Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I painted an ornament.....

...for Mikayla's 1st Christmas!

i already had some bisque ceramic ornaments in my art supplies so i went for the typical bauble shape.

as i'm not a whimsical artist, i opted to use a design i had from Ladybug Creations in her Little Earth Angel CD series. it is so cute!

lime green was my choice for the background because it's one of Mikayla's nursery colours. i had to draw the design freehand because it was too fiddly to use transfer paper on the spherical surface. then, using some gesso, i blocked in the design areas.

then face and facial features are next...

followed by the foundation for the hair and more elements of the design...

more detailing and it now is complete!

that is, apart from some varnish and the attachment of satin ribbon in magenta and lime green

i started a tradition of painting a Christmas ornament each year for Aaron from birth to 10 years old and thought it would be nice to do the same for Mikayla. a special keepsake from grandma.

.....only FOUR sleeps until CHRISTMAS!!!!!

~ love, light and peace to all ~