Monday, 20 June 2011

bed socks keep the tootsies warm!

hi everyone!

BRRRRRRRR!!!!!  winter is sure making itself known this past week with morning temperatures around 6°C/41°F.  i know that's nothing compared to what some of you experience in winter months but our homes are built for summer so are not normally central heated.  when we lived in wyoming, it was always snug and warm indoors during the winter months thanks to the central heating whereas, here in brissie, if it's cold outside, it's cold inside.

so i've been knitting up some bed socks for the boys.
this is the pair i knitted for aaron.  it's a very basic pattern and simple to make.
knitted bed socks

sure to keep his tootsies toasty warm
knitted bed socks

and they match the crochet bed throw i finished for him recently
Aaron's throw blanket

and here is little mikayla wearing the crochet jacket and bootees i made for her. michelle makes those fancy headbands.......TOO CUTE!

MY! how this little munchkin is growing!

i've now started a crochet bed throw for myself
bed throw - in progress

i decided on a granny stripe this time
and i can't wait to progress further along with it.
bed throw - in progress

MEDICAL UPDATE - my surgery is scheduled for june 27th and, if all goes well, i should come home the same day so, naturally, i am praying that will be the case. i'm SO nervous! i had a regular D&C many years ago but, this time around, i'm more concerned with the abnormalities on my ultrasound that they will be checking out as well. i will need to rest for a few days afterwards so the kids better get used to me dishing out orders when i get back. lol

i hope you all had a lovely weekend!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. you've been so busy this past year with knitting and's all so bright and beautiful...and Mikayla is just getting cuter by the day!

    I'll be sending healing energy your way Serena and thinking of you on the 27th (well, that would actually be the 26th here!) I'm sure all will be well and with this taken care of, you'll be feeling much better when it's all over.

  2. same here in the west - cold outside - even colder inside! hate it when it gets like that!

  3. Little Mikayla is sure a cutie. Her sweater and booties look like they'll keep her nice and warm.

    The bed socks are something I should think about for next winter as my feet are always cold.

    On the 27th I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of positive, good thoughts your way.

  4. Hey Serena, those socks are great. And that Mikayla is just precious. How beautiful that little outfit is that you made for her and fits her perfectly. I love working up a granny stripe as it is easy and works up quickly. Right now I am trying to finish up a baby afghan that is way overdue and now won't get to the happy couple until school resumes in August. Oh well! I'm working on the border and then can start something else. Best of luck with your surgery. I am sure everything will be fine! Think positive. Sure wish I could send some heat your way. We have more than enough. Take care and have a great week. Tammy

  5. When you have no heat it can get dang cold at 41 degrees! At least we can crank on the heat up here. The booties look toasty warm and with the throw will help Aaron stay warm. Has he done any floor sliding with those? ;)

    Mikalya looks soooo cute in her new sweater and booties!! She has the best smile! I bet you wish you were done with your throw already with it being so chilly. Will be something to do as you rest for a few days after surgery, tho. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope there is nothing but good news--nothing to be worried about. Sending lots of love and hugs and good energy!! :):)

  6. love the bed throw colours :D

    really hoping that everything turns out all right with it

  7. Your work is so beautiful Serena! I would love to have the baby's jacket in a big girl size. I will be thinking of you and sending lots of love your way as you approach your surgery day.


  8. Mikalya is so darn cute..grandma made her love jacket and booties...take care am thinking about you..have a great week..hope it warms up for you soon lol.

  9. Hi from freezing Melbourne. I'm feeling the cold with you Serena. This is not my favourite time of years, that's for sure.
    Good luck with your surgery, I hope it all goes well.
    Mikayla is so cute and I love all the crocheting you are doing.

  10. What darling photos of Mikayla. Yes she is growing so fast. Many good thoughts and prayers are being sent to you Serena. Trust that all will be well.

  11. Dear Serena, today is already Monday for you. Monday is the day of your surgery, and I hope you will be calm, and go home and relax afterwords. Take good care of yourself. I will be sending prayers, love and good vibrations. Let us know how everything went with you.
    Good luck.


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