Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sketches galore!

March is my birthday month so 
I decided to set myself a personal challenge. 
The plan is to sketch daily although 
I've given myself permission to miss a day 
here and there. 
So far, I've stayed on track!

The following sketches are all pencil-free. 
They are sketched from life, not photos,
using pens of various types and colour, 
in my pocket Moleskine sketchbook.

Day 01 - a Faber-Castell PITT pen in a grey shade
This is one of my newer tools.
I bought a Faber-Castell Manga PITT pen set which included five shades of grey. 
Nope, NOT fifty! 

Day 02 - my feet
Five days after this sketch, 
I broke the little toe on my right foot. 
A month prior to that, 
I broke the little toe on my left foot. 
Both bruised very badly and 
were oh so painful.
I can't wear closed-in shoes 
at the moment due to the pain.

Day 03 - a large shell from my collection

Day 04 - another large shell from my collection

Day 05 - My Buddha bell

Day 06 - I sketched this apple late at night 
using only BIC ballpoint pens and a hint of black PITT pen to emphasise. 
I was quite pleased with how this one turned out. 
Here is a link to the BIC pens I used as well as a review - BIC Cristal Pocket Scents

Day 07 - decorative bulldog clips
I spotted a packet of these cute clips featuring various designs 
in our local newsagency.
Naturally, I just HAD to have them! 
Aren't they cute?

Day 08 - my old prescription glasses 
I use them only to tighten the tiny screws on my newer glasses. 
I would never be able to wear them for more than a few minutes at a time 
because the prescription strength is so poor compared to my current glasses.
It's a sad fact that my poor old eyes are getting old....
OH okay, that includes the rest of me as well.

I'm linking up with Sunday Sketches today at this link.
To find out more about Sunday Sketches, check out this link.


  1. Wonderful sketches! You make it seem so easy to do but mine wouldn't look half as good.

    Sorry about your toe. I hope it's feeling better soon.

  2. Marvellous sketches, such detail and accuracy, I am so impressed. I feel I could pich up every one of the items you have sketched, they are so 3-D ( well I'll probably give your foot a miss - hope it's improving).
    I have searched everywhere for Grey Pitt Pens - as you are in Australia it's no use asking where you bought them. I looked on Amazon before, but I'll look again.
    Love your blog, you are so talented.

  3. I hope your toes heals soon!! These sketches are amazing as always Serena.

  4. Wonderful sketches. I can see why you wanted to draw those clips...they are lovely.

  5. These are beautiful! I love them, especially the apple and the pen, just wonderful!

  6. those are all wonderful sketches!! the apple is gorgeous and the binder clips match it perfectly :)

  7. Wow! Fantastic sketches and realism rendered so exquisitely ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  8. Oh my goodness! I love LOVE your art!!!!! It's all terrific! The apple is stunning!!! Love your daily journal. So sorry you broke two baby toes! Double ouch. I'm following you!

  9. love your illustrated pieces, so well done!

  10. Wow..what a super gorgeous post....loved it all.....that beautiful shell and buddha bell...magnificent striking! Fabulous work

  11. Your journal pages are brilliant and fun! I love how you've captured memories and moments of your days. One of these days, when life isn't so hectic with academic studies, I would love to do something like this. I LOVE IT! :)

  12. Love all the sketches! What a great little journal. You will love going back over this later on. :)
    I hope your toe is better. Ouch!! Now you have matching broken toes--OMG!
    I am enjoying the Evanovich books, too. I think I am ready to start number six. Caroline will be bringing new books next week, if she remembers. She has the entire set so far.
    I think I am going to love being Gramma Rita, too! ;)

  13. Beautiful your journal! Happy Sunday Sketches!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous sketches. Love the apple sketch specially

  15. Wow, these are all amazing. I always enjoy sketches of daily moments. Especially love the glasses one with its shadow and the apple entry too. Have a great week.

  16. All beautiful sketches Serena! Have you told on the blog how you broke BOTH little toes??? I have to look back to see if I missed it! I think I have a tiny broken something in the top of my left foot. It had some swelling last night and I cannot wear any shoes that cross over the top of my foot due to PAIN!
    xoxo- Julie

  17. Serena these sketched are really good. Sorry to hear about your broken toes-what are the chances of breaking both in quick succession! I can't believe the Apple was done with just bic pens-is fantastic! I love the feet too. You have really nice handwriting as well!

  18. Lovely art blog :) I am glad I found you :) lets follow each other? I too have a fine art blog:
    Have a look, hope you like it :)


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