Tuesday 8 September 2009

monday photo-a-week & more work on room canvas

hi everyone!

it's been crazy-busy here the past five days.

i did my earth healing full moon ritual on friday night. the stars were hidden behind a cover of clouds threatening to dump rain but the moon was visible for a little while until the clouds blocked it from view too. anywhoo, i meditated on healing the earth and said prayers for those who are ailing. i also asked that the rain stay away for michelle's big move which was to be the following morning.

a rainy saturday morning arrived but, by the time the boys and i arrived over at michelle's and alex's place, the rain had eased and we had a beautiful sunny day from that point on.....just PERFECT! we started out at 7:30 AM and were pretty much on the go until 10:30 PM, except for a quick lunch and dinner break.....A LONG, HARD DAY! i have been suffering terribly with calf muscle pain since which was caused by continually going up and down two flights of steps carrying things to the van. my calf muscles are still sore today but there is a slight improvement.

i've also been popping over to michelle's new house over the past couple of days to help out where i can. it's FANTASTIC having michelle live so close to us again and, yesterday, she and i even did some grocery shopping together. YAY!



after a night of rain, we were greeted with a foggy morning

and, on the way home from dropping reece at the bus stop, i spotted a bunch of galahs on the roadside.

and there's more.....as of sunday, we have a new family member. after much deliberation, michelle decided to part with her male budgie as she didn't want them breeding so gifted him to beau. he has settled happily into the family.


the progress on my room canvas is moving slowly but surely. here's where i'm at so far.....still more work to do on the background. nothing has been planned out. i'm just going with the flow of what i feel drawn to do while standing at the canvas. such fun!

click on any image to enlarge

i will be catching up with everyone's blogs over the coming days as, for now, i'm off to michelle's place to help out a little more.

love, light and peace


  1. How great Michelle is moving close by! Yeah!!! I know you are thrilled!

    I have never heard of a Galah bird before...will go do some research...they sure are cute!

    What a sweet little blue parakeet!!!

    Have a wonderful week, Serena!!!

  2. Glad to know that Michelle's move went smoothly. Now you girls can have some fun together. Beautiful photos I like the fog picture specially. Your canvas is looking good.

  3. So sorry to hear that you have calf muscle pain. Maybe stretching it gently will help. Hope you get better soon.
    I am so happy that Michelle has moved closer to you. It is great that both of you went grocery shopping together.I bet you had fun. :)
    Those galahs are so cute. I had never seen those birds. I am so happy you kept Michelles little bird. He is adorable.
    I did the earth healing ritual too on Friday and I must share the photo that I took of the moon. What I saw and what came out in the photo is very different.

  4. You really do have the most amazing wildlife! So colourful.

  5. glad the rain stayed away for the move :D

    love those pink galahs :D great thing to see

    sometimes going with the flow works better then planning before hand. your canvas is coming along really nicely :)

  6. Really like the fog shot, fog just changes the way everything appears. Are the galahs a type of parrot?

  7. Really like the fog shot, fog just changes the way everything appears. Are the galahs a type of parrot?

  8. So glad you had decent weather and hope your legs are feeling back to normal. Love to hear you sounding so happy to have Michelle closer and being able to do things together again. :)

    I love Galahs! Your frangipanis are coming along beautifully. Following your bliss must be working very well. :)

    What's the little budgie boy's name? Does Beau like him?

    Have fun with Michelle! Unpacking in a new place is always such fun! :)

  9. How wonderful for you and Michelle to be so close now, allowing for frequent vists.

    Love the fog photo and the galahs. Such beautiful birds. I've seen them in pet stores, but how great it would be to see a free flock of them.

  10. the galahs are lovely...and little budgie looks pretty sweet too..

  11. Thanks for the great comments, everyone.

    Mike - Yes, the galah is a type of cockatoo which belongs to the parrot family. :)