Sunday, 8 March 2015

For the love of spiders

I like spiders...

and they seem to like me. 
I think spiders are handy to have around because
they help to keep the bug population down. 

In some Native American cultures, 
 A 'Spider' is seen as a symbol of Creativity. 
No surprise there considering the magnificent webs they weave. 


As for me, I can't bear the thought of killing a spider and,
if I do so accidentally, I can feel very guilty about it for hours afterwards.
Normally, I will safely relocate them to our pergola outside.
Growing up, my kids always knew to call for me
if they spotted a spider indoors.
Killing spiders is a taboo in my household.
That said, if a Red-back Spider crosses my path, 
I do help them get to spider Heaven quickly,
considering they are venomous.
After all, I also have an affinity with wolves
and a she-wolf fiercely protects her cubs and pack.

I have been seeing a few different spiders over the past two weeks.
A Golden Orb Weaver took up residence 
not far from my bedroom window under the house eaves.
I named her 'Charlotte'! 
No guessing required to know
where that name came from. hehe
Every morning, when I let the dogs out to do their business,
I'd pop on over to her web for a visit.
Yes, I sketched her too.
I'm linking up with Sunday Sketches HERE.

The real Charlotte, pictured below, in all her glory.
Note that she is missing a leg, poor thing.
I have no idea how it happened.

 A partial profile view of Charlotte, below.
She has quite a bulbous body in full profile.
You can see my bedroom window in the background.

And, below, a close-up of her trail of debris...
Yes, these spiders actually keep a graveyard for their victims in their web.
No, it is NOT a deterrent to other unsuspecting bugs,
unfortunately for them.
Note the yellow colour of her webbing,
hence the name Golden Orb Weaver.

 This morning, I had to carefully relocate Charlotte to our corner garden
because Aaron wanted to Gerni the eaves
and was quite cavalier about poor Charlotte's possible demise.
Believe me, I was not impressed with him!
I hope Charlotte will be happier and more safe in her new place.
She has moved out of sight for now but
I will be checking first thing tomorrow
hoping to see her radiant, golden web on display once more.

At our other back door where we pop out to the clothesline,
there are a group of St. Andrews Cross spiders.
I snapped a picture of this one yesterday.

This group lives happily among the snake plants.


Then, two nights ago, Bradley woke me up close to midnight
to inform me that 'a big, black bug' was on his bedroom wall.
Bradley is legally blind and didn't realise it was actually a Huntsman spider.
I was very relieved that it wasn't a nasty cockroach.
Being night time, and considering my sleepy state,
I didn't get a photo but this night-time 'visitor' was about 4½" across.
My biggest concern was whether, or not, I'd be able to house him
inside the disposable container without harming any of his legs.
My heart was aflutter I can tell you!
Lucky for me and him,
he cooperated and, once housed,
I was able to slide a Manila folder
underneath to form a rather loose seal.
Then I took him out to the pergola
where I hope he will be much happier....
considering there are way more bugs to feast on out there.


I've relocated a few different, but smaller, spiders over the past two weeks
Ones which had found themselves lost indoors.
In a way, I'm kinda relieved they find their way to our house
because, at least, they are given a second chance at survival.

Many may classify me as some weird Spider Lady but hey,
that's the way I roll....
or should I say 'weave'? 


  1. Wow! Fantastic photos of spiders, most I am unfamiliar with. I can see why you'd want to draw and paint them. Lovely rendition!

  2. Beautiful sketch Serena. I don't mind the small spiders but not so keen on the big hairy ones. However I don't kill them but just chuck them out of the window and they probably find a new home soon. We are fortunate not to have any poisonous ones in this country but back in India I would be very wary of them.

    1. Thanks, Shashi. I prefer the big, hairy ones to stay outdoors too though most are harmless. We have a few poisonous spiders here in Australia. The Sydney Funnel Web spider is deadly but we don't see them in Brisbane. I think the worst one to look out for here is the Redback Spider which can cause death but, since the antivenin was made in 1956, there have been no deaths. For the most part, antivenin isn't even needed...hospitals use analgesics and pain relief. Quite often, it depends on where the bite is. Most bites occur on the feet, lower legs, hands, forearm and the toxin doesn't travel far so the pain remains localised. A redback bite is very painful bite though. Scarily, there are high numbers of them in our area. We see them around outside of the house and, occasionally, indoors. They usually stay out of sight and hidden under rims of plant pots, in shoes, etc. which is how most bites occur. Sorry for the essay...hehe I just find spiders fascinating. :)

  3. Enjoyed reading your post, Mum!

    I like your sketch of Charlotte, and also all the spider pics you've posted! I had to laugh at the fact I thought the spider was a big bug in my room! I have to agree, spiders are fascinating creatures! I look forward to your next post!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed my post, Brad. Luckily, you woke me!

      Love Mum xx

  4. You have the most colorful, interesting spiders I've ever seen! How cool!
    Count me in as a spider our house, in New York state, we have these waxy looking yellow spiders that bite. Outside we get Trap Door spiders, very plain but with interesting webs. My favorites are jumping spiders (black and hairy but small and harmless with many shiny eyes) and an assortment of colorful garden spiders.
    I never thought about sketching them but will definitely do so come warmer weather.
    Thank you for showing us!

    1. It's always great to meet another kindred spirit when it comes to spiders. It sounds like you have some very interesting spiders there. I've heard of the Trap Door spider but have never seen one....not even sure we get them here in Australia. I'll look forward to seeing your spider sketches, Susie. Thanks for visiting. :)

  5. spiders are great but with dad being deathly allergic to them, they didn't last long in his house, they needed to be gotten rid of.

    there aren't any that bite here, so i just leave them alone. never understood why people kill them when they eat all the annoying bugs

    1. Severe spider allergies would present a problem. Yes, the reality is that most spiders are fairly harmless and prefer to flee rather than bite....a bit like snakes. Mind you, I'd rather deal with a spider any day over a snake. lol I feel sad that people kill them when they do a great job at keeping the insect population under control.

      Thanks for visiting, Jen. xx

  6. What a beautiful spider.... but I'm glad he lives with you.;)

  7. Lol! I am exactly the same as you! Whilst I don't particularly want them in the house, I would never harm one - In fact only a few weeks ago I accidentally hoovered one up, so I emptied my vacuum cleaner all over the lawn! :0)

    1. Your comment made me smile, Sandra...YAY, another kindred spirit! I would have emptied my vacuum cleaner too...hehe :o)

  8. Hmmm, not sure I've ever known anyone who actually liked spiders. :) That cross spider sure is interesting and colorful. The webs that spiders are able to create are rather amazing. I certainly don't like any type of creep crawlies in my room at night. Glad you were able to get it out safely. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Yes, I'd say we're in the minority, Tammy, but we exist. hehe I agree, I'm quite fascinated with spiders and their awesome web-making abilities. xx

  9. I LOVE spiders. They are welcome to winter over in my home and I put them out in the Spring. That being said, if I thought it was poisonous or harmful to humans I'd help him move regardless of the weather.

    1. You sound just like me when it comes to the venomous ones.

  10. Now that I am on first floor and have a patio door I can release back to the wild again. :) (I totally forgot that with the cricket, though--hey first bug and habit.) I think spiders and other insects are fascinating--even beautiful--in pictures or natures shows, but they give me the heebie geebies in person. LOL!

    As you know, I am afraid of bees and wasps, but I'll be glad not to kill them anymore. (I only got wasps up on third floor and only had half a dozen in ten years.) I do smack mosquitoes without hesitation, though, and kill ticks. We have lyme disease up here that is spread by deer ticks and they are a bane to many critters, too. I'm truly glad you love spiders...and that they live by you. ;) Love and hugs!!


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