Monday, 4 February 2013

A morning at a koala park

A week before Aaron went back to school 
we visited the Daisy Hill Koala Park 
with Michelle and the girls.

The weather looked like it could rain but 
we took the risk and it paid off.
It only started spitting with rain as 
we were leaving.

Below are some assorted pics from our 
lovely day out.

We parked the cars in the car park just above our picnic spot. 

This wallaby and it's baby were only a couple of metres away from us.  
 Wallabies are marsupials and belong to the Macropodidiae family,
just like their close relative, the kangaroo. 

Aren't koalas adorable?!

Our little spot in the forest

Great opportunity for some family photos too.

Aaron and Mikayla

Michelle and baby Madelyn

Mikayla, Aaron, Michelle, Madelyn and Bradley

A kiss for Maddy from Grandma

Aaron, Mikayla, Madelyn and yours truly


  1. beautfil beautiful photos of a lovely family - the picnic spot is very pretty too... looks nice and shady and cool!

    1. Thanks, Krissie. Lots of shade and it was overcast so fairly cool too. xx

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful even if it was a bit cloudy. I love seeing the pics of you and your family. The girls are so cute!

  3. Lovely photos thanks for sharing. I hope the weather doesn't hold anymore nasties up its sleeve.

    1. Thanks, Shashi. I sure hope we don't get any more extreme weather. xx

  4. Such great photos of your family and you Serena. I can't believe how big Mikayla is now. It seems like yesterday when you were making her little quilts and paintings for her room. Time does fly by. Nice to see you and your family having fun. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Gloria. Yes, Mikayla has surely grown and I so love spending time with her. xx

  5. How fun! :) Great pictures Serena!

  6. I so want to see a koala in the wild! Are they gentle? what a fun outing - looks like it was very relaxing. You and your family are beautiful. <3

    1. Koalas aren't known to be overly friendly and they can be quite aggressive in some situations, particularly among the koala males. Usually the ones you see in wildlife parks are used to human handling so are quiet and gentle. They pretty much like to be left alone but they sure are adorable. Thanks for the kind words. xx


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