Friday 4 July 2014

My kitchen rules....

I was thrilled to go back to skool this morning. 
Danny Gregory was teacher for the first week of 
the 'SEEING' course at Sketchbook Skool
I can't wait to get started on homework but first, 
I needed to finish my homework from the first semester. 

Tommy Kane was such an AWESOME teacher! 
He's a detail man when it comes to sketching so 
that suited me perfectly. 
He also likes to work directly in pen...
me too!

One of our homework assignments was to sketch our kitchen. 

So, this morning, I pulled up a chair and got to work 
on a double page spread in my Moleskine A5 sketchbook...
I had already started adding watercolour when I'd realised that
I hadn't taken a photo of just the plain black and white sketch 
so there is a little colour on this one.

After the initial pen sketch,
I did a watercolour wash....

Then a little coloured pencil for more emphasis....

I'm not sure that I'm fully finished with it yet....
but I did enjoy the process.


I recently bought a Holcroft Artist's A6 Travelling Journal
at Riot's Arts and Crafts.
It has a flexible Italian-made cover,
 160 pages of acid-free, recycled, quad-ruled, 120gsm paper.
And just like a Moleskine,
it has a pocket for ephemera at the back of the journal,
 a place marker ribbon,
and an elastic enclosure belt.

My first page spread below.

It handled my Uniball Vision ELITE ink pen very well without any bleed-through.
It did buckle quite badly with the wet media but dried reasonably flat,
 also no bleed-through with the watercolours.
All in all, it handled similar to my Moleskine sketchbooks...
but maybe a little more accepting of watercolours.
I think I'm going to enjoy playing in this journal
especially for fast, daily sketches.

Today, I'm linking up to Paint Party Friday.


  1. Beautiful sketches, glad your course is fun. Sorry you are also having problems with your thumb! My arm is ow in a plaster cast! Valerie

    1. Thanks! I hope the plaster cast does it's job and allows your thumb to heal.

  2. beautiful sketching, I can tell you enjoyed this, your passion comes through your words, love the touches of turquoise in your kitchen!! It does rule!!

    1. Thanks, Laurie! I do enjoy sketching so much and hope to start a mammoth challenge soon. :)

  3. I love this to death! Fantastic pen work, wonderful details and I love interiors. Terrific textures and color, too.

  4. I love your sketches, Serena! Your kitchen looks fab, especially after you added the bright colors.

    1. Thanks, Faye. I love my touches of aqua/turquoise. :)

  5. wow great job on this kitchen painting! Lovely pages too Serena.

  6. Suddenly the kitchen looks a very appealing place! What a fab drawing!!

  7. Such a fan of your artwork! Your style is always great!

  8. Your work is your style...wonderful kitchen sketch...really really special!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Hi Serena. Good to see you. Your work is always special to me. I've always loved your detailed work and just how good you are at it. What a great kitchen. I'll have coffee please:)) Awesome work. Hope you are feeling good.

    1. Coffee pot is on, Gloria...come join me. Thanks for dropping by. xx

  10. Well Serena I am thoroughly impressed with your kitchen sketch. Wow you included so much detail. The added color really enhanced the piece.

  11. Wow! Great pen drawings,such detail. I love the sound of your travel journal. Thanks for visiting.

  12. Great sketch, you kitchen is neater than mine.

  13. Fantastic sketching Serena. I wish my kitchen was as tidy as yours. Keep enjoying the course and producing those gorgeous sketches.

    1. Thanks, Laura. I'm thoroughly enjoying the courses over at Sketchbook Skool. :)

  14. Love your kitchen sketch!! I never would have thought to use a grid journal for sketching. Maybe it would help wonky me with perspective--LOL! Enjoy part two. :)

    1. Thanks, Rita. Me either but I do know a couple of artist friends who love working in quad-rule journals so thought I may as well try it for myself. :)