Sunday 9 December 2012

Still sketching daily....

Hi everyone!

I didn't intend to take a week's break from blogging 
but it happened anyway. 
I think, after blogging daily for 61 days, 
I needed a break.

My daily pen sketches continued though 
so I'll post them all below.

#64 through to #70 of 75 pen/ink sketches.

All sketches are pencil-free using any or all of the following -
 BIC Pro ballpoint pen 
ZIG Millennium 005 pen 
Micron 03 pen 
Micron 05 pen 
Faber-castell Artists PITT pens in F, B or SC sizes

This figurine was gifted to me by a friend years ago. 
Quite sentimental considering the figurine's official name is also Serena.

Credit for the seal reference image goes to FatedSnowFox at Flickr

My trusty hairdryer

 My favourite gardening tool!

An energy saver bulb

Another tool I wouldn't be without - my staple gun

A giraffe using a reference image my nephew took years ago

I can hardly believe I have managed 70 daily sketches!!!
Only FIVE more to go and the challenge is completed!!

I'm also linking up with this week's Sunday Sketches.

To join in on Sunday Sketches
Click the graphic below -

If you read my journal entry #68,
you'll know that I hurt my shoulder even worse.
I think it could be rotator cuff but won't know for sure
until I see my doctor.
For now, I'm resting it as much as possible.
Thankfully, it's my non-dominant arm.

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. beautiful pen and ink sketches, such incredible detail!

  2. Wowness..what a brilliant post..full of beautiful art! I love the figurine..her dress is fabulous, romantic and full of energy and movement....and the giraffe is magnificent, gorgeous..they are all fabulous!! Such talent..and love the written words alongside them..awesome!!
    Happy SS!

  3. Beautiful sketches, especially the adorable seal.

  4. Beautiful and fantastic sketches ~ You draw so well ~ !

    (A Creative Harbor) aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  5. What a great set of sketches. The weeding tool looks most intriguing!!

  6. Great sketches, I really admire your objects, so precise and well done! But the seal is my favorite, he looks so perfectly content! :)

  7. i love seeing all of your beautiful sketches, Serena. The seal is my favorite -- you captured the reflections in the water wonderfully! And I am in awe of your persistence to sketch for 75 days straight! Hope your arm is feeling better soon. xoxo. Life has a weird way of slowing us down, doesn't it?

  8. Serena, you are an amazing artist! These sketches are beautiful and I could read a year's worth of your daily drawings/journaling. So sweet. I'm inspired to try something like this but no pencil? Hmm...I have a tough time working with unforgiving medium, but maybe I'll challenge myself. Where do I join? (You can let me know on my blog.)

    Happy Sunday and Happy Sketching! ♥

  9. You are so talented that you take my breath away. And every time I see your drawings and what you manage to accomplish, I am truly amazed. And then to discover you are still hurting and injured! I am sending you lots of love and healing vibes. :-)

  10. Hi Serena,
    I just stumbled upon your blog this evening. Just had to share this link with you:
    She's written a book about her experience raising a coyote in Wyoming. She's an artist of sorts, photographer, animal-lover. I check in to her blog every now and then. Thought you might really like it (she has a second blog entitled Honey Rock Dawn, if you find yourself interested).
    your sketches are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  11. It's been a long time since I visited your blog.Loved looking at all these sketches at one glance..LOVE THEM! you are so talented and your art work is so amazing and inspiring.Love all the fine details you capture and the shading is fantastic! My favorite is the girl in the dress..she looks so stylish!


  12. You're doing great with this challenge. I love your drawings because you draw things from everyday life and make them interesting. And the giraffe, (not an everyday thing!) is fantastic.

  13. I like reading about your week through your sketches... it was horrid heat last week wasn't it... I thought about that poor baby in the heat actually so glad it was all okay... and your sketches are inspiring and awesome in equal parts...xx

  14. Wonderful sketches. Hope your shoulder heals quickly

  15. Great sketches, I love them all! I wish I had the time to do daily sketches again, you're inspiring me to do so. Hope your shoulder gets better soon.

  16. Wow! These are all great!! I hope your arm is better. You guys have the heat and humidity and we are going to be below zero tonight again. Hang in there. :)

  17. Sorry it's so hot makes life a little harder at times. Love these sketches - but YOU did need a break. Blogging is fun and with sketching something new each day, you never run out of material, but it is taxing. Hope you get some relief from the heat - maybe you should run through the sprinkler with your granddaughter!?

  18. wow!! what great work! I LOVE the stapler! ane all the rest for that matter:)I hope your arm gets better! Fran T xo