Sunday, 27 July 2014

More urban sketching...

I've been on a couple of urban sketch-outs since my last post. YAY!
First up was sketching from the Goodwill Bridge
I sat just beside the Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge 
and, with a long black coffee close by, sketched the view in pen. 
I was in the shade to begin with but, after we had the morning tea break, 
the sun was hitting me hard to the point where I felt faint
so I quickly splashed on some watercolour before calling it a day. 
This was as far as I got and I'm happy to leave it that way.

I had planned to just sketch the ferris wheel 
but my pen took on a life of its own and, before I knew it, 
it had filled the double page.

 A couple of weeks later, I was back on the bridge for another sketch-out  
which is located at the southern end of the Goodwill Bridge.
I  ended up on the bridge again sketching the view of the museum below. 
I had just sketched the light on the Carpentaria Light Ship when we decided 
to break for an early morning tea.

While having morning tea, it started raining so we all decided 
to stay undercover at The Ship Inn and sketch our view from there.
 This was my viewpoint.

The landscape double-page-spread isn't easy to photograph.

I very much enjoy meeting up with other artists who also enjoy sketching. 
If you're in Brisbane and interested in joining our Urban Sketch group, 
go HERE for the Facebook group and, 
go HERE for the Flickr group.
The Flickr group is new.

This week, I'm linking up to Sunday Sketches HERE.


  1. I really love sketchbooks. Yours is awesome! I wish I could sketch like you. :)

  2. beautiful work, just beautiful!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous sketches, Serena! You make me want to come to Australia immediately!!!

  4. Beautiful pen and ink sketches ~ Wow~ what detail ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Wow, gorgeous sketches as always!

  6. These are both really wonderful! I especially love the first one and it looks great right where you stopped. So expressive. I can tell you are enjoying the group activity. :)

  7. Your sketches are so detailed and beautiful!!! I really need to practice that skill a lot because unfortunately I really suck at it. I always enjoy looking at yours and picking out the little details.

  8. that looks so fantastic Serena. Looks like you had fun!

  9. These are all amazingly well done, Serena. I'm especially impressed that you did them alfresco. Blessings!

  10. Lovely. The details are amazing.

  11. I love seeing local, urban sketches and yours are fantastic!

  12. You are amazing! The perspective is so spot on, I love how you've accented with the paint! Beautiful...

  13. Serena these are absolutely fabulous... you make out city look amazing... your skills are so fabulous, but it is the expressive elements that make them so special...xx

  14. Your sketches are beautiful and so detailed! Amazing :)

  15. These are amazing! Gorgeous pages! I'm so glad I found your blog :0)

  16. Hi Serena,
    Hope you are doing well. :)
    I have missed you. :(
    I was having problems with Google for 7 months and finally my daughter figured what was wrong and I am back blogging! Yay
    Then in June had to have colon surgery so I am still on the mend but feeling better.
    Wow, love all your amazing sketches! You are so talented!
    Is that Sketchbook Skool on Vimeo ..FREE?
    If you can please visit my blog and see my Geisha tags that I recently made and please leave a comment.
    Hugs and talk soon

  17. Your sketches and watercolors are beautiful!