Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I'm still here.....

Hi everyone,

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy and worrisome with life in general, doctor's visits and a trip to hospital emergency which resulted in Brad ending up in hospital overnight.  Some weird things going on there. For reasons we don't know, Bradley can no longer carry a cup of tea from the kitchen bench to the dining table (just under 3 metres away) without his right leg going all weak, shaky and then stiffening up to the point where he feels it is not going to support him.  Bear in mind, he has been carrying cups of tea for years with no problems at all.  The odd thing is that, as soon as the cup of tea is taken from him, his leg starts to return to normal and all is well again. It does seem to be an intermittent thing too although it happens more often than not. Brad has a few tests lined up via the Neurologist including an MRI of the brain.  We are all praying that it is something minor and treatable.

I finally plucked up the courage to draw in one of my new Moleskine journals.

I've never used a Moleskine journal before but I noticed that many art journalists praised them so I just had to get me some too.  I LOVE THEM!

I have been getting some more art done on Pay It Forward gifts but I can't post pics yet because I want it to be a surprise for the next recipient, however, I can show you how much I've progressed with the baby shawl I'm crocheting for Michelle's baby.  Michelle has recently started a blog to record her journey through pregnancy so, if you are interested in popping over to say HI, here is the link - Where the Heart Is.  I know she would love to hear from you.

I've very happy with how much I've done so far.

I've fallen behind in reading everyone's blogs but I plan to catch up over the coming days.
I can't wait to see what's been happening in your world ~ :)

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. You've made lovely progress on the shawl. My mum was finishing one up when I was delivering my first. As you can imagine, the last corner was a real struggle to get right.
    Hope all goes well with the tests and Brad feels better soon

  2. It's amazing how we have to move through so many problems in life. I think it is wonderful that you have included the memory, even though it is not the best memory, in your journal. I guess that is what a journal is for in the first place. To record the good and bad times in our life, all of which add to the grand scheme of things. The page is so well done.

    I hope you will have a diagnosis soon so that it will set your minds at rest.

    Happy catching up!


  3. So sorry to hear about Brad's medical trials. I am sending you good thoughts and white lights that it is nothing serious and he will get back to normal soon.
    Oh I love that shawl. It looks beautiful. I wish I could crochet like you.

  4. Oh dear I hope he finds out what is went and gets help soon... That's awful news. Love your progress on the blanket. I feel like learning how to crochet or knit , but no time no time. I will check out Michelle new blog. I miss her old one! Hope you have a lovely creative week.

  5. Hi Serena!
    I hope and pray that all turns out ok for Bradley. I'm sure it's so scary for you all.
    Love the baby shawl! It's so cuddly and beautiful!

  6. I really hope that what ever is wrong with Bradley is minor! That is a scary thing to deal with

    I love Moleskines :) easy to carry around and nice to draw in

  7. Oh my, I'm sure Brad's condition is a worry to all of you! I do hope it's something they can fix quickly.
    Your crochet is beautiful! Michelle will LOVE it! Thanks for her link.

  8. Serena, I'm so happy to see you back again! I was a little concerned, but then I kept telling myself it was just a bit of blogger overwhelm and/or winter blues and to be patient. So sorry to hear about Bradley's symptoms, and I hope the docs can figure it all out soon and that he'll receive a full healing. That must be very frustrating.

    I am so impressed by that baby shawl. It is just gorgeous!

    And I'll definitely pop by Michelle's new blog. I'm sure it's lovely. :)

  9. lovely delicate work on the baby things!

    Poor Brad!

  10. I do hope it isn't anything serious with Bradley. I'll keep you both in my thoughts.

    The baby shawl is coming along nicely. It looks so soft and cuddly. Beautiful job, Serena. You're going to be a really great grandmother.

  11. Hi Serena,

    I am back! :)
    So sorry to hear what happened to Bradley. I will keep him in my prayers that whatever they find is treatable. That must have been scarey for all of you. :(
    The shawl for the baby is beautiful. Thanks for letting us know about Michelle's new blog, I will visit it soon. :)
    Sending healing hugs to Bradley and hugs to you too.

  12. Hope all goes well with Bradley...lovely blanket..take care..

  13. Hi Serena,
    I have my fingers and toes crossed thinking of you and Brad and hoping the results are all clear and its something minor going down with Brad.

    The babe blanket is looking gorgeous. I'm sure Michelle is thrilled with it!
    Big hugs to you all,

  14. I hope Brad is okay!! I'm wondering if it is more a fine motor control thing that sets off gross motor problems. nah that doesn't make sense.... But what a mystery. I hope you let us all know as soon as you find out.

    I'll check out Michelle's blog.

    Love the yard and the drawing. I have three moleskines and I like them although I seem to pass them up when grabbing something to draw on. Mine has thin pages and doesn't take water well.

  15. I am surely sending loving thoughts Brads way, Serena!!! Keep us posted. Such a strange presentation of symptoms, eh??? Goodness. Watch out for this sweet guy, and keep him safe!!! Loads of love to you all...Julie

  16. P.S. Lovely shawl Serena!!! You are really progressing on it!

  17. I hope everything is OK with Bradley Serena.
    I love the progress on the shawl, it just looks cuddly and snuggly.
    I just found some journals that are similar to Moleskins too. I hope to try one out this weekend.

  18. Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. It's a worry but we're trying to keep a positive frame of mind.

  19. Hoping and praying that Brad will be okay. I understand your worries and concerns, may you continue to be strong, Serena.

    *The baby blanket is looking lovely :)

  20. Hope they figure out what's going on with Brad's leg....Scarry!!

    You are going to love those moleskines. I use the pink wrapped 5x8 one, I'm looking for a bigger one, may check out the other sizes when I come across some.

    That shawl is Amazing!!! You can knit too!!

  21. Sending healing thoughts for Brad. I like that you used your moleskine to journal about the situation. It is always healing to get it out on paper either in writing or drawing.

  22. Oh no! I do hope everything gets sorted out with Brad...scary! But your shawl is lovely :)

  23. I hope you hear positive news on Bradley. You're all in my thoughts and prayers. :)

    I have a Moleskine regular drawing one like you are using here with the cream colored paper--and then a watercolor Moleskine, too. I haven't been sketching for soooo long. You've got me thinking about them now--hehe! Nice page spread! Especially love the needle. (Even if I hate them--hehe!) :)

  24. OMG! How could I forget to comment on the gorgeous blanket! That is a beautiful, delicate pattern. So lovely!! Can just picture it wrapped around that new little soul! :):)

  25. Blessings and prayers for you, Serena and your Brad.

    I send the best vibes your way. Your creating will always help you through anything.


  26. I too love moleskins. Wish I had your talent to fill mine up with everyday sacred things like you do.
    Hope Brad is well by now. Sending good thoughts your way.

  27. Hope all is well with Brad and that the worries have calmed down a bit. thinking of you.

  28. That's a beautiful shawl Serena. I've never had a moleskin journal but I too have been reading a lot of artists blogs that use them. I'll have to look for some too. I hope your Brad is doing okay. Sending good thoughts your way.