Sunday 2 November 2014

A week of sketches for the 365 day challenge

It's hard to believe we are into November already! 
Carrying on from last week, 
here is another week of sketches 
for the 365 Daily Sketch Challenge.

A pine cone I brought from my Mum's place. 
What I learned - Pine cones are darned hard to sketch!

Mum has been sleeping over two nights a week 
and we usually play a game of Yahtzee in the afternoon. 
This black Yahtzee set is reasonably new...
I love the black dice with red edges 
and the cool shaker cup!

Alas, one of my favourite tops finally bit the dust. 
I've had it for something like 15 years and
it was worn regularly during that time.
It was made out of an airy Indian cotton
and I knew it wouldn't last much longer 
as it has been looking a little thread-bare of late.
I half expected it to fall apart in the washing machine.
Thankfully, it saved me embarrassment by tearing 
when I was wearing it here at home and not when I was out and about.

Poor Jack has gone through hell this past week with itchy, inflamed skin.
I'm assuming it was caused by the scented products the groomer used on him. 
It could be that the trimmer head was quite hot by the time she got to Jack 
after grooming Cody.  The affected area is on his right side and underbelly only.
I had to put the cone hat on him to stop him biting at the affected areas. 
He has had an array of treatments such as chamomile tea swabs, 
coconut oil, aloe vera, goats milk soap baths, and even cortisone cream. 
All of the above were effective for temporary relief.
I had tried a cold tar shampoo recommended by a dog groomer
 to my Mum for her dog's skin condition,
however, it had Jack feverishly climbing the walls
 so I had to quickly re-bath him 
with the Billy Goat goats milk soap. 
Thankfully, it helped. 
Me thinks he will have to be a cone-head for another week 
just to be sure it is fully healed.
He is not impressed!

I've been practising people sketching for Sketchbook Skool homework.

The X-ray on my foot was clear apart from arthritic changes in my toes. 
The doctor has suggested I see a Podiatrist next as 
he feels my flat feet could be the cause of the pain.

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We visited Dad on Halloween and look who we bumped into whilst there.
 This nurse is SO lovely! 
He goes out of his way to make the residents laugh and feel good. 
He even dressed up for Halloween.

I know it's not a holiday Australia usually celebrates 
but Halloween has been steadily creeping in over the past ten years.
It's a fun thing for the kids and the adults.
I love Trick-or-Treaters coming to the door!
I had my bowl full of goodies ready and waiting for the Trick-or-Treaters this year
but we only had three come knocking.  I was a little sad 
but I guess it was better than having none like last year. 
Michelle (my daughter) said they were bombarded with Trick-or-Treaters.
I'm going to put out a big sign next year.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful sketchbook pages. Your pine-cone is SERIOUSLY brilliant. Love them and seeing another snippet of your life. :) xx

  2. beautiful pages, just perfect all of them! Looks like a Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks, Christine. Yes, we did have a nice Halloween. :)

  3. your art journal is really great! I love the pinecone, and yes, it looks really hard to draw! The people are really awesome too. How fun that you are celebrating Halloween! I hope more kids come by next year!

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I sure hope we get more kids next year. :)

  4. Wonderful drawings, I like your people walking in a line.

  5. such spectacular drawing Serena. SO sorry to hear you're having trouble with your foot. My mom had pain and she got specialty insoles and the pain finally subsided after months. It's always horrible to have sore feet as we use them so much. Your people drawings are so inspiring, I just started doing portraits and I'd love to get the confidence to use pen. Maybe some day. Have a great upcoming week.

    1. Thanks, Jenn. I bought a pair of Birkenstock sandals that are shaped to the natural contour of the foot....hopefully, they will help my flat feet issues. :)

  6. Just love your sketchbook illustrations. I shared your website with my students last week... you were a big hit!

    1. I'm flattered that you shared my website with your students, Karen...thank you.

  7. You pine cone and people are seriously great!!!!! Love hearing stories about nurses who really care!!!!! Wonderful! Your Mom looks great. Hope your Dad is doing well.
    Xoxo- Julie

    1. Thanks, Julie! Yep, I can't fault the care the nursing staff show my Dad in the aged care home....they are all so lovely and caring to the residents. xo

  8. Lovely sketches Serena! And Pine Cones really are tricky!!
    My Sister and I used to play that game when we were kids... I'd forgotten all about it! :0)

    1. Thanks, Sandra! I nearly lost myself in that pinecone...very tricky! :)

  9. I love your illustrated diary notes and all these wonderful sketches you always create for an entry. Since a few weeks I also follow your blog via the email newsletter function and every time I receive a new post from you is a little special moment for me. Many thanks for all your beautiful inspiration!

  10. What wonderful sketches! The pine cone is wonderful! Your poor pup...

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Hopefully, Jack will start to improve after a trip to the vet this afternoon. :)

  11. Serena, these sketches are all awesome! i really love your people sketches.... the black & white. I can really sense the movement. And your blue top - it's beautiful! i can understand why you hated to say goodbye to it. :-) And about the pinecones - you're right! They are seriously hard to sketch for me as well. i love the Dracula... some people are so much fun, aren't they? There are still some caring people out there... xx