Tuesday 4 February 2014

life on the go and a quick sketch

sorry i've been missing in action again. 
it's been another jam-packed fortnight of which 
i'm sure you won't want all the boring details. 

suffice to say, 
i'm back to the grind.

 more daily pics for the facebook group 
all pictures were taken with my mobile phone -
Samsung Galaxy S3

i missed 5 photos for january 
which i didn't think was too bad. 

day 18 - bridge
this is the bridge Aaron and i sometimes cross
when we go for walks. 

day 19 - gold
i'm not a gold gal so this one was tough.
this piece of fashion jewellery belonged to my grandmother 
so quite sentimental to me.
the pearl-like beads have little gold-toned beads between them.

day 20 - vase
this greenish-glass-vase displays some of my seashells

day 21 - hanger
i painted these hangers quite a few years ago,
they're not only pretty to look at but
i also love how nicely the clothes hang on them.

day 22 - missed 
i ended up with a migraine
due to stiff, sore neck

day 23 - rest
this prompt suited perfectly with the way i was feeling
so i put my feet up to rest.

 day 24 - white
these white plastic baskets 
hold some of my art supplies.
i'm hoping to put them to good use this year.

day 25 - wall 
the brick wall at our front entrance. 
this perspective makes me think of vanishing points.

day 26 - sign
we put this sign on our front brick wall 
to ward off door-to-door salesmen 
and people pushing religion. 
no offence intended but it saves them time 
as much as mine because i always 
tell them i'm not interested anyway.

day 27 - plant 
i love yucca plants
we have a couple in our front garden bed.

days 28 to 30 - missed
more migraines, 
my neck sure has been playing up a lot of late!

day 31 - measure 
this tape measure comes in very handy when i sew. 
i have to do some alterations 
on my niece's work-shirt.


a quick sketch to end the post. 
i have this very well-worn, forest green, two-seater couch 
that clashes terribly with my colour scheme. 
however i love the style and quality 
so i bought a stretchable slip-cover for it and
i'm THRILLED with it!!! 
the slip-cover fits like a glove and
it now looks like a new couch!! 

pen and watercolours in pocket Moleskine sketchbook 


  1. Replies
    1. Awwww...thanks for the nice compliment, Keith.

  2. really great photos :)
    love the bridge shot

    1. The the photo shot of the bridge using your Samson smart phone has amazing depth! It's beautiful. Great setting for plain air painting

    2. Thanks, Lois....and yes, I could see it being a nice spot for some plein-air painting. :)

  3. You've been getting great pics from your cell phone, I must say. Sorry about your migraines, though. I hope you have seen the end of them. Love the sketch and glad the slip cover worked like a charm. It does look awesome! :):) Love and hugs!!

    1. Thanks, Rita. I've been enjoying my Galaxy S3 for photos...love the editing apps you can get to play with. xo

  4. It's good to see you and I always enjoy seeing your photos. The bridge is my favorite.

    Also liked seeing your drawing because we have been thinking about trying one of those stretchable slipcovers for the couch in our family room.

    1. Hi Janet!

      It took me awhile to take the chance on buying the stretchable cover as they aren't cheap. I made sure they would take it back and give a full refund if it didn't fit. I still love it! :)

  5. The photos are all great, but that bridge one is my favorite! I could totally walk that one every day - do you ever meet oncomers? It looks so 'just yours'.

    1. The bridge pic does seem to be the most popular. I was pleased with it. We don't see many people on this section of the walking path at all....occasionally we may pass one or two other people but that's about it. We usually walk it on a weekend but I'm sure at school times it would get quite busy with kids using it as a shortcut to and from school. :)

  6. Sounds like you NEEDED to put your feet up!!! Love your new slip cover and sketch!

  7. love the photos Serena...and that lovely sketch of the couch! You are awesome with watercolor. Always good to visit here. Hoping you're having a migraine-free weekend! xox