Monday 24 November 2014

Another week of sketches...

I've been melting in the heat this past week 
and we're not even in full-fledged summer yet. 
I am definitely a cold weather gal!
 I don't mind a dry heat,
but unfortunately, we have high humidity here.

Anyway, more sketches below for the 365 daily sketch challenge.
I sketch directly with pen unless stated otherwise.

73/365 - My Buddha Belly (Jatropha Podagrica).

74/365 - I love beetroot so, when Beau told me about this juice,
I just had to try it.  YUM!

75/365 - I have one of these wooden HOME signs.
The colours are so pretty.

76/365 - Ginger beer is one of my favourite drinks.
When I think of home-made ginger beer,
I think of a stone-ware flagon with a cork.
Bundaberg ginger beer is my favourite commercial brand.

77/365 - This old bicycle is going to the roadside
for the council to collect so I thought I'd sketch it first.
I used the fast/slow method used by Danny Gregory in Sketchbook Skool.

78/365 - I'm in LAMY heaven!!!
My Lamy JOY pen with EF nib arrived  in the mail
and I'm thrilled with it!!!
I will always remember the fountain pen
my Dad gave me as a young teen.
I was a bit of a pen freak back then too
and I used it to write a lot of letters.
I wish I could remember what happened to it.
I'm guessing it was lost in one of our house moves over the years.

79/365 - The 'Sing for Health' choir that Bradley and I performed with
earlier this year are giving a Christmas performance.
We're quite excited!
While killing time until choir practise last week,
I sketched this potted palm at the Jacob's Well cafe
using my new Lamy JOY pen, of course.

I'm a little late but I'm linking up to Sunday Sketches HERE.


  1. I so enjoy seeing your sketch book each week. It really makes me want to journal again.

    1. Thanks so much, Karen. I hope it does inspire you to journal again. :)

  2. More beautiful journal pages, Serena. How long does it take you to do your pages each day? I love the plant in the first set of pages. Love that touch of red. :)

    1. Thanks, Alex. Length of time per sketch will vary depending on how fast or slow, how detailed or loose, each sketch is. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to maybe 45 minutes or an hour. To be honest, I've never taken note of the time.

  3. Such a weird feeling to be reading about heat there during winter here - I prefer the winter though! Lovely sketches as always, Serena.

    1. Thanks, Keith. :) I know, it's just as weird for me to think about you guys in winter while we swelter in the heat here.

  4. I'm impressed with your dedication to the daily sketch challenge. Your work is always gorgeous and very precise. Happy Belated Sunday Sketches and Blessings!

    1. Thanks, Arnoldo. I would love to break the precise aspect but I find it very difficult with coming from a background in art realism. :)

  5. Hi. I love your sketches! (I'm a fellow sketchbook skooler), do you have a link to the Lamy pen you purchased? I can't decide between the safari and the joy. Right now I'm sketching with a dip pen but you can't really transport it around.. lest make a mess so I need a fountain pen. It is definitely another experience to sketch with nibs!

    1. Hi Luisa,
      Thanks for dropping by. Here is the link where I bought my LAMY JOY although I've noticed it is no longer on special. You might want to check out OR I went for the Lamy Joy because Liz Steel uses one and raves about them. I'm enjoying mine so far. I bought the Detramentis Permanent/Document ink and it's fantastic! It dries fast and is permanent unlike the Lamy inks. Note that the Lamy JOY is a longer handle than the SAFARI but I find it fits into a pencil tin easily for transporting. I've heard very good things about the Pilot PRERA's - They are next on my list. Let me know what you decide on.

      Happy sketching!

  6. Haven't been here for a while, I'd forgotten how good your sketches are :)

    Love the Home sign, and never heard of a buddha belly before.

    1. Thanks, Nigel. I'm sorry I haven't visited you in a while either. Life has become so busy for me since Dad went into a Nursing Home as I am looking out for my Mum too. I miss my blog buddies....maybe over the Christmas break, I can find time to catch up with everyone.

      I hadn't heard of a Buddha's belly (Jatropha Podagrica) either until I spotted it growing in a pot in Mum's garden. When I told her how much I loved it, she gave it to me. YAY! I had to research it on the net to find out what it was. lol

  7. you did that old bike proud Serena. It looks so wonderful in the drawing, done in turquoise it looks awesome. Is that a color you mixed or is it one that comes in a tube (HOPING for tube!!) hehehe. Hugs my friend.

    1. Thanks, Jenn. Someone picked the bike up from the roadside within a couple of hours of us placing it there so I'm glad to know it's of use to someone. As far as the colour, I used paint already mixed/dried on my palette but it would have definitely been Art Spectrum Australian Turquoise as the base with maybe a touch of Art Spectrum Phthalo Blue or possibly Schmincke Prussian Blue. I honestly can't remember which blue I added but, for sure, the AS Australian Turquoise would have been the main base colour. I can't get enough of that one. Love it! Hugs to you! xx

  8. It seems that as you are melting in the heat, I am hiding from the cold!! Gorgeous sketches Serena :0)

  9. I love your sketches! You are very talented!