Wednesday 2 September 2009

the artist's way - week two & check-in


this week, julia cameron helps us to recognise that which can interfere with our sense of identity and, in doing so, we can take a step towards recovering it.

OUR OWN SKEPTICISM - we often say that we are our own worst enemy and, in my case, that definitely rings true. i'm always doubting myself and my abilities. who do i think i am even considering that i am an artist? i'm just kidding myself. i'm a fraud! and so the onslaught continues but i am trying harder to give myself a more solid where i can truly believe in myself. daily affirmations do help and being present in each moment helps me to focus where it's important.

EXTERNAL INFLUENCE - influence from those around us often plays a part in how we view ourselves too. their opinions, needs, and interests sometimes become entangled in our own identity to the point where we lose ourselves along the way without even realising it. then there are the crazymakers, or toxic people. they are the ones who don't respect our needs, goals, or interests. the ones who will phone you, or just show up, despite the fact that you had already informed them that you would be busy working on something. these crazymakers love drama, usually all about them, and they aren't happy unless they involve you too. more often than not, we don't have the strength to say NO as we are more afraid of hurting them rather than pointing out that they are not respecting our needs. i have had people just like this in my life but, thankfully, i let them go for the sake of my own wellbeing.

FOCUS - julia cameron also talks about paying attention to the now. if you are regular readers, you will know that i'm a huge fan of the power of now concept. moment by moment, we make our way through life and, by being aware and fully present in each of those moments, we can make our lives so much richer. by connecting and feeling a sense of acceptance, peace, and joy in each present moment, we are able to release any burdens we are carrying and heal any pain. julia cameron's example speaks of when she heard the news of her mother's death. she sat on a hill behind her house and focused on a beautiful snowy moon rising behind the trees. it was a healing experience and now, when she thinks of her mother's death, she remembers, with tenderness, that same moon which helped her to cope with the pain of loss. since i've been focusing more in the now moments over the past two years, i can honestly say my life has become more calm, peaceful, and joyful even in the midst of chaotic times. i do lapse at times....i am human after all but, because i am more aware now, i pull myself back into gear much faster than i used to. i am paying more attention to the details.


i did my morning pages faithfully each day.

i actually managed to do my artist's date which involved a simple trip to a couple of local secondhand shops to browse for goodies that i might use in my art. while i was a little disappointed in the limited amount of wares, i thoroughly enjoyed the date with my artist self.

i managed to do all the tasks one of which was listing 20 things i enjoy doing -

  1. quality time with my kids

  2. painting

  3. crafting

  4. walking

  5. going to the beach

  6. collecting shells

  7. relaxing with a good book

  8. watching movies at home or at the cinema

  9. playing with cody, my dog

  10. visiting family and friends

  11. listening to music

  12. browsing book/art/craft stores

  13. knitting

  14. long, country drives

  15. meditating

  16. collecting shells

  17. playing games with my parents and the kids

  18. playing bejeweled and moraff's morejong on the computer

  19. eating a nice meal out

  20. picnics

  21. blogging

in week one, we were asked to list five imaginary lives which i didn't list on my blog last week but, seeing as how julia asked us to add five more imaginary lives this week, i thought i'd list all ten today.

  1. running a shelter for homeless animals

  2. vet

  3. park ranger

  4. managing a bed and breakfast in the coastal hinterland

  5. nature photographer

  6. aromatherapist

  7. spiritual teacher

  8. yoga instructor

  9. interior decorator

  10. feng shui consultant

the artist's way journey this time around is confirming that i am on track though it will be interesting to see what unfolds as i progress further into the book.

feel free to read what other artist's way participants have to share at this link.

love, light and peace


  1. I have always thought being a park ranger would be an awesome job as well!!!

  2. love your list of imaginary lives..fantastic too that your life is peaceful and calm, most times. we cannot ask for anything more :)

  3. Hi Serena, have you had a chance to check out my announcement? I'm very happy with it:) Hope all is well your way! cheers, Maria

  4. Hi Mum,

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your post today! I look forward to reading more!

    Love Brad!

  5. It sounds like you are really getting into the swing of "The Artist's Way."

  6. This exercise (book)with Julia Cameron sounds so awesome and I just wish I had the time to really focus on it myself.
    We're just getting ready for our busy time of year at work so I hope to try this during the winter when things settle down.
    It just sounds fantastic!!
    I love your lists!

  7. Blessings to you..thank you for your sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings...take care..

  8. Serena -- Each time I come to your site and look at your art, I am so floored by your talent.

    Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't an artist. You are not only an artist, but a very gifted one:~)

    I really enjoy reading about your progress through The Artist's Way. The assignments are interesting and I appreciate you sharing them on your blog!

  9. I find reading these lists fascinating - I feel so inspired to try something new myself from one of the lists and get to know you a bit better as well.

  10. You are absolutely and most definitely an artist!!

    Thanks for going thru some of the book with us. I am loving the refresher course, Lady! :):)

    You'd do well in any of the jobs you listed, too. Multi-talented. :)

  11. lucky you wrote 21 things you like to do, because I noticed you like collecting shells!! I love reading your work on the artists way! I am doing book 3 with a friend (via phone and internet). Its so much better when sharing it with like minded people.

  12. Your check-in is so inspiring. I just hear you thinking through those questions and taking your time to find answers for you.
    I haven't written my list of favourite things to do, but after reading yours, I definetely will do that.

  13. Beautiful lists and imaginary lives. My week 2 art date was similar to yours. A thrift store treasure hunt.It was good that I kept the committment with myself. But I go to that store often so it wasn't special. This weeks Art date will be!

  14. I really love your list. Your energy and blog are so inspiring. I hope you didn't mind, but I gave you a shout out on my own blog.

    Have a fantastic day! :)