Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sketches, pens and pencils...

No urban sketches this week but I have been sketching other things, namely myself. 
I have fallen woefully behind with the Sketchbook Skool klasses 
so I'm desperately trying to catch up.
Back in Week 2 of this semester,
Koosje's lessons encouraged us to do some self-portraits.

I sketched this one with a Derwent coloured pencil 
while looking at my reflection in a mirror. 

A couple more sketches below.
Top right - Sketched from a photo of me using mechanical pencil.
Bottom right - A contour sketch done with a continuous line 
in pen.  We weren't allowed to lift the pen from the paper 
until the sketch was finished.  
I did mine very fast while looking in the mirror. 
I had so much fun with this particular exercise.

Jumping ahead to Week 5,
we have Andrea Joseph as our teacher.
Andrea is Queen of the Ballpoint Pen!
A quick way to loosen up -
write a favourite quote in various ballpoint pen colours.

Speaking of pens,
I wasted a lot of time the other day
searching high and low for my PITT calligraphy pens.
I eventually found them but
I realised that I needed to do something
to make it easier to find particular pens.
These are just some of my pens.

Now they are categorised into this small drawer unit
which I've yet to label but at least I now know where particular pens are
when I need them.

I still have homework to do for part of Danny Gregory's klass,
as well as for Brenda Swenson's and Cathy Johnson's klasses.
Wish me luck!

Lastly, a couple of quick pen sketches in my A6 pocket Holcroft quad-rule sketchbook.

Linking up with Sunday Sketches and Artists Play Room today.


  1. lovely self portraits, wish I can do the same.

    hope you have a great day.

  2. wow you have created so many wonderful pieces! I lenjoyed your quote too! Happy Sunday!

  3. Self portrait is excellent ~ wonderful sketching and quite the pile of pens ~ I do the same with my 'toys' ~ get frustrated in not being able to find something and then set out to 'clean up' ~ Wonderful and creative work ~ thanks,

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Lots of great art here... I need to organize my stuff too... it IS so frustrating to not know where things are.

  5. I love all the experimentation you did with your portrait as part of your class, as well as the quick sketch of the dog. Your large pen collection made me smile, because I have one almost as large as yours. Blessings!

  6. Great "selfies"--LOL! I like the short haired one the best (second one) because I think it captures you so well. Always enjoy your sketches.
    Had to laugh at the pens. Looked like home to me...except I have even more than that--LOL! Mine are dibbied up all over the house between cups and various cases and even a pen cabinet. I know just where any kind of pen I need is tucked away. You will love having the drawers!! ;) Have a great week!

  7. You should have heard me laugh when I got to your pen picture with them all scattered all over the table. Aren't we artists all the same?? WE LOVE art supplies. I have a dozen new pens and pencils on their way from Jetpens and I'm having trouble not accosting the mail carrier every day! Heheehe. Your selfies are so great, I'm kind of askeered to do that part of seeing when I take it in October. Beginnings is great. Hope your summer is going swimmingly well Serena. :o)

  8. Oh, so nice to see you joining in on APR this week!

  9. very nice self portraits :) drawing ourselves seems so hard sometimes

  10. I just bought a quad-rule book. Nice to see how you used yours! Gorgeous sketches, Serena! So happy for the organizational drawers these days, for all of our small bits! Great idea for all the different pens, for sure!

  11. Wonderful self-portraits, Serena. I'm not sure I'd have the patience to draw myself. :) Hee And wow, look at all of your art pens/supplies! :)

  12. Hi Serena, awesome sketches as always. I took a travel journal with me as I do every time we go somewhere and planned to make entries and drawings every day, but do you think I did a thing? No! What is wrong with me? I can't imagine drawing anything recognizable without lifting the pen from the paper. :) Thanks for following along with me on Instagram. I didn't have a laptop with me in the States so my iPhone is easier for Instagram and just posting one photo at a time is a whole lot easier than coming up with a whole blog post. Organizing is something I need to do in all areas of my life. Started yesterday trying to organize photos on my laptop. Have much to delete from my iPhone. And don't even get me started on craft supplies and the house in general. Only one week before I have to go back to school. Bah Humbug! Hugs, Tammy

  13. What a great idea! I should get one of those drawers to store all my pens. Right now I'm using pencil pouches, and they're filling up quite quickly!

  14. You have done a lot of beautiful work! The self portraits look great! I also love your box with the pens. Of course it's more organised within the drawer (you did a great job!) but the box reminds me of my grandma. Whenever it was raining outside she put a box like yours on the kitchen table and some paper for me to paint. I love this memory :)

  15. Pens, I can never find the right one. I try to fine extra fine points but still have not found a favourite one, I use black and usually draw with pencil first then watercolour and define with ink. I think I am doing things backwards,
    Anyway, just to say I love the daisies and am following you so I can look through the sketch books


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