Friday 24 December 2010

How to make a simple but decorative box....

Mikayla's ornament was completed on schedule and, after reading the latest Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine yesterday, I was inspired to make a simple box to hold the ornament. I started with a sheet of scrapbooking paper and a sheet of cardboard, cut as shown below.  A square shape was used for the lid. The green on the print paper is actually a lime green but it didn't show up well in the photos.

For sturdiness, I joined the cardboard and scrapping paper together by using zigzag stitch around all the edges.

The lid was attached with double-sided tape and the join zigzagged for reinforcement. This is how the box looked after sewing.  

I then used the double-sided tape with contrast paper on the inside of the box to hold the sides in position.

For added support, I again used the double-sided tape to place two contrast borders on the top and bottom edges of the box.

To secure the lid, I simply punched a hole in it and the top front of the box so I could thread the satin ribbon through and tie a bow.  And there we have it.... 
...a very simple but pretty box for Mikayla's ornament!

I then nestled the ornament inside on a bed of tissue paper in a matching colour.

Michelle and Alex loved the ornament and the box!

Yesterday was Aaron's 12th birthday so I had the kids all here in the afternoon to celebrate with cheesecake and munchies.  Michelle and Alex also stayed for dinner.  I just can't get enough of little Mikayla!!

My brother, Billy, and his lovely wife, Debbie, along with their youngest son, Daniel, called in yesterday evening to catch up for Christmas.  We had a lovely time and it was so nice to see them as we don't get to catch up all that often.  I didn't get any pics yesterday but here I am (centre) with Debbie and Bill at Michelle and Alex's wedding in October.  Daniel is in the background to the left of Debbie.

It's Christmas Eve DownUnder!!!

I'm pretty much all organised....I just need to duck out for potatoes later on this morning. The kids will be here for Christmas lunch tomorrow so I'll try to get pics.

What are your plans for Christmas Day??

~ Love, light and peace to all ~


  1. plan to go over to the inlaws for a few hours and then come home and just spend the day relaxing. maybe watch a movie or 2, nothing that exciting :)

    that is a really pretty box and goes really well with the ornament :D

  2. Lovely box for a special gift..Merry Christmas glad you are enjoying your baby grandaughter..take care..

  3. What a darling box! Perfectly coordinating with Mikayla's ornament. I love when I see sewing machine stitching used on paper--even tho I have never dragged out my machine to do that...yet. ;)

    Family visiting--ahh! The holidays are upon you. I feel badly for Aaron having his birthday so close to Christmas. Happy Birthday, Aaron! You guys tend to have Christmas babies?? ;)

    Karma and I are planning on having a quiet, warm Christmas. I'm like overflowing with gratitude this holiday!! :):)

    Best to you and yours!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Aaron!!! Your box was so awesome!!! Very pretty and sturdy too!!! You are a day ahead of us here. Hopr your Christmas will be devine!!!

  5. I love that magazine Cloth Paper Scissors but have only been able to get it here a few times, along with Studios. Now it seems no good magazines make their way here. :/ Love how the box turned out and it is such a lovely storage box for your lovely handpainted ornament. Happy holidays, Tammy

  6. The box and the ornament are so perfect for Mikayla's first Christmas. You're the best grandma already! She's a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful family. Enjoy each and every moment with her.

    I'm late (for you) but Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Hi Serena. Who wouldn't want to receive a beautiful box with a beautiful ornament such as you painted. That is so great. I wish I was a baby, tee hee. Awesome work. Great job and your pictures are fun. Take care and enjoy the holidays.

  8. Thanks for the great feedback, everyone! :)

  9. Love this ornament!!! That is really hard to do, because when I've tried it's just so darn "circular". You make it look easy!! Merry Christmas Serena!! Here's to a great 2011 :D

  10. What a beautiful keepsake Serena. Mikayla is so lucky to have such a creative Grandmother.

  11. Ooo that is a beautiful box! Such a lovely present for your baby grandaughter.

  12. Holy crud!!! You took an amazingly cute ornament and made it even cuter w/ the box to store it in. Oh my gosh!! I love it. Really Really amazing. I'm totally doing to do this next year (or this year if I can catch buying some ornaments to paint before they put them all away for the year.)

  13. wow, gorgeous box and the ornament I could look at over and over. I must try this some day! You are so talented.

  14. I love how the box turned out and I really adore the machine stitching on it!! I'll have to give this a whirl.