Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bags and life...

Hey everyone, 
I hope you've all had a pleasant weekend so far.
It's been very warm and humid Sunday here.

I managed to do a pen sketch yesterday and then,
splashed some watercolours on it today (Sunday).
This is my bag of the moment 
until I get tired of it and 
swap it over for one of its friends which are
waiting patiently on the wardrobe shelf. 
Yes, me thinks I have a bit of a 
bag and wallet fetish.
What can I say,
they make good sketch subjects.

Pencil-free sketch in large Moleskine sketchbook using 
a Uni Ball Vision Elite in blue-black to draw in the initial sketch. 
Followed up with watercolours and then my Faber-Castell PITT pen to emphasise.

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 More daily pics for the Facebook group
All pictures were taken with my mobile phone -
Samsung Galaxy S3

Day 11 - Shoes
These are the shoes I bought to wear at 
Michelle's and Alex's wedding in 2010. 
I felt so honoured to be able to walk 
my beautiful daughter down the aisle on her special day. 
It's the only time I've ever worn these shoes too. 
I'm definitely a 'flats' girl. 

Day 12 - Fire
My chilli plant/tree is currently bearing 
lots of red, hot chillies 
guaranteed to set your mouth on fire! 
I LOVE the flavour and heat of chillies.

I missed day 13.

Day 14 - Hair
I'm sure you will remember Bess 
as she has featured in earlier posts. 
 Here and here.
Bess was my first Christmas present 
so she is now 54! 
With a head full of thick, tight curls, 
I figured she would be ideal for the prompt.

Day 15 - Circle
My Mexican Circle of Friends. 

Day 16 - Table
This small table and chair set 
sits out under the pergola. 
A perfect spot to enjoy a cuppa 
in the early morning. 

Day 17 - Recycle
Never thought I'd see the day our wheelie bins 
would feature in a post on my blog 
yet, here they are!
The one with the yellow lid 
is for the recycled stuff.

Have a great week!


  1. Love the sketch - it really is fab! Happy SS

  2. Pretty purse sketch and sexy shoes! I'm a flats girl, too. ;D

    1. Thanks, Kristin. I do love the look of the shoes but my feet hate them. ;)

  3. oh what a wonderful purse piece and love all your photos!!!! Happy Sunday Sketches!!!!

  4. I do like the wheelie bins, I remember the time when you had to carry the bin outside to be emptied very heavy and smelly, the dogs would knock off the lid and eat anything that took their fancy and leave the rest laying on the footpath for you to clean up.

    1. Me too, Merle.....nowadays, it's crows who like to rip things out of the over-full wheelie bins. lol I also remember the days when we had the backyard toilet (dunny). The waste collection truck would come around weekly to collect the toilet drum filled with waste....I think those guys should have received big wages for that job or a medal at the very least. I remember our chickens used to like going into our backyard toilet/out-house and lay their eggs in the sawdust box. :)

  5. a person can never have too many bags :D i have lost cound of the amount that i have lol

    really nice pen sketch, you def. have a great talent with the pen :)

    and it has done nothing but rain this weekend, that backyard path has about an inch of water on it :/

    1. Yes, I seem to be amassing quite a few in my search for the perfect bag....well, that's my excuse anyway. ;)
      We've been getting a bit of rain here although we could do with more.

  6. Great sketch! And it looks like a cool bag! I'm boring with only a couple bags. ;)
    I love the pictures you choose. Nice to see green grass--LOL!

    1. Thanks, Rita. Yes, I love the green grass too....amazing what a bit of lawn fertiliser can probably won't stay that way for long when the hot days kick in again.

  7. holy cow serena, that purse is gorgeous, not only the actual purse, I suspect but the drawing of the purse is fantastic!

  8. Great sketch - is the bag shiny? or light blue? You got me looking at wallets this week. The one I have is starting to fade..but I can't bring myself to springing for a new one yet. I have those same little Mexican guys in a circle. Love them! The shoes you wore to the wedding are gorgeous, but like you, I really a flats girl now, since I so broke my ankle a few years back..nothing higher than a tennis shoe. I now have ONLY two pair of shoes. Makes it easier.

    1. Thanks, Pattie. It's not shiny but does appear shiny when the light hits it. Flats are the best! I have arthritis in my feet so they would protest too loudly if I tried to wear those shoes now. I live in my thongs/flip-flops mostly.

  9. One can never have enough bags, and that looks like great bag, really like the colour. Most of mine are just black or brown. Although I do have a green one. Maybe I should try and sketch that one. I really admire your pencil free sketches. I still have to rely on my pencil before going over it with ink. What watercolours do you use in your Moleskine? Do you add something to make it work on the paper? I read somewhere that you can add a bit of soap, but have never tried it myself.

    1. Kay, I used to have only black bags for the longest time and then, one day, I craved some colour. It's been only recent that I bought a black bag to add back to my bag collection. As for Moleskine and watercolours - I use any watercolours in my sketchbook...either my Koi or Sakura travel sets, or even expensive tube watercolours. The sketchbook card-type-paper definitely doesn't take watercolours as well as proper watercolour paper does, but I find it works okay for me. I don't add heaps of water to the paper and I work quickly as once a harsh line is set, it's set. Sometimes, I notice the some areas of the paper seem to resist the watercolours but that seems only temporary as I blend it in. The paper does have some minor buckling after it's dried but I can't visibly see any buckling, I can only feel it if I sweep my hand over the page. I have heard about the soap too but I've never tried it.

  10. Dear Serena, your illustration is done so nicely. Lovely work! thank you for sharing.

  11. Love the bag sketch! Those are sexy shoes, but I'm a flats girl, too. They'd be good to sketch, though!


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