that is a gorgeous painting! i love the blue tones

Anonymous said...

Your painting is marvelous...I think you put all of your emotion into it good emotion or stress...the passion in each and every one of your strokes is amazing! I love what you do...AMAZING!

Take everything one day at a time...

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Anonymous said...

ps...I love looking at your side bar...all of your journal drawings and paintings....better than an art magazine! well are such a talent and it really is a pleasure to know you!

ciao again!

Creative Carmelina

sandy said...

What a great post Serena, love the beautiful painting and that video. I may have to post that somewhere on one of my blogs, it's so nice.

Hope you get pain free soon, that must just gnaw at you when you have pain..

Meredith said...

Serena, I love your idea of doing a watercolor wash of the first stage of the underpainting. It looks so unusual, intriguing. It's fascinating to see your process as you work. As always, the finished product is so beautiful!

My mom's favorite flower is the daisy. I have to ask her if she knows that song or not. It was new to me. Thanks for sharing. :)

Diana said...

Such a beautiful daisy painting. My daughter loves daisies, too. Hope your pain will diminish one day. Hang in there.

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Betty, Janet, Jason, Kelly and Paula...glad you like the painting.

Thanks, Norma...I find it a sweet and emotional song too.

Thanks, Julie. I know of the movie 'Keep the Faith' but I've never watched it. I'll make note of it, thanks.

Thanks, Gloria. I get pain in my hands too and I'm thinking I may also need to get checked out for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Rita, I'm so thrilled that you love the painting. Pain can certainly be debilitating but I'm trying my best to take it on the chin.

Thanks Sandi, Cheryl, Eden, TuristadiMestiere, Anna, Jennifer, Sandy and Carmelina.

Thanks, Shashi. It's my back, my neck, my legs, my hands, my feet and head pain. I hobble around when I first get up in the mornings because my feet and back hurt so bad. I using a deep tissue foot massager bath although I'm feeling like it's more joint-related. Reece is going to write up a program for me of mostly core exercises to strengthen the back.

Thanks for the well wishes, Vee. I'm waiting for the MRI results and, if they are clear from nasties, I plan to go for Acupuncture treatment as it worked wonders for Michelle.

Thanks, Michele. I appreciate the 'shout out' too...thanks.

Thanks Meredith and Diana. Daisies are certainly a very popular flower. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Jane...much appreciated ~

Simony said...

Thank you Serena for stopping by and leaving a message!
I am always happy to find other artists along the way and I will be following your blog as well.
Hope everything is well with you, since you mention some medical worries. Take care dear!

Art by Darla Kay said...

Hi Serena!
I'm so sad to hear you're still not feeling quite right. I sure hope they can figure out why and then fix it!!
This daisy painting is OUT OF THIS WORLD GORGEOUS!

You get well and then I'll come visit and you can just let me sit quietly in a corner and watch you paint :)

Barbara Cameron said...

Daisies have always been one of my favorite flowers. Cheers

AngelStar said...

your work is beautiful and so are you, serena!

gma said...

Dearest Serena, I do hope they find something to help your pain. I send warm well wishes to you dear friend. Rita is blessed to have won your gorgeous Daisy painting. Yes you have really had quite a year, bittersweet you might is like that. And Ohhh a new baby is coming that will be the best.
Please feel better.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Such a wonderful painting and blog. So glad to have found you.
Johnina :^A

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I went back and read some of your earlier posts. I love Julie Cameron, too. She has done much to improve my life.
Johnina :^A

Tyggereye said...

Absolutely gorgeous daisy painting. I love it. The light and airyness of it is amazing.

Caroline said...

You are so incredibly talented. I love the details in this...and it is such a happy painting.

Anonymous said...

I came to visit and stayed, lol, your work is amazing and I have joined to follow your adventure,

Pam said...

Beautiful job. I love the colors, it just pops! I work with both acrylics and oils just don't get to do as much as I would like. Going to be following your blog now that I found you.

Colleen (levi's nan) said...

Serena, I really love this painting. I just love flowers and this so appeals to me. I can't paint myself but do lots of little crafts. Bless you xoxo