Wednesday 26 February 2014

some quick pen sketches

i've been reading a lot lately 
after joining Goodreads for motivation. 
i've always enjoyed reading and
there are so many interesting titles to choose from. 
so don't be surprised if you see the occasional book review 
pop up on my blog.

i have managed a few pen sketches too 
since i last posted.
all the sketches below are done 
in my pocket Moleskine sketchbook 
using only a BIC ballpoint pen followed up with 
Faber-Castell PITT pens.

this is an 'in progress' pic 
initial sketch using a BIC ballpoint pen.

completed sketch

another pen sketch of the small back-pack i use 
for my sketching supplies when i'm going away 
for the day.

the hot, humid days of late flared up my asthma 
and i ended up feeling very weak and sick. 
i found a little relief from my inhalers.

a duck doggy toy! 
it honks like a duck too. 
Cody and Jack love it! 
me...not so much.

i was reading in bed Sunday night while
Cody snoozed at the end of the bed. 
a perfect chance to sketch him 
as he was unlikely to be distracted 
and run off.

speaking of Cody, 
here he is after a visit from the pet groomer. 
don't mention the bow to him, 
not sure he'd approve. hehe

i have still been participating in the Life on the Go photo-a-day group 
but will share those photos another day.

i hope your week is going well.


  1. love your sketches, Serena! i know you love those grandgirls!!!!! Cody is soooooo cute!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Julie. I know you love your Grandkids very much too. xo

  2. Amazing sketches Serena! And I love Goodreads - especially for the quotes :)

    1. Thanks, Keith. I know I'm going to be a huge fan of Goodreads. I've already found some new books to read since joining.

  3. Love the sketches!!!! I've just been too busy to participate int he photo a day group lately.... I think I have taken on too many projects again :-/

    1. Thanks, Carol. Re. taking on too many projects...I sure know how that goes. :)

  4. Great little sketches, everyday things are not always that east to draw.

    1. Thanks, Merle. That's very true re. sketching everyday objects. That shell was quite a challenge.

  5. Love all your sketches! I am still so impressed that you don't even use pencil first. Cody looks so sweet. In that heat I bet he loves shorter hair and the bow does keep the hair out of his eyes, but I won't mention it to him. ;) I hope you are feeling better and that the heat dies down soon. love and hugs!!

    1. Thanks, Rita. I actually feel very comfortable sketching with pen now; I can't remember the last time I picked up a pencil. I'll be glad for cooler weather, that's for sure. Love and hugs to you and Karma. xo

  6. at least the bow isn't pink ;)

    great sketches :) goodreads is great, i come across so many books that i want to read. there needs to be more time in the day for reading :p

    1. LOL

      Thanks. Yep, I'm really enjoying Goodreads. Definitely needs to be more time in the day for reading and art....sometimes, one must be sacrificed for the other. :(

  7. All wonderful sketches - only pen, makes me nervous, but you do so great! Love seeing the things you hold near and dear to your heart -

    1. Thanks, Pattie. :) I find that I feel quite comfortable with pen now, more so than I do with a pencil. With pen, there is no option to second-guess yourself.

  8. Absolutely wonderful sketches. I just adore the one of Cody

  9. Your sketches are so delicate yet bold at the same time. I very much enjoy them. I also enjoyed your book reviews in the post above.