Thursday, 1 February 2018

Scribble Picnic - Spicy

This week's Scribble Picnic prompt is SPICY!

I absolutely adore hot, spicy food — Mexican, Indian, Asian — just love it!

How about you? Do you ever have a yearning for food that will have your mouth on fire, your nose running, and tears streaming down your face?

When I first turned my attention to this week's prompt, the following image came to mind and I knew it had to be the one.

Tabasco sauce being the 'spicy' part. All this time, I had thought that Tabasco sauce was Mexican but, in fact, it was created in Avery Island, Louisiana, by Edmund McIlhenny. He was granted the patent for it in 1870. While it wasn't created in Mexico, this hot spicy number was named after Tabasco peppers which were named after the Mexican state of Tabasco.

A rough sketch to start with

The end result - A mix of watercolours, ballpoint, and Prismacolor pencils in a Strathmore Tan-toned sketchbook.

To see what my fellow picnickers have done for this week, click HERE.
To find out how to join us each week, click HERE.

I was too late to get on the Linky gadget last week but, for those of you who don't follow my Instagram feed, here was my late entry for TABLECLOTH.

I wonder what Michael has in store for us next week? See you at the picnic!


  1. I think your tablecloth is great! :) And wow, that spicy chihuahua! I LOVE it! :) I cannot handle even black pepper on my food or I'm running for an ambulance, lol...okay, that's an exaggeration, but really I can't handle spicy at all. I had a friend who used to cry when he ate his food because he LOADED it with Tabasco...I don't know how he did it lol!

    1. Wow, not even pepper? Well at least cheese doesn't have spice to it, does it, Rain? :)

    2. Not the ones I make!!! :)))

  2. I'm really glad you added your IG sketch here from last week, Serena, as it was adorable.

    Yes, fab illo and fun facts too that I didn not know. I love your illo. Colourful and full of zest. Perfect.

    Yes, I love spicy food but the reality is I can;t take that much of it...certainyl not to the level you seem to enjoy. If I had to do any spicy food, I oudl happily eat Indian the rest of my life i think. I do love Mexican food though too. Thai can be great but often jsut too spicy for me.

    Fab contribution this week. Thank you soooo much! And do be sure to welcome Kristin to our picnic! She used to do Creative Tuesdays way back when and I think.. Sunday Sketches with Alex if I recall. Anyway, a super fun write up.

  3. This is so cute Serena, I love it! I do like spicy food up to a point, no tears streaming please.

  4. Oh this is a wonderful sketch Sarena. Love the colours , i love Mexican food too.

  5. What a spicy chihuahua! He's easy to fall in love with. The colors are so vivid and rich. Love it...I too like Rain cannot tolerate spicy food..tummy just says Please NO.

    Your table cloth is so inviting. Thank you for saving me a chair. I could sit there all day.

  6. Now that is a work of art, Serena ... everything about it is spicy including the Tabasco. Interesting info on the origin of tabasco ... I always thought it was from Mexico as well. As for your table cloth, it comes close to what I was thinking about ... the red checkered tablecloth in every Italian restaurant. I thought of it after I had already done my crocheted tablecloth and thought for sure someone else would do it ... but no one did except you. I wonder why you chose blue, something in your past? Anyway, wonderful post and really exception art, Serena ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. Great sketches! The chihuahua is so funny!
    No! No hot, spicy foods for me--LOL! ;)

  8. HAHA...I love it. Great drawings. I love hot spicy food.....

  9. very cute colourful pup :)

    i use to hate spicy food but I love it now :)

  10. I love this Serena, especially the bright poncho and the Tabasco bottle. I visited a village in Zambia where those peppers were planted around the perimeter to keep out the elephants! They were then harvested and sold to the makers of Tabasco sauce - so a safely feature that turns into a cash crop for needy people - sounds great to me!

    Love that table cloth art too - would be so great framed and hung on my kitchen wall!
    Hope all is well - hugs, Mary

  11. I do NOT enjoy spicy food, but my daughter-in-law from Louisiana loves it. I'll have to see if she knows where Tabasco sauce originated.
    What fabulous art you turned out, both for spicy and tablecloth!


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